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[NSW] Liven $20 off $40 Spend @ Ho Jiak (Plus 15% LVN Cash) Limited 250 uses


Hi there, Ho Jiak!

Authentic Malaysian Street Food.

The streets of Penang await you. It's taken over 80 years to perfect this combo of Chinese recipes and Malaysian flavors. and here it is.

We're very excited to be welcoming 2 Ho Jiak locations to Liven. Earn 15% Liven Cash every time you pay with liven!

Sydney: Haymarket, Strathfield.

Time to brush up your Malaysians?

We're giving all Liven users $20 Liven Cash to spend at Ho Jiak when your bill is $40 or more. Just enter the promo code above.

Welcome! or as the locals say it, selamat datang!

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  • Expiry 25/8/18

    • Got it! thanks!

  • No Ho Jiak in Melbourne :(

  • +1

    Time to brush up your Malaysians?

    Ho Jiak is not Malaysian.

    There is no Ho Jiak near me but if you are going to have a name like Ho Jiak, it better be good very good.

    There was a place near me who called themselves a Kopi Tiam, I was so excited to go only to be met with Asian infusion food. I contemplated arson for the next 48 hours before deciding petrol and a gerry can was too expensive.

    • I found it average.

      • I retract that 'average', which was for Strathfield. The Haymarket branch has a different menu (more expensive; different chef?) and I tried the $25 deal that is currently available. Comes with a main from a selection, a small portion of three sides (e.g. 2 small satay skewers; satay was fantastic), and any drink from the Kopitiam section (including the $8 Milo Bandung…heh). Note that if one person at the table orders this, all other diners have to as well. This worked with Liven — I had two dining so worked out to be $50-$20-$7.50 (15% off, future credit) — but just check before you order anyway. Food was quite delicious. I am usually not that sold on nasi lemak but I enjoyed the chilli jam they used. That said, were you talking about Pak Hailam? If you were, your standards seem pretty high (my standards are really low when it comes to SG/MY food now) so eh, might not meet yours.

        Was tempted to try their $39 Indomie Buttermilk Truffle but…someone let me know how it was if you tried it!

  • Time to brush up your Malaysians?

    Why? Are they looking all scruffy?

  • This place is good… but $40 is a lot to spend :S

    • I agree for 1 person is; perhaps better value if you bring some colleagues (and split the bill) or fam.

  • +1

    Just a reminder that if you are a new user and $40 seems too much for a restaurant like this, then you can always use a referral code which will give you $10 off with no minimum spend — and you can also use it at any other Liven place instead, not just Ho Jiak.

    The link for referral is above.

  • How does the 250 limited use work? Is it the first 250 ppl apply the code or first 250 ppl actually use the code the pay?
    Do we actually know if it reach the Max limit before we actually pay for it?

    • I believe it is the first 250 people who apply the code.

      • scrypton is right, it's the first 250 people who apply the code. Once you have the code in your wallet, you can use it any time before the stated expiry. The deal has already been reserved for you. No need to worry.

    • Thanks for the reply. Good!

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