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[NSW/QLD] Ribs and Rump BOGOF (100% Cashback as Rewards Points) from 23rd to 29th July [Tribe Membership]


Ribs and rumps is offering 100% cashback to all tribe members this week.

Information on Tribe membership

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    Ribs and Rump Fortitude Valley is (profanity) horrible. Avoid.

    Haven't been to the one on the Gold Coast in years, but it used to be excellent.

    • Hence why they’re literally giving them away.

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    For further T&C's please ask your waitstaff

    lol. Good luck.

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    location in title.

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      Townsville, Rockhampton, Brisbane (Fortitude Valley & Milton), Gold Coast, Sydney (North Ryde and Olympic Park). Isn't it be a bit long to include all them in the title?

  • Any idea if this is targeted? Looks like I'm not subscribed to their newsletter and there's nothing in the app about it.

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      It was in the subscribers' email, but I believe this is not targeted as it's publicly on their website.

      Downside is that your money is transferred into their club points which ultimately means that you get two meals for the price of one.

      • Can't find the offer on their website. Can you provide the link?

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    Probably best to describe as BOGOF later.

    • Hows that?

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        The points you get can only be used in future in their restaurant so it's not like you are getting your money back completely to use on whatever else you like be it computer hardware or McDonald's but since the offer is tribe points you have to use the accumulated tribe points in another ribs and rumps occasion and thus it is pretty much just like paying for one meal and getting two instead or as ihbh said BOGOF (with the free meal coming later value via accumulated Tribe Rewards Points).

  • Anyone know how it works when paying for a group/family? Does each person need a tribe membership or does the bill get cash back credited to the person who paid for everyone?

    • Just the one card

      • So if I spend $300 on 6 people… I get all of that in my account? Or just my $50 meal?

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          you will get $300 on your tribe card as long as you pay for it on one payment

        • Awesome :-) Thanks for the info!

        • +1

          Lol, 6 people, suuuure fatty!

        • @AaronR: your shout? This is a great offer. Not sure why it's not up voted more. It's ribs! Who doesn't like ribs!

    • One tribe membership usable per one sitting afaik aka a family or group sitting can only get the rewards on one tribe membership.

  • I'm assuming the cashback on the tribe membership dollar for dollar?

  • Has anyone tried this yet? Keen to try but I am a bit far from the Sydney branches. Thanks!

    • Went tonight and it worked as expected. Amazing value. Food was great and service amazing.

      • thanks AaronR! will try it in the next few days. Now I am wondering if there is a limit to the use of this promo. can I eat at Ribs and Rumps everyday for the next 5 days paying the full amount each time then redeem the points a month from now?

  • Can they look up your card online if you don't have the physical card on you?

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