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Lenovo ThinkVision T2224D 21.5" IPS 1080P $96 Delivered (eBay Plus) or + $14.95 Delivery @ Futu eBay


This might be a good deal for someone looking for a regular IPS 1080P Monitor.

Original 20% off 145 Sellers eBay Deal

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  • Merged from This $96 IPS Lenovo Monitor (ThinkVision T2224D 21.5") good deal?


    $96 shipped(ebay plus) after coupon, IPS panel, 21.5", 1080P.
    What do you guys think?????

    • Depends what you're gonna be using it for.

      You don't really need a HDMI port for 1080P at (presumably) 60Hz.

      The price is objectively good, Staticice says the going price is $150-$200 (and above).

      And then it goes back to the first point. Really it's next to useless for serious gaming or productivity. All you could realistically use it for is web-browsing, Youtube, portable monitor for LAN parties(?), word processing and (light) spreadsheeting.

    • Pretty sure a $2 adaptor will let you use a HDMI cable in DP.

      • I think the decent adapters are $10-$15 (noting that it's a fairly complicated, digital adapter), but there's definitely no need to spend $50 on a belkin (especially since the monitor is not 4K).

    • I wonder how hard it would be, technically, to buy like 16 of these, and turn it into one 84" LCD wall…

  • It does have DisplayPort input, but with an 8ms response time might not be good for games.

    For office use, browsing and such it seems like a decent enough unit.

  • It would be a really good deal if it was a 24"

    • It's IPS though, yes there are 1080p 24' monitors for this price but I've never seen an IPS one for under 100.

  • Could use it in racing games. 2 for the wing mirrors and one for the rear-view……attached to a full sized monitor of course.

  • I'm currently using one as a second monitor. Works just fine for office usage, browsing, chat programs, etc. I wouldn't advise using it for gaming due to the aforementioned 8ms response time. The image is pretty disappointing for an IPS monitor so it's not ideal for video either. Still, decent for its price.

  • Hint: NO HDMI PORT

    Thanks for the hint?! My guess is it doesn't support HDMI then

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