Looking for phone for dad


My dad does a lot of WeChat and takes photos and sends photos with this friends

He is currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but the system memory is almost using up all the 16gb internal device memory

Tried moving stuff to sd card and that barely did anything

Looking to get him a phone with a bigger memory, maybe 64 internal

Any recommendations .. don’t really want to spend too much.. is 300-400 realistic?

Thanks in advance



    It might be worth a format.

    Have you worked out what is taking up the space? I use a program called DiskUsage to show what large items are filling the phone

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    Best Mid-Range Phones voted by the community members. Nokia 7 Plus or Nokia 6.1 are great choices, or the up-coming Xiaomi Mi A2.

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    Xiaomi Redmi 5 Note


      I bought one for my Dad, he mostly used it for WhatsApp. He love the screen size, battery life and responsiveness of the phone but initially struggle a bit because very minor UI differences with his previous Samsung phone.

      He said he doesn't mind having slower phone - knowing this I might get him the Redmi 5 Plus instead ( similar spec but with SD625 ) and save $50.


        bit because very minor UI differences with his previous Samsung phone.

        just get nova launcher (free), it will look similar (90%) of the way to a samsung phone, without the bloatware.

        I do admit, miui has a bit of a learning curve. However nova launcher fixes up all the issues imo


          This is exactly what I did.

          Nova only cover the main menu / desktop themes. Things like the top pull down menu, settings, camera/gallery , etc are not covered. It's minor thing for me but it's an issue for him.


        Thanks.. This one looks alright.

        where is the best place to get these from?


    Samsung galaxy J5 Pro recently around $319 from goodguys


    why can't your dad buy his own phone?


    Get a bigger sd card? If you want something with 64gb internal, just buy a 128gbsd card instead. there have been so many deals lately

    Unless you actually want to get a new phone then that's a different story

    Check the best mid sized phones as above and compare what you want /need in terms of functions.

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