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TAKE $50 off your first order - items need to be currently priced over $100. And you will need to either set up an account or subscribe to newsletter also
Bedrocks has an exclusive MAN CHESTER bedding range 4HIM. Females range 4HER, and a couples range also

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    Op can i give you a suggestion and have the ability to filter items by size?

    E.g. I'm looking for queensize sheets. It's oretty difficult to fund. Browsing it shows black & grey sets in cotton (not sure who'd want microfibre sheets).

    <Insert Flintstone joke hete>

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    The product descriptions are pretty poor. The sizing, features and care instructions tabs for sheet sets have exactly the same information regardless if the material is cotton, bamboo or linen. If they are manufactured after the order is placed, why are there only queen and king sizes?

    The silk quilt cover set is unlikely to be silk given the very low price. "Suitable as a silk quilt set for mens bedding set as well as female or for couple" is superfluous information. "Having the cotton set fits in perfect for all year use" is contradictory information given it's supposed to be silk, not cotton. "Fabric density: 133x72" and "400 Thread Count" are not useful descriptions for silk, which is normally expressed as mommes (not provided).

    There's also very little company information. An e-mail address and a phone number. "Bedrocks is an Australian business located in Melbourne" but no ABN mentioned. 99% of the "reviews" on the facebook page were posted between 8:16 and 9:35 on 30 June 2018 and all are five stars.

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      I have never seen Manchester as two words before. How do they not know how to spell one of their primary trade items?


    Sheridan seems to be better value.

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