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20% off Everything in Stock / 25% with $100 Spend (Free Shipping >$99) @ Koorong


This deal is back and is valid until August 3, 2018.
Discount is in store and online. Free shipping over $99 and 25% off on orders over $100.

Conditions are:
Offer valid Thursday 26th July - Friday 3rd August 2018 (AEST).
Discount available for items currently in stock only and not valid in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.
Does not apply to eBooks, eAudio Books, gift cards/vouchers, tickets, licences, NETT priced items, donations, bookstalls, backorders, prepaid orders, or Pages Café purchases.
In-store discount applies to cash, credit card, EFTpos, PayPal, cheque (Koorong Members only), and gift card/voucher redemption purchases only.
Items cannot be set aside for customer pick up.
Online orders must be paid for at the time Or order via credit card, PayPal, or gift card/eVoucher redemption only to receive sale discount.
Shipping rates are calculated after sale discount has been applied.
25% discount only applies to orders of $100 or more and Koorong Reward Points are not earned.


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  • Jesus that's a good deal!

  • Thanks, I've been holding out for a deal on the "Spiritual biography of Donald Trump" for a while now.

  • Yep, plenty of jokes to be had here but my younger kids absolutely love Veggie Tales so I've picked up a few of the DVD's. Cheers :)

  • Most self help books are available cheaper second hand imo

  • To be honest this isn't really a deal because of my deep seated hate and fear of anything Christian. I have a constant need to make snide quips about Christians behind my keyboard so that my atheist friends think I'm cool and get upvotes.

    Ironically I wouldn't have the balls to make such insecure comments if the deal were related to Islamic or Buddhist religions. I apologise, it's a mental illness I'm battling.

    • Spotted the Christian

    • I'm happy to bash all cults mate, it's simply stories to control the masses. I don't only speak my opinion behind a keyboard either.

      • I'm happy to speak out against mass-controlling cults too. I doubt you'll find any of their literature at Koorong though…

    • Yes, the liberal western Atheists matra - to attack Islam or Buddhism is racist, but to attack Christianity is sport…

      • Not all Atheists are Leftists…but yes, there’s s lot if that

        • True that not all Atheists are leftists (although I said the more generic 'liberals'). Equally not all leftists are Atheists. I consider myself "leftist" in many ways - more likely to vote Labor, more interested in support for the needy than big business, etc.

          I cannot reconcile how the hard right conservative in America is supposedly Christian and votes for Trump. I think hard right Australians voting for Pauline Hanson, Corey Bernardi, etc are far less Christian influenced. What we are missing in this country is a Christian Greens party…

        • @papachris: Greens ? With their anti-Christ principles can never make the cut. Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives is closest to being Christian.

        • @jims2020: If you believe Bernardi's principles to be Christian, I suggest you read the Gospels. I don't believe the current Greens are any better, hence my suggestion of the need for a Christian Greens party - with Christian morals, but with strong support for the environment and the future.

          Christ was NOT conservative 2000 years ago, and I believe neither should we be today…

        • @papachris: lol religious and political, you guys must be fun :P

  • Reported to the mods, this is a dupe of the very first deal on OzB.


  • This is a great offer. I am placing an order for myself and my friend on Systematic Doctrine by John MacArthur. Offers me a 25% discount and free shipping as the order edges me above the $100 mark for an extra 5% discount. For people looking to learn Theology systematically and get a good understanding of sound Christian doctrine, this is a highly recommended book. The next best prices on the internet for this book was nothing less than $70 - $90 mark.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. Did some reseaech on this book and will probably get one myself and gift another to my mum.

    • Thanks for the recommendation.
      I also suggest Charles Hodge's Systematic Theology: The Complete Three Volumes (I purchased from Amazon Us for a couple of US dollars). It is very old but classic.

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