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Belvedere 'Pure' Vodka (6x 700ml), Poland $292.50 Delivered @ GraysOnline eBay (Plus Members)


Original 25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for non-eBay Plus Members Deal

Belvedere Pure Vodka is a luxury, hand crafted vodka produced from Dankowskie Gold Rye in small batches and four times distilled for optimum flavour.

Hailing from a century old distillery in the small town of Zyrardow, just West of Warsaw, Belvedere Pure is handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior quality, meeting only the highest of standards. Using exclusively Dankowskie Gold Rye as the single grain ingredient, Belvedere Pure is distilled four times, the optimum number for enhancing its subtle sweetness and smooth clean finish, and blended with water from the distillery’s own artesian wells. This velvety smooth, premium vodka embodies the word ‘pure’ through every step of its creation.

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    I only wanted a quiet night in.

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    Thanks OP I was after a 6 pack of tallies, should be a good night

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    I posted these in the main deal, but since this one is alcohol/graysonline related, I'll put it here so people can see it:

    Hendricks Gin (6 x 700mL)

    $69 to $82 in stores
    Price $400 for 6
    25% off = $50 a bottle
    20% off = $53.33 a bottle

    Absolut Vodka (1 x 4.5L)

    Price $300 for 4.5L bottle
    25% off = $225 ($50 per L)
    20% off = $240 ($53.33 per L)

    • During the last sale at First choice Liquor, 1l Absolut $50 -20%.$40 for the bottle, not a great deal on the 4.5l bottle you have posted

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        Correct. Thanks for pointing that out! I've been hanging out for another First Choice Liquor deal.
        I just checked Dan's, $56.95 for the 1L bottle and $219.88 for the 4.5L! https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_774159/absolut-vodk...
        So Dan's is cheaper for the 4.5L Absolut vodka.

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        I imagine most people buying single 4.5L bottles of spirits are doing so for the novelty :)

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    Amazing price for belvedere!

  • I think You can buy 6 bottles and return the ones you haven't drank. Not ethical but eBay is footing the bill

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    What’s next, $499 for an oz and call that a deal?

  • I found myself a high yield investment:
    (25% off the listed prices with eBay Plus)

    • You will only get $1000 off, that would be your first and last investment

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    On Boozebud at the moment, you can get 2x Ciroc vodka for $38.40 each with a free beer.

    Create a new account, add 2 Ciroc vodka which has 10% off for Bastille day. Add a beer to put you over the $100 and add the 25BUD code to bring it down to $76.81 delivered.

    I personally think Ciroc is superior to Greg Goose/Belvedere and it's a pretty amazing price, going for normally ~$60 a bottle.

    • Damn, sold out. I love Ciroc too, makes the best vodka soda.

      Still, Armorik double maturation for $91 is a good price, it's $135 at Nicks.

    • +2

      Ciroc is the Dr Dres of the Vodka world. Lower quality product with a high mark up. Of course, if you think Ciroc is the better tasting drink using a blind taste test.. you do you.

  • goes great with apple juice or green tea

    • +3

      If you're going to do that, get Zubrowka (it's cheaper or at very least, you don't need to buy 6 for a similar price). It mixes well with cloudy apple juice.

      If you want to take it further, add a bit of freshly squeezed lime/grapefruit juice and mint.

  • and blended with water from the distillery’s own artesian wells…

    That's probably the ponds the workers wash their hands in.

  • Is there really much difference between Belvedere and the cheapest Russian Standard Vodka?

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    • Goes down as a smooth burn rather than a goon-like feeling

    • -1

      tastes the same basically. pretty sure legally in america at least vodka needs to not have a distinctive flavour added to it. essentially you could get pure ethanol and add water to it till it becomes about the same proof and it should taste the same. poor distilling can leave certain bad flavours in the vodka but not unless you get the cheapest ones. belvedere tastes like shit anyway. all the expensive vodkas are a way for fools to part with their money.

      • Saying that it tastes basically the same, is like saying Johhny Red or Ballentines taste like a 18 yr old Whisky… yeah, it's the same kind of spirit, but "taste" is totally different.

    • Definitely. That said there is much smoother vodka again of you're in the market for it. Underground Spirits in Canberra for instance is significantly better again

  • Is this enough to get 20 people plastered?

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      no, only 6.6 standard drinks per person

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