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[PS4] Sega Mega Drive Classics $24.95 @ PlayStation Store


Reduced from $47.95 - good price for a game that came out under two months ago. Maybe not a good price for games that came out 30 years ago that you already own on every other platform… up to you I guess.

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  • Decent deal, still have a hundred other versions of the games and I barely touch my PS4 so I'll pass, but @Sega, had you put the damn set on Switch I'd have day one'd it.

    Also why the (profanity) don't they ever put OutRun on these sets? Sure it was an arcade game first, but the MD port was solid, and there's several sequels / spinoffs on there too, not to mention the Ferrari bullshit is never explicitly stated, it's just a shiny red sports car, there's no legal reason I see why they couldn't release the game again, hell, I forgot they actually did on the 3DS not too long back anyway so god damn dudes.

  • Wonder Boy in Monster World is enough reason to buy it for me :)

  • I’m only interested in a few games so $25 is a much better proposition.

    Thanks OP.

  • Is this the same games as the one released on the PS3? Still have my copy on the PS3.

  • I like how their store page doesn't list the games. "Including over 50 titles"…

    I had to google it, here's the list: https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/03/14/sega-mega-drive-c...

    • They don’t list the games because most of them are, how shall we say it…crap. And if you read a long list of games you’ll never play you’ll end up concluding, “Why would I pay $50 for a lot of games I’ll never play…”

      All the Sega/Atari/Arcade etc titles on all platforms have done this over the years…you’ve had to google the games list because they’re largely depressing.

      • Or only good for nostalgia, but you wouldn't want to spend more time than getting that feeling.

        Some things are meant to stay as memories :D

      • As a big SEGA fan, you just made me roll up my sleeves.

        I would say a lot of those games on the list were fantastic for their day, some just haven't aged as well, especially to those that aren't suffering from nostalgia.

  • For those with VR, this is getting free VR update. I think that is worth a buy.