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Trial & Keep a Dyson Product from Dyson



Closing Date 31/12/2018
Multi-draw Yes


Description Dyson Product.
No. of Prizes 500

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

All applications will be reviewed for suitability for participation in beta trial programs via a survey. Dyson will then provide selected participants with a Dyson product. During the Trial period, participants must use the Dyson product and then submit a review of the product to Dyson at the conclusion of the Trial.

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  • According to their customer care, they don't have a trial on at the moment, interesting.

    • +1

      What? Did we all provide our personal details to our friends in Nigeria then?

      • Could have just been a ploy to get personal information for marketing purposes…would not be the first time a company has done that…

  • -1

    Is it a scam?

      • Okay just odd nobody here has heard anything and the link to survey didn't go to discoverdyson domain. Also the emails all went to my junk folder. I still entered it only because I trust ozbargain.

        • I'm using gmail, the emails went to my promotions tab

        • @rogdog:

          Same. I use a spam email for entering competitions which forwards to my main account anyway, doesn't bother me if it was a scam.

  • +8

    Received an Email this morning for Pure Cool Desk Fan

    • +1

      Congrats! So jealous though lol

    • +4

      Got an email also. I got Pure Cool Tower Fan rather than Desk Fan

      • +2

        How long ago did you get the emails? Just so I can hold onto a shred of hope

        • 9:59am

        • +1

          @mmmr: that’s me out then! Enjoy the fan!

        • @kezry: Same here =/

        • 9:47am

        • @mmmr: Has Dyson called you yet to arrange shipment? I got the Pure Cool Tower Fan too but no call yet

        • @Mtbdirt: called me yesterday and it arrived today (the desk fan)

        • @newsat: Thanks - I know Dyson has been calling the Desk Fan ones. Was asking about the Tower Fan.

        • @Mtbdirt: yes I was called yesterday at 3:20, haven’t received it yet though

  • +2

    damn no email, nice work guys for those that did!

  • +5

    Congratulations to all those chosen

  • +2

    Just out of curiosity, what technology item did the successful applicants write about in their 100 word response? I'm wondering whether Dyson evaluated responses based on a) the item chosen, or b) good critical evaluation of a product, or c) both, or d) other.

    • Good question, wondering this too

    • +1

      I talked about my mini blue tooth speaker. I did not think about my response to much and just put an honest opinion on why its so useful for me.

    • +2

      my iphone, and just how it can connect to everything and is always by my side (which is true, it is my favourite piece)

  • I guess I missed out too. My response on the survey probably could have been better.

  • +9

    I was chosen to trial a pure desk fan ! So excited one of my best wins so far.

  • +3

    Those who were selected for fans, could you tell whether your survey had any reference to floor types (Hard floor, carpet etc) you have in your house? I am just trying to gauge whether you guys had different survey to see if other still have any hope…

    • +1

      I got selected for a desk fan but I do not remember any questions about floor type in my house (I can't remember to clearly though).

  • +1

    make sure you guys mark it as a winner!

    • How do you do that @maxchange? Sorry, I've never won anything I've entered through Ozbargain before - very exciting!

      • +1

        I edited the original post and marked it as a multi draw. You should be able now to mark yourself as a winner right underneath the go to competition tab.

  • +4

    Received an email about an hour ago and was sent to do a questionnaire. It's all about beauty and hair style. So I guess it's something to do with a new hair dryer. Anyone else getting the same?

    • My wife received the same.

      • Received the email/survey. Had a question about being able to attend a Dyson trial event, which would be great, but is in Sydney. Hopefully we can trial a hairdryer though!

        • +1

          Yeah I imagine the Sydney thing would make it difficult for some to attend.

        • @Phalaxis: Pity I can't let someone else go in my place. Sounds interesting, just no way I could get to Sydney on short notice.

        • +1

          I got the same question about the event

          Does your email say:
          "To make sure we provide the right machine to test, please complete our quick questionnaire"

          My survey is also very hair centric so hairdryer?…

        • Also received the email survey, and not in Sydney. It was also a very haircare / beauty focused quiz. Fingers crossed!

    • Same.

  • I haven't received anything :(

  • Mine got sent to the spam folder and now it’s passed 3/9/18 :(

  • +4

    I am hoping that Vaccum Cleaner emails will come out today :P

    • Is that a possibility?

      • I would like to think so as my survey was specifically asking about the floor types (hard floor, carpet etc). The new survey is asking about hair type (thin, medium etc.)

        I am curious to know that what was the reference in those surveys who got Dyson fans? Perhaps they all live in a hot climate (based on their postal code?). I don't know, just trying to find one reason that I still have hope..haha

    • +1

      i hope so too. My survey was pretty much all about vacuums.

      • That makes sense. Mine was the technology one.

    • Did your survey have questions about pets?

      • about pets?

        Yes I believe so…floor types and pets!

  • +3

    Do you think Dyson will send an email saying bad luck to the people who did not get selected? At least will help us ease the anxiety.

  • so jel

  • Interesting. I had a survey on what sort of property I live in, allergies I have, if I own pets and if I currently own a Dyson product.

    I suppose my chances are gone!

    • I also got the exact same assortment of questions.

    • same survey and didn't get picked.

      • I got the same survey. Then received the hair/beauty centered survey. No further emails… as yet… 🤞🤞🤞

  • +2

    It would be nice if Dyson emailed those who were not selected so we know for sure. As it sounds like some got different surveys I keep thinking maybe they haven't processed all entrants yet.

  • I received an email to do the survey a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to fill it out. I just filled it out so I don't know if it'll still be valid. The form still worked. It says in the email the survey should be completed by September 3 but when I open it in the browser, it says entry period 1/7/18 to 31/12/18.

  • No. of winners have increased from 2 to 5 but last 3 didn't make comment around their winning?

    • +2

      but last 3 didn't make comment around their winning?

      3 people so far have commented about their winning. Coincidentally, none of them +1 this competition. Looks like all the losers (inc me) +1 the comp. haha

      • +1

        +1ed the comp
        Don’t even know why I missed that sorry

  • +4

    Pure Cool Tower fan arrived today. Looking forward to using it for summer!

    • Congrats! Please can you let us know what they're like? Dreading summer already 😣

    • Did you get an email saying that you had won? Congrats by the way

      • Yes I did. Told me what I was receiving and when to expect it.

  • I guess they have finished with the distribution of the items. Seems like only tower fans and hairdryers are on trial.

  • Has anyone heard back from the hair/beauty survey?

  • Saw the ad this afternoon about a new hairstyler - airwrap. This must be the new product up for the hair/beauty survey. Really cool engineering

    • yeah, looks pretty neat. Wife will love it…

  • I received an email about Pure Cool about a week ago. It is expected to arrive by tomorrow :D

    Super excited! and thanks for posting this Competition!

  • -1

    Can't even submit the form!

    Save data error: Unknown column 'yes_no_question' in 'field list'

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