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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C 20000mAh (QC 3.0) $26.99 Delivered @ gbd-online eBay


Further price drop from the previous deal thanks to Snacky, haven't seen it cheaper yet. Free shipping available for eBay Plus members.

Input: 5V 2A / 9V 2A
Output: 5.1V 2.4A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A

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  • +2 votes

    Great price….I just can't stand the bulk and weight of it….

  • is it able to quick charge both devices?

    • +2 votes

      You mean have 2 devices plugged in and quick charging both. No. It can't do that.

  • Thank you. Keep going guys. We really wait for it to be $25 or less. Thanks so much

    • +16 votes

      If you're waiting for it to be $25 to save $1.99 then you really don't need one.

  • The powerbank wars, begun they have.

    • +15 votes

      Call of Battery: Modern Bargains 3

      • +4 votes

        Call of Battery: Infinite Charging

      • Hopefully the battery will be as good as the game!

        Has anyone got one yet to test capacity? I've bought power banks before that had capacity that was greatly exaggerated…

        • Legit (because there are a lot of fake ones) xiaomi power banks has close to if not exactly to the mAh power capacity.

          Don't be fooled by other powerbanks claiming x capacity but is way too small compared to other similar capacity powerbanks.

        • I have not got the battery, but I have got the game(s) and have not been a fan since CoD4.

        • @xoom: Thanks, will grab one to test!

        • Have the same one charged up my mi max back in the days more then 4 times 4850mah still had charge.

  • let the war begin. . good price find op

  • I bought one last week, from a previous deal. Was shipped quickly. However, the Power bank does not claim QC 3.0 anywhere on the product ot the packing.

    Contacted the seller to clarify, have not heard back despite two messages. Still waiting.

    No QC 3.0 logo alongside the USB ports either, like they usually have on QC equipped devices.

    Can someone confirm?

  • Dam, mine from the other deal was delivered today. Good price OP.

  • No USB-C = No thanks! This is mid-2018 for crying out loud.

  • Great deal bought 2 last week for 30 each and 3 month ago from dick smith for $55 dolalrs, can charge my iphone 6s up to 7 times.

  • Would this be suitable to give a laptop/2 in 1 a little extra juice?
    Already got the 10000mAh version though..

    • I wanna know this as well

    • Doubt it can charge the laptop. You will likely need a powerbank with power delivery feature.

      • It has a USB charging cable (one end USB, one end 'special' USB) - does that make any difference?

        Might try seeing if the 10000mAh one can charge it first.

        • You are talking about usb c. its one thing to be able to plug it into a laptop but quite another to get it to keep up charging the laptop quicker that the laptops battery depleting. Only power delivery so far can do that.

        • @xoom: no it's not USB C lol - it's literally a standard USB with a little extra bit to stop you plugging it in the wrong way.
          But I get what you are meaning.

  • Why does the image in the link say its actual output is only 13000mAh? Is it normal to have this much of a delta between advertised and actual?

  • Always as a guest, I chosed to join today because the order I received today is a FAKE item!!!

    The link on the product authentication label is http://chaxunmi.cn which looks like a FAKE website. I am a web developer by the way. So I google it and find the
    real link from xiaomi is https://www.mi.com/verify/languageselect/. My order failed the authentication on the real link. I am going to lodge a complaint through ebay.
    Good luck anyone on the same boat.


      Long answer short. They both genuine.

      http://chaxunmi.cn is for China Version

      https://www.mi.com/verify is for international version

      So if some of you received international version, the package and manual inside are all in English.

      If you still think its "FAKE", simply use the "Fake" code verify in the "Real" site, and the "Real" site will tell you its Authentic Xiaomi Product with "1" queries.

      Then you use the code again in the China site, it will tell you its Authentic Xiaomi product with "2" queries

      • What is the difference between the China version and International version? Do you only stock China version? The one I received is a China version.


      And you have mentioned your code failed the authentication on the real link.

      I wish that you can provide me your code with photo. Also step by step screenshots to show us how you lodge the authentication on the site.

      Please also allow me to use your code to run an authentication process as well.

      I will screenshot every steps I have done and post it back to you

      • Here are the photos you requested


        And again regards the chaxunmi.cn, whois lookup, based on my best knowledge, chaxunmi.cn is a fake domain, chaxun.mi.com is the real one.

      • And if you click any link on the http://chaxunmi.cn, it is always display the same page which is ridiculous.

      • And if you compare the captcha image, you will find it is different.

        <img ng-src="//captcha.hd.mi.com/captcha?style=digit&amp;service=my.mi.com&amp;=1533205036237" height="40" src="//captcha.hd.mi.com/captcha?style=digit&amp;service=my.mi.com&amp;=1533205036237">

        <img src="../data/code.php" onclick="this.src='../data/code.php'" class="checkcode" align="absmiddle" title="点击刷新" id="verifyImage">


          You re right that chaxunmi.cn site looks like a fake site

          I went down to check every model of the Xiaomi power banks we have in stock. They are all http://chaxun.mi.com by the way.

          Can you please message me on eBay showing you purchased from us. I just want to make sure that the power bank you received is from us, date of purchase and model of the power banks so I can investigate further. I am not trying to solve the problem between us 2, feel free to post our conversations here.

        • +4 votes

          thanks for the proof of purchase on ebay, although we cannot find any stock in the warehouse that you mentioned. We have refunded and resending one 20000mAh 2C with "http://chaxun.mi.com" to you.

        • @GBD-Online:
          Happy ending.

          Sorry for the late update because the ozbargin rules: New users and/or overseas users can only post 5 comments per 24 hours.

          evidence as the genuine buyer but address removed for privacy reason

          ebay messages between me and seller

          Seller:Thanks. I have no idea hows that fake one from us. Please see photo attached of what we sending out to our customers. However, refund will be issued shortly and we will send you one for free.

          Me: Thanks for your prompt reply. I have no idea either but I did receive it today. I accpet your solution because it's too good to be true, to be honest. It will be good if I am the only victim. Do you mind I post our conversation on the ozbargin tomorrow? Ozbargin stopped me today because the strange rules. New users and/or overseas users can only post 5 comments per 24 hours.

          Seller: Yes. I hope that you re the only victim as well, as we selling a lot of xiaomi power banks everyday via different channels

          Anyway, 1yr warranty still stands, if the power bank has any issues, feel free to get back to me. ebay will not show the record of purchase after refunded, so if you have any warranty issue, you must mention my name. and I m XXX
          Tracking number will be XXX

          Me: Refund received. Thank you for keeping your word.

          Seller: np. If you have tools to open the powerbank, I wish you can do me a favour and open it up to check what cells were used inside the powerbank

          As for the real Xiaomi Powerbank, they use Japanese or Korean 18650 Lithium Battery only to build. LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sanyo etc.

          Fake one will not use Jap/Kor batteries, they are expensive

          we were one of the first who brought 18650 lithium batteries into Australia. So I know them very well. They cost ~USD3 each cell. thats what make up the cost of the powerbank

          Let me know if you can help. Cheers and good night

        • @GBD-Online: I just checked my serial and I'm getting the this message, "The security code you have queried does not exist. Please check it carefully and re-enter it!". Looks like another fake from your stock. I have message you on eBay.


          @Fernley: Hi, can you please send us photo of the authenticity label?

          I have personally check every single carton 2 days ago, none showing sign of fake.

          I will look into this issue with you. Cheers,

        • @GBD-Online: I have sent you the labels via eBay message. Thanks for your help.


          @Fernley: ebay message replied

          No problem mate, the official site is



          I have done one of the codes you provided and its all good

          Thanks for buying from us.

        • @GBD-Online:

          Have just read the comments in this thread and am very impressed by the customer service response shown by GBD Online, in dealing with the fake unit that slipped through.

          Great to see this happening in this case at least, in stark contrast with Zapals who havent bothered responding to either email I have made to them regarding their products getting damaged in transit due to being poorly packaged.

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