[Belgium] See The Hotel with The 3-Level "Trojan Horse" Room to Stay in (~325 Euros / Night)

Saw this in app "DW - Breaking World News" - in its TV "EuroMaxx" segment (earlier today, but it may be repeated across the weekend or week).

Made from wood [by a creative architect], it's quite an attractive (modern) "spin-off from the ancient Greeks' Trojan Horse".

A drawbridge drops, so you can enter (via/at rear of the huge horse)… lots to see inside, in natural wood colours; shaped, etc. Level 3 has a Joystick control, that lets folks who stay there (or their kids?) move the horse's head!

Also available on DW [EuroMaxx] YouTube channel… choose carefully, as their's another one - also from DW - that also has "Trojan Horse" in its title, that has nothing to do with this interesting hotel.

And… you thought your nearby "Giant Banana," etc. was tourist material… ;~0