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20% off 145 Selected Sellers @ eBay


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Max disc $1000. 3 txns pp. Ends 25/7

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'Participating Stores' means;
24 Hour Nutrition
4WD Industries
Acos Accessories
Ag Wholesalers
Allphones Online
Appliance Central
Aquaholics Online Aquarium Supplies
Aus Auc
Bargains Online Australia store
Bedroom Direct
Boutique Cellar
Chalet Online
Chisel and Charm
City Beach Australia
Cookware Brands Outlet
Cosmetics Now Australia
Custom Home Theater Solutions
Cycle Station
Dell Australia
Discount Brands Australia
Eco Living Store
Electronics Factory Outlet
Flora Livings
FTC Computers Online
GFL Marketplaces
Gianni & Costa
Grace Baby
GraysOnline Australia
Group Two Warehouse
Hobby Warehouse
Instyle Hi Fi & The Interior Store
JAG Trading Online
JD Lighting Online
KG Electronic
Kitchen Warehouse
Knives & more
knives online
Kong Computers Australia
Life AU
Linen Dreams
Lorna Jane Active
LSI Japanese Auto Parts
Luxo Living
Mediaform Computer Supplies
Melbourne Electronic
My Health Beauty
National Garage
NES Printer Supplies & Services
NK Trading
NO Frills
OLC Direct
Olivia & Co.
On Sport
Opal Electrical Supplies
Original Parts Group
Outbax Camping
Oz Electronics Inc
OZ Good Deals
Ozo Online
Ozplza living
PETstock Online
Planet Linen
Pool Room Supplies
Princess Trade
Pumpkin Patch
Robins Kitchen
SEDY Discount Warehouse
Sello Products
Shopping Express Outlet
Shopping Square
Shopping Square Australia
Simply Homeware
Sony Australia
Super Hobby Store
Taurus Hardware
Tech Mall
The Shooting Zone
The Supporter Store
Toner Tec
Treasure PC
True Blue Bargains
UGG Comfort Me Australia
Urban Outback Gear
US Sports Down Under
vic offroad
Videopro Australia
Wholesale Superstore
Wine Com AU
Wine Market
Work Leisure Play
Yogee Toys
You Buy Online
Zoom Auto Parts Australia
Zzz Atelier Outlet Store

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eBay Australia
eBay Australia

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  • +4

    That's a LOT of stores!

    • +18

      Yep, 145 to be exact

    • Sweet. So many deals going on RN, ordered a sandisk pro 128 gig and tripod just 5 hours ago from amazon and now this 20% off deal…

      • RN?

        • +3

          Right Now.

        • +34

          Right Now?? Apparently saving a few letters is worth confusing a whole bunch of people.

        • +30

          Radio National, I assume. Always a good deal on intelligent discussion of the issues.

          Or perhaps he's getting a good deal on Registered Nurses.

        • +23

          @Lycan: rn is common af

        • +4

          @Lycan: its v common

        • +3

          @xEnt: af?


        • +3

          @xEnt: Articulated Frippery?

        • +2

          You should get your AF checked. You might need digoxin.

        • +19


          Honestly, this is the first time I've ever seen it. But then, I'm in my 40s, so actually know how to type full words.

        • -1

          @marlor: It's nothing to do with "know[ing] how", it's common enough that people can assume others know it, or they can google it. It's second nature to a lot of people at this point.

        • +14


          If you don't care enough about your readers to make their life easy, then you probably need to reconsider whether your comment is valuable enough to publish in the first place.

        • +1

          @marlor: I don't personally use it on forums but I can see why others would (it's second nature to them)

        • +9


          I understand, but I don't think it's something to be encouraged.

          Taking the extra two seconds to type the word out fully is something people should be encouraged to do. When you're publishing to a wide audience (e.g. on a forum) the extra second or two spent on making things clear will save a disproportionately large amount of time in terms of reader effort (when multiplied over the number of readers).

          Nobody can just assume that everyone is familiar with the abbreviations they use. Often they're specific to a community or to an age group.

        • +1


          So are any abbreviations acceptable?

          "I paid using Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale instead of going to the Automated Teller Machine."

          That just seems like a bit of a mouthful.

        • +8


          Those are a standard part of English and are unambiguous. "AF", "RN", "OMGWDHDI", etc are just ambiguous, community-specific jargon.

        • @marlor:

          Registered Nurses.

          they'll be de-Registered Nurses if @iam12 is 12.

        • +3

          How many electrons had to die from typing all these replies, just to explain something that was supposedly easy to understand? The point of communicating with others is to share your ideas — the onus is on you to make yourself understood.

        • +1


          At least you probably know the difference between your and you're. It's a hard thing to differentiate these days.

        • +8


          Your right. I really like you're attitude.

          EDIT: I feel dirty now.

        • @marlor:

          Your not wrong

        • @xEnt: aromatic flatulence?

        • @marlor: when I started working full time was when I lost track of kid's language use. Now, 15 years later, it's like they speak a foreign language.

        • @Lycan: YTS? INSTAT.

        • +1


          Often they will actually use that language in internal emails when they first start the job. We've had graduate hires send unintelligible emails full of text-speak several times.

          They promptly get told to use actual English, and usually become intelligible after a short period of adjustment.

        • +1

          Wonder what you do with all the time saved using these abbreviations.

        • @RichardL: jks?

          /s …

        • It is in Newspeak

        • Let me some up all the above replies. Fair use policy.

        • +1
        • @endotherm: he's sharing his idea that RN = right now, right? :P

        • @Lycan: I'd never heard of it before but knew what it meant anyway

        • @marlor:

          Yet, it is how the language evolves.

          Ie. thru useage (like in this place).

          …..afterall ALL words are made up.

        • @Lycan:
          Yep, Pretty dumb right!

        • @Laurenlauren:

          So are any abbreviations acceptable?
          "I paid using Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale instead of going to the Automated Teller Machine."
          That just seems like a bit of a mouthful.

          You could abbreviate it to "I swiped my card." :)

        • +1


          I lol'd

        • +1

          @mingofmongo: #medicaljokes

        • @montorola:

          The difference between knowing your shite and knowing you're shite

        • @Laurenlauren:

          Those are pretty universal examples. It would be hard to find an Australian citizen who doesn't know their meaning.

          Some internet acronyms and abbreviations are also universal; OMG or LOL would be a good example (but even then can be misinterpreted as 'lost of love' as in "Sorry your grandma died LOL")

          But for the most part, abbreviations like RN and even IRL, BRB, POIDH are ambiguous and obscure and don't help convey meaning to a broad audience.

          Posting on the SA forums or something like that - you can assume everyone knows what TOGTFO means.

          Posting on OzBargain forums - assume people are regular people looking for bargains.

        • @Lycan: Get with it, old man. Lol…. It confused me, so I'm an old man too now

    • +11

      Can we please have 145% off 20 stores…

      • +5

        Only if all of them are rugs stores

        • or tiles…National Tiles

    • +4

      Innumerable upvotes will be bestowed upon the person to create a search link with all 145 stores!

    • Welcome to visit us, crazy!

    • +21

      Dell Australia

      • +2

        There are plenty of decently big names here. Ryda, Allphones, House, Robins Kitchen, Lorna Jane. All pretty big. Plus well-known online stores like Futu and Hobby Warehouse. It's a decent selection of stores.

      • +4

        Ha. Definitely a few well-known names in there.

        • Amcal
        • City Beach Australia
        • GraysOnline Australia
        • Lorna Jane Active
        • NERF
        • Petbarn
        • Pumpkin Patch
        • Robins Kitchen
        • Sony Australia
        • Videopro Australia
      • +1

        Was being sarcastic….

  • +5

    eBay: We're running out of P words fast!

    • +46

      The next coupon code will be "PRICEJACK".

      • +3

        most likely be 'PAYMORE'

    • +1

      Does anyone know what's with all the Ps anyway?

    • or "PASS"

  • +3

    These back to back eBay sales is not healthy for my wallet…

    • +5

      I don't know about you but I don't have much to buy anymore …

      • +5

        OzBargain always result in purchases…

    • Same. I spend plenty for staffs I "think" are useful lol.

  • +10

    Price jacking eBay nothing new. Amazon has outshone you.

    • +11

      On Prime Day, yes. But I'm not so sure the rest of the time.

        • It is the individual stores that price jack, not eBay itself.

          They could do the exact same thing on Amazon marketplace when there's a sale or promotion on.

        • @marlor: ebay facilitates it in the same way that mod chips facilitate piracy

    • Amazon seems to be a lot of price gouging, not jacking.

      • +1

        Price gouging is when there’s a captive market or low supply - neither of which apply to Amazon in Australia.

        • That's true, but what I mean is there are a lot of Amazon sellers who are trying to gouge within the Amazon marketplace on items without competition within Amazon. The extent that it works is debatable given we're not captive to Amazon (OzBargainers especially), but they're certainly trying.

  • You bet all the regular posters for the eBay promos, gw!

    • Where can I get in on this wager?

  • Thanks for posting.
    Hoping to find a deal on a Coffee machine! Any suggestions appreciated!

    • Automatic?

      Filter or espresso?

  • Well, here is hoping for a good 2K or 4K IPS 32" monitor deal,

    or a good Nokia 7 plus deal.

    Wonder if it will be ebay plus bonuses to cement the annual subscription the way Amazon seem to want to do , the 30 days must be gettong close to finished for those who took up the offers early.

    • There is only really Allphones this time around. I will be waiting on the next deal for phone shopping.

  • +1

    Is there a max discount?!

    • yeah what's the max discount?

  • Sweet, thanks OP! Been waiting for an edisons sale!

  • +1

    I'm going to be the first…..

    Search Link?

    • +19

      Here you go search link

      • Post this search link in the listing please. Well done Bavan.

  • Do we have a store search link?

    • It's the top comment

      • The Red search button mentioned isn't really a Search tool, it just displays all of the items in the promo- I've already tried on the full desktop eBay and you can't search using that. :|

  • as much as i enjoyed prime day, but Ebay all day everyday mang!

  • Cheap Playstation Pro to sooth my broken heart pls.

    • Don't like your chances of anything approaching that Amazon price, not on a selected Sellers sale anyway.

      • +1

        I'd settle for in the ballpark.

    • That would be truly magical…

    • yeah, so far I browsed and checked the actual price, turned out the discount didn't actually deserve the hype nor excitement, meh

  • Nice first post dude!

  • 145 stores of no price jacking since 10% tax came into effect.

    • +2

      Except Australian stores already had GST before July 1 …

      • For a while some Asian sellers were listing their stock as coming from 'Darwin'. I'm surprised that they're not doing it again because then eBay wouldn't charge GST and the sellers wouldn't be breaking any tax laws because they're not liable for GST anyway and therefore not avoiding any taxes.

        • Yes, I was wondering about that. The government could potentially hold Ebay to account for that though.

        • Stock coming from Darwin doesn't have to charge GST?

        • @sssx: If it comes from Australia, the GST would be included in the price and it's collected by the seller, but if it comes from outside Australia, Ebay adds it as a separate component, and Ebay is collecting it.

          So if an international seller claims to be Australian they're claiming to Ebay that they're charging GST when they aren't, so no GST would be collected.

        • @mattythecapybara: I know my geography is bad, but I'm pretty sure Darwin is in Australia …

          Ah, wait.. Asian sellers OUTSIDE Australia listing items as being in Darwin. So the seller collects GST instead of ebay collecting the GST, then seller does a dodgy and doesn't pay the GST. Right, had to think that through a moment. Thanks.

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