expired Jaybird X3 Wireless in-Ear Headphones $129 (Was $199) @ JB Hi-Fi


Seem to be highly recommended amongst youtube reviewers, picked up a pair from forest hill today, stock looks plentiful online.

If you don't mind waiting and online after sales service, COTD Has them for $124

Long time lurker, first time poster.

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    Good price. When does the sale end?

    And anyone know if there is any indication when the x4 coming out?

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    I would strongly recommend against buying this product (sorry OP, nothing against you or the deal)

    They come with a proprietary charging dongle, and if you lose it or it breaks, you won't be able to use the headphones. Jaybird seems incapable of offering a replacement dongle in Australia. You can find them for sale occasionally on the web store, but it won't ship to Aus. Speaking with support (via Logitech), they have none in stock and have no idea when or if they will become available.

    If you're anything like me, you just end up with expensive paperweights, and they don't even do that well

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      Umm did you check the website?

      They offer replacement dongle for $24.95 ($33.49 Shipped to AUS)

      Oddly enough buying the Accessory Pack is a lot cheaper which comes with the charging clip and extra buds.
      $28.49 Shipped

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        Wow - they have finally started provided. I have been waiting since Feb to try and buy one but they have not been available - even checked last week.

        Thanks for that

        I'm revoking my neg now that a vital part required to make it work and is easily lost or broken is available. But there is heaps better options out that that don't require the think in the first place

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        and now my order has been cancelled due to "vendor request"
        I can't neg again but I would if I could
        these guys are incompetent


      They'll ship it from the US if you press them on it (or at least I was able to get them to do it when my charger became defective). Logitech support is completely useless and you have to threaten them to get anything done.


      thanks for letting me know about the proprietary charging, that would suck ass, most of them use micro sub so why add to the cost.. i know i love having spare cables at home, work, in the car to charge mine.

      Will stay away from these.. been also looking at these due to the reviews online.

      Got some transparent ones from FB to try them out before i really shell out some money and im sold.. will look at Jabra and Bose then..

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      Yep, thanks for the info. That's a definite pass. Charging dongle wtf…


      I agree with fattyboombatty. I went for the X2 model because of the standard microUSB connection. In terms of audio quality, there was very little difference between X2 and X3.


      It's a nuisance but necessary for waterproofing - previous versions of the X (I've owned them all) died because of water/sweat getting in via the micro USB port. The cradle removes that potential ingress.


    These are great wireless earphones. I use these all the time mostly at the gym since it's in-ear you get great noise isolation and bass is pretty good.
    I bought these from Amazon last year for $99USD still going strong.

    Only thing I don't like is after a year of use the Comply Ear Tips start to disintegrate but that's more Comply than Jaybirds fault.
    I just bought a set of knock off Tips from Ali which aren't to bad but at under $1 I reckon its a lot better than paying what Comply is charging for replacement.

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      Comply foam tips were ruined for me in couple of months, hour a day use. Started falling apart way before that.

      The charging plug is horrendously bad. Let's say you don't manage to lose it as already commented upon - well, you're going to have a lot of fun swearing at it every few days when you recharge since every time you charge you will struggle for 30 seconds to connect it. It gets old fast.

      The dongle is just a stupidly designed piece of shit that is frustrating and annoying to use.

      I wouldn't buy them again and I'm kinda a Logitech fanboi usually …


        With the form factor of the X3s I'm okay with the dongle idea; obviously if it didn't have it it'd be great.

        few days when you recharge since every time you charge you will struggle for 30 seconds to connect it
        I'm confused at this? Never had trouble connecting after charging it.

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    I've owned both the Jaybird X2 and X3 and I'm sad to say neither lasted.

    Bought the X2 in August 2016 and it failed by May 2017. Contacted support and they replaced it with the Jaybird X3 which stopped working after 6 months of use.

    I like the design and they're fairly comfortable but I don't trust their longevity. Having said that, Jaybird's support was excellent, but I don't know if one can rely on this.

    I also own a pair of the Meizu EP-51 which I bought at the same time as the X2s and while they're not as comfortable as the X2 and X3s, they're quite good for the price.

    Haven't used the Meizu set as much as I did the X2s and X3s so can't comment on their longevity except to say they're still working.

    I'm personally reluctant to buy the brand again given the price.


      I've had my pair of X2 since May 2016, used almost daily. Still going strong. I'm not much of a sweater, I wonder if that's what causes a lot of people's troubles with these?

      MicroUSB connector in the right earbud seems to be much less hassle than the X3's dongle.

      I use the silicone tips and do find that they slip off sometimes, especially if you stuff them into a pocket quickly instead of using the container.

      Battery life is my biggest concern, but given their size and age, I guess I shouldn't complain.


        May have been sweat as I tend to sweat a lot when I jog. I might also have just been unlucky. Am currently trying to get replacements of the replacements.

        I kind of bought the X2s as they were advertised as 'sweat proof'. Have bought a set of these as they're advertised as IPX7 and were only $30 but I suspect I'll get what I paid for ;)


      Mine stopped working just after the 2 year warranty expired.
      While I had them the fins and earbuds kept getting lost, had to replace them a few times.


    Would definitely recommend these for anyone that wants to listen to their own music at the gym or travels around. So easy to use and pair with devices and when not in use I usually hang it around my neck and tuck it underneath my shirt. Also would suggest getting it from jb, have been through a number of them due to battery issues but it's a simple swap when that happens.


      I used to wear them around my neck like that but the silicon tips started to come off when I removed it. Managed to not lose them the first few times but then I lost one.


        Same thing happened to me! One of the silicon tips fell into the gap of the elevator door…I found that after using it for a while your wax sort of builds up inside where the ear tip connects to the earphone, hence making it oily and easy to fall off - sounds gross yeah. Every now and then I have to wipe it with a bit of soap on tissue. The comply eartips fit a lot better and would never fall off but I find the silicon tips much more comfortable


    Got the X2 in December 2015 and they are still going strong! I use them pretty frequently and have recently started gyming (sweating) with them, no issues. They're the most comfortable earphones I've ever owned, but this does vary from person to person because people have had the opposite experience


    Iv had them for a while now and no problem. They are good headphones. :)


    I have the X2 and X3. Son now uses the X2’s. Both are very good sport headphones with very good sound quality. The charging dongle on X3’s is annoyingly but shouldn’t be considered a deal breaker. For this price these are no brainer purchase.
    I’ve stopped buying and using the comply tips and just buy silicone tips from eBay whenever they need replacing


    I've had a couple pairs of X3's and they've all had their issues, biggest for me is the battery failing to hold charge after 3 months of usage.