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i saw this bonds trunk deal on groupon and i can't seem to find out how can they discount them by so much if they are genuine? Woolworths/Coles after 50%, sells these for $11 and they are selling them for around $6 each.

Do you think they are genuine and i should buy?

Link to the deal:

Groupon Trunk Deal

Chat result with groupon:

vivek: is this genuine bonds underwear?
Sundaravadivel P: Thank you for contacting Groupon. My name is Sundaravadivel P
Sundaravadivel P: Hi, I will check the deal information and let you know in two minutes.
Sundaravadivel P: Thanks for your patience.
Sundaravadivel P: Yes it is genuine bonds only.
Sundaravadivel P: Would you like me to check anything else for you?
vivek: no, that
vivek: s it
vivek: thank you
Sundaravadivel P: Thank you for choosing Groupon and have a great night! In future, to best assist with your request, we recommend you to Live Chat with us. Our chat support is available from 6.00 AM AEST to 1.30 AM AEST ( including weekends).

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    Yes, they are genuine
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    No, they are not genuine.

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  • -1

    Does it really matter that much for underwear even if they weren't though?

    • wouldn't you want to know whether the stuff you are wearing is genuine cloth or something dodgy which could have chemicals and stuff in it?

  • Woolworths/Coles needs to pay money for a storefront so prices may be inflated because of that.

    • Even the bonds website isn’t that cheap, so storefronts can’t explain it. Especially since Groupon will take a large cut from the sale of these. At least 25%+ since there are regular 15% + 10% cashbacks. So how can these be so cheap?

  • Probably expired underwear.

  • +2

    where is the deal?

    • POST DEAL!

      • here is the deal:

        Groupon trunk deal

        I have also added the link in the topic discussion at top

  • here is the deal:

    Groupon trunk deal

  • Buy them and add XMAS code at checkout for further discount.

    • but are they genuine?

      • as genuine as you want them to be

    • add a poll

      • done

        • lol @ your live chat

        • did you buy OP?

  • +1

    Just putting it out there, but these aren’t the normal trunks Woolies do half price at $11, so that’s a start.

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