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25% off 51 Sellers for eBay Plus Members / 20% off for Non-eBay Plus Members @ eBay


Something different from eBay. 3 transactions per person. $1000 max discount. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

Updated search link thanks to BlazinPast

Participating stores:

Allphones Online
Appliance Central
Aus Auc
Camerastore Australia
Custom Home Theater Solutions
Dell Australia
Flora Livings
FTC Computers Online
Gadget Express Australia
Gadgets Online
GraysOnline Australia
Hobby Warehouse
Instyle Hi Fi & The Interior Store
KG Electronic
Kong Computers Australia
Mediaform Computer Supplies
Nationwide Appliances
NES Printer Supplies & Services
NO Frills
OLC Direct
Oz Electronics Inc
PC Byte
Shopping Express Outlet
Shopping Square
Shopping Square Australia
Sony Australia
Super Hobby Store
Tech Mall
Toner Tec
Treasure PC
Trinity Connect
Videopro Australia

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  • search link

    Mod: Updated Link (11/7)

    • Thank you BlazinPast.

    • Jeez, that was BlazinQuick

    • can someone explain to me this whole search link think it just comes up with advance search whereas some other times it shows you the items from the stores.

    • Beat me by 12 minutes haha - well done :)

    • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Canon-CLI-42-LGY-Light-grey-ink-cartridge/263737296359?epid=1430474056&hash=item3d67f7c5e7:g:JlYAAOSweltbEagB:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!5169!AU!-1

      These retail for $27 each, with free shipping from most places (like Officeworks) if you buy at least two at once. $46 each here on eBay, or $36.8 during the sale or $34.5 if you have ebay plus. Canon glossy ii is even worse, $18 with eBay plus for 100 sheets. BHPhoto has glossy ii for $69 for 400 sheets as their regular price, including international shipping and GST. Get eBay plus to waste money it seems.

    • Nw it's fixed and working now

    • How'd you make a search link that quick and effective?

      • Literally just go through each store and find the username thats always on either the top or bottom of the page. After doing it for a few years, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to do. Used to take 40 minutes. I just wrote a script yesterday though that can do it for me.

        • Would you kindly share the script with us so we too can do it in seconds instead of minutes or hours…?

        • @Zachary: if you can make sense of it, i'll message you

        • @BlazinPast: Ahhhh….yeah that'd take some time clicking on each storepage and then scrolling up or down to look for heir username…..especially when you have like 100+ stores to go through….not to mention that sometimes ebay links to incorrect stores and it will 404 you…..which forces you to google their store name with ebay as the tag……which takes more seconds….or a minute(or even a few, had a web page that finally loaded after 10 minutes…)…(after a while, firefox just crawls to turtle speeds once you have it opened for more than one day straight…..supposedly the cause of this is a memory leak with one or more addons or so I read from a google search because web browsing experience shouldn't slow down to a crawl, unless you're streaming more than one video at a time on more than one tab…..)

          …anyways…I was thinking the script could be used in greasemonkey or something or a seperate ready to go batch file…I guess as long as any old average joe can make sense of it, I should be able too….unless you haven't actually finished it forcing me to fill in the missing pieces to make it work…….which requires me brain to actually work to problem solve through it all somehow…

          Would it matter if you added a space before or after the username, whether accidental or not, and then a comma, matter?

        • @Zachary: Yeah, I hate it when they provide the incorrect URLs. I'm not that good at writing scripts. I'm sure after a few tutorials on data scraping you'd be able to come up with your own as well. You don't even need a comma, you can just have spaces in-between the usernames.

  • +7 votes


  • +13 votes

    This is the first time I see eBay 25% off offer, it can be epic! 😃

  • Wait a minute…you're not TA :)

  • Get ready for price jacking.

    • +20 votes

      Leave poor Jack alone.

    • It is actually disgusting that this price jacking is going on.. ACCC fined Kogan over $30k in 2016 for raising prices immediately before doing a percentage discount.

      This practice is literally illegal… We joke about it at every eBay sale but we shouldn't be putting up with it. It is misleading advertising and ACCC would probably have a field day. No doubt they are aware of this but aren't doing anything about it, probably due to lack of resources or something.

      I would neg this deal, but people would get upset because there are savings to be made on some items, but for the most part, this sale is complete horse shit.

      • This code is a discount provided by eBay not the retailer/store. If you question the price changes of stores eBay might not provide discounts in the future.

      • Some stores are just really some basement dweller doing dropshipping and aren't even registered as a business so ACCC can't really do anything about it s they're not official….or at least I wouldn't expect them to do anything about it anyways….and so I tend to turn a blind eye to them…..for the big ones however, like Myer, The Good Guys, etc., I still turn a blind eye unless I have something already in mind ready to go and then suddenly the price jacks up before/during the promo…then I start complaining….

      • Kogan were fined? They're still doing it. They own the Dick Smith, store and during a sale recently their Ebay prices were all jacked.

  • 25% Sounds pretty good! as long as they don't equally price hike.

  • +16 votes

    Remember to use 5% eBay gift cards purchased from Woolies e-Gift cards through CR to get a further 5% off :)

    • +3 votes

      Excellent suggestion! I tried this the other day with great success!

    • I'm lost

      • +7 votes

        Read my comment here which explains how to get the discounted WISH eGift cards:

        • Im guessing Woolworths is selling ebay giftcards in store? And we just purchase the e-gift cards via cashrewards?

        • How do you enter the 25% code and the voucher code for the same transaction?

          Edit: OK you get another text box to enter.

          Any limit on vouchers?

        • @Diji1:

          They work together, you can input the "PROXY" coupon, and then put the gift card in after and they stack.

        • instruction not clear enough

          what to do after getting wish e-giftcard

          how to turn it into ebay gift card

          and how long it takes to receive wish e-giftcard

        • @doweyy: Thanks guy. Do you know the maximum number of codes?

        • +8 votes


          I dunno man… it's pretty straightforward.

          After you've been sent the eGift card via email (which usually takes a few hours), you walk into Woolworths and use the WISH eGift card you just bought to buy eBay branded gift cards (they come in multiples of $50 and $100).

          Then you enter the code from the back of the card into the "Gift cards, vouchers" field during the eBay checkout.

        • +13 votes


          The wish eGift cards take about 4-6 hours to come through.
          You then grab the Woolworths Money app and add your wish card.

          Head into a store, grab an eBay voucher off the card rack and take it to the counter.
          You purchase them for face value.

          So you can buy $100 WISH card for $95.
          You then use the $100 WISH card to buy $100 of eBay cards.
          THEN you use the ebay cards to buy during the sale for 25% off.

          You can purchase $133 worth of stuff on eBay for $95.

        • Does Woolies allow using the wish gift card to purchase the ebay gift card? was under the impression you can use gift card to buy gift card but my info was awhile back so things might have changed since?

        • @j4ck:

          You forgot the instruction of "turn the computer on"

        • @hellohello123:

          Yeah, you're right. My bad.

        • @LurvinOZB: I thought the same… seems a bit risky unless the rules have changed?

        • @Chickenleg:
          If so you can always use it to buy groceries and liquor at BWS.

        • @Yola: true, I’m planning to buy a tv though so would be trying to grab the whole 8 gift cards.

        • @Diji1: I was limited to 15 X $100 gift cards buying a camera

    • Great tip doweyy. There's sellers that sell eBay GCs at higher rates too, like 7.5% off.

    • I got blacklisted by Woolworth when i try to use cr wish e-gift card yo buy gift card. As soon as i buy gift cards from any woolies, they press the bell and call the manager to come to tell me get off. Its not even big amount, only$200. They still refuse to sell to me. We did a test, my friend try to use my e gift card to buy gift card, no problem at all, no amount limit. He even try to purchase his own $4000 gift cards, still no problem and manager asked him if he wants to buy more. This woolworth supermarket is bull shit.

      • +42 votes

        I reckon there's more to the story than what you're telling us…

        • Why though? It specifically states that you cannot use them to buy other gift cards even though there are reports of people using them. I read that the self-serve checkouts is the place to buy them but I haven't done it myself.

      • how do they know it's you?

        You scanning your Everyday Rewards card with it?

        • That's my question too… just get a new credit card or create a new account for woolies egift purchasing, don't scan your rewards card, and then how can they know it's you? Woolies is not like the casino where they use cutting-edge facial recognition software and a room full of security people monitoring camera feeds to detect banned people or cheating…

      • they press the bell and call the manager to come to tell me get off


      • WISH Gift Cards cannot be used towards the purchase of any Gift Cards sold through WISH Gift Card participating stores.

        Terms here

    • If I buy $1000 worth of woolies vouchers - I can get $1000 in EBay vouchers?

      • No more than a total of $2000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of $5000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month. Further, you may only redeem a maximum of eight Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers).

        • I redeemed 11 gift cards for a single item that came to $1000 yesterday. 9x $100, 1x $50 and the remainder from a $100 card I had $63-ish remaining on. Clearly the 8 card per transaction isn't being upheld.

          I've also had no problem buying eBay gift cards at WWs.

        • @freddofrog42:

          Damn thats sweet. Do you do self check out?

        • No just the regular express counter. I've probably spent over $5000 on eBay that way and just $2000 or so this weekend during the Playpus offer. On that note:-

          I actually completed the transactions yesterday as there were eBay-related issues over the weekend for me with two transactions across two accounts for $1000 and $400 respectively. A quick phone call on Sunday informing them of the issues and then a follow-up yesterday, got them to honour the saving in the form of a $100 and a $40 voucher. Impressed that they were so helpful.

        • @freddofrog42: impressive indeed! I spent big bux yesterday on the final day of the 20% PICKITUP eBay sale but I requested to cancel that order so I can take advantage of this 25% deal.

          The item was not marked as sent so fingers crossed its a quick cancel and I can repurchase on Thursday. Ebay's price beat guarantee doesnt apply to themselves unfortunately.

        • @Pab23q: and fingers crossed that they don’t price jack

        • @freddofrog42: Do they let you buy it without buying groceries with the eBay gift cards? :)

    • Guys, I just found this as it might be useful to those who are thinking of buying multiple gift cards.

      “Only eight (8) incentive codes can be accepted per check-out transaction. These codes include eBay Gift Cards and coupons.”


    • Sorry, how it work, can you please explain? Woolies online doesn't show ebay gift card on sale.

      • In Woolworths physical stores, there will be somewhere you can find a lot of different physical gift cards that you can purchase. They will include physical eBay Gift Cards. For example; you can buy a $50 eBay gift card for $50… or you can buy a $50 WISH eGift card at 5% off here; take that eGift card with you into a physical woolworths store, buy some groceries as well as some physical eBay gift cards, go through the normal checkout process (not self-service checkout) and pay for your groceries & eBay Gift cards with the WISH eGift card that you bought at 5% off using the above link…

  • Time to sign up ebay plus?

    • I'm wondering that as well…. Are all future offers only going to target ebay plus members?

      • I'm going the other way, I'm just making an effort to use ebay as little as possible. I'm not going to pay a continuing subscription to use an online store.

        • Like or not it's the way it's going to save on shipping etc.

          E.g. Amazon Prime, Shipster and eBay plus.

          I guess you could liken it to Costco where you pay a subscription to make savings. It all depends upon the amount you would normally spend in the year. For me I saved $22 in shipping alone with eBay plus over the weekend across 3 orders.

        • @freddofrog42: yeah but with al those subscriptions think of how much you’re spending per month.

        • I'm not going to pay a continuing subscription

          Fair enough but you can just cancel it immediately after using it through PayPal pre-approved payments or presumably through eBay as well.

        • @stickyfingers:

          As I said it all depends on how much you spend. Everyone has to make their own decision based on their particular circumstances. E.g. many have a phone bought via a plan. Me, I have a Redmi Note 4X which cost less than $200 and use Lebara with their 180 Day/$99 deal. It works for me….

        • @freddofrog42: But how much was shipping on those items previously? Lots of things are transitioning from free shipping.

    • First month free… I'm in!

    • I would; their customer service seems to be …better….they helped me in a pickle.

  • I'm waiting for 50% off 25 sellers.

  • PC Byte

    Time to cancel ebay plus.