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[Amazon Prime] Star Wars Black Series Darth Vader Electronic Helmet (Prime $141.09) Shipped @ Amazon USA via Amazon Au Global


Cancelled my pre-order @ EB Games due to late availability (around August release, instead of this week) but they asked for full payment now, minus $50 deposit. WTF!!

Went to Myer online & placed an order couple hours ago, then within an hour my order is cancelled. WTF??

I knew Amazon did advertised this helmet last week for $200 RRP, lo and behold today it is priced for $141.09. WOOOTF???!!!

Without Prime: $211.99
Elsewhere (if you are lucky): $199.99

Not sure if it sold directly from Amazon. I just click and ordered.

Dunno stock level, so… go grab 'em, boys!

EDIT: Sold by Amazon US. Hmm
EDIT 2: Too excited, forgot the details:

  • Realistically detailed interior and exterior reproduction of Darth Vader's iconic helmet
  • Multi-piece, adjustable fit with collar piece, mask piece and hood piece
  • Collector-grade quality helmet with iconic and accurate breathing sound effects
  • Collect other items from the Black Series to expand any Star Wars collection (each product sold separately)
  • Includes : Darth Vader Helmet, helmet stand & instructions

Weight: 2.7 KG, brace yourself.

Random pick YT review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcj7AXY8ZcI

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    WTF deal…!!!

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    IThanks OP, this is perfect for my Ozbargain moderator jobinterview.


      I will just use this while driving to intimidate those mobile users & chicken drumstick munchers, or any other idiots.

      PS: why Mighty Ape association is showing below? WTF

      PS: Thx Boss, for the fix. :)


      At last, we can reveal ourselves to the Jedi.


    It's been priced for this much for a while, Myer had it for $149 last weekend.
    This is cheaper + cash back.

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    Impressive, Most Impressive.

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    "Went to Myer online & placed an order couple hours ago, then within an hour my order is cancelled. WTF??"

    Noooooooooo, that's IMPOSSIBLE!


    Sold out at that price

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    I was so excited about this helmet for such a long time. My black series Stormtrooper helmet is such a beautiful thing (apart from not really fitting my big head). I've been in to some many EB Games stores asking about the Vader helmet this since it was announced… it's a bit ridiculous.

    Then I saw some better shots of it, and some video, and while the internals are cool, the proportions and look of it are just awful. I just can't bring myself to buy it. It's not much better looking than my 10 year old Darth Voice Changer helmet.

    Long story short, my new Efx helmet arrived last week and it is gorgeous. Direct lineage to a mold from the original A New Hope helmet. And really not much more than the $200 I almost paid for this disappointment.

    I got it from Popcultcha (https://www.popcultcha.com.au/star-wars-episode-vi-a-new-hop...) for ~$360 with free shipping with coupon code GEETROIT (you have to sign up and log in first).


      It just… too beautiful.

      But the price tag. :(


        I know, who needs two kidneys? Great price for what it is… and they have AfterPay so I haven't paid anything for it yet ;)


      I've got both the efx a new hope Vader helmet and the hasbro black series one. To be honest, the hasbro one looks fine in person. The pictures on the net, the side by side comparison videos, are what make it look bad. On its own, physically in your hands, it's pretty dam cool. The breathing noise is very accurate and loud too!


    It was showing the mighty ape one…didn't see the amazon option at first.

    Good price OP.


    Received mine today but what is this a Boomerang or something?

    Distributed by OZ, send it to USA & comes back here.

    W00T M8???!!! FACEPALMINDEED!!

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