expired Dell Triple Cashback 12% (Was 4%) @ Shopback


Another huge cashback increase from Shopback. Check Shopback page for all the current promo codes.

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    But eBay is 25%…

    Maybe there is useful stuff not on eBay, or custom configs

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      Dell have some coupons too e.g 15% off the new gaming G series so with the 12% could be some good prices. Although hard to find reviews of the G's


        They're the 8th gen Intel replacements for 7th gen HQ units (i.e. the portable desktop CPUs).

        Expect high performance and low battery life.


        But the 15% off AntManWasp code is not listed on the ShopBack Coupons and Deal Codes?

        Do you still get the 12% cashback if you go through the "Dell Great Tech & Savings Deals" via Cashback and can you apply the 15% AntManWasp Dell coupon via that bringing it to 27%?

        IIRC, some cashback places will not pay cashback if there is non-approved discount code- ie one that they don't specifically list.


        Edit: Oops! It says it on the cashback page itself:

        "Cashback is not qualified for:

        • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack"

        So, looks like a no go to me. Take AntManWasp for 15% with no cashback, or no discount at Dell and 12% cashback.

        Edit2: nvm expired lol


    how well do these guys pay back and how well does it track? havent tried shopback before.


      3 out of 4 orders for me.

      • Go on the Dell website,
      • Add everything in your cart,
      • Close window,
      • Open shopback and click their link,
      • Your cart should still be full,
      • Put discount code if applicable and proceed to payment.
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