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KFC - 24 Chicken Nuggets for $10 (via App)


Just received a notification from the KFC app.

24 nuggets, $10.

In app purchase only.

Expires 7/8

Check Colonel's Table.

Edit: possibly excludes WA and QLD

Description taken from @cb01 post.

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    Not showing up in wa

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    Just beat me to posting haha. :)

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    app purchase only.

    Why do they keep promoting the app when a lot of stores don't support it.

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      At least in Melbourne, the amount of stores that don't accept the app now is very small. They have steadily added stores over the past few years.

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    It shows up in the Newsfeed, but not under The Colonel's Table which I'm unable to add into cart.
    Any thought?

    • Try another store, maybe that one is not participating. Or maybe still havnt updated the store deals
      Edit. Seems as though Queensland and WA miss oit

      • It just show up in the App. The store is located at Brisbane North.

      • WA works

      • Works for the Caloundra. QLD store

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    Bring back 9 for $9.95

    • I miss the sweet sesame crunch

    • save 5c ?

  • How come I got notified 22 minutes later? Not fair! Haha

  • As they are the same price at the moment, which nuggets are better? KFC or McDonald's?

    • maccas spicy nugs > kfc nugs > maccas regular nugs > hungry jacks nugs

      • My taste is completely the opposite :))

        HJ (+spicy sauce) > KFC > Maccas

    • I say you should try both. You see people liking one and hating the other.

      I like them both. Just want the bargain :)

    • KFC!

  • What's the content of these nugs?

    • Chicken.

    • Kentucky Fried Children

    • It used to be predominately bread and chicken bits ground up… but that was years ago. When nuggets were dirt cheap.
      These days its 100% chicken breast… and the prices reflect that.

      That's why these nugget deals are so good… actual chicken nuggets!

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        are you sure? I'm still put off by this Jamie Oliver video!

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          well, like he says, "if you're hungry, you'll eat it."
          applies to any food.

          so what if it's mashed up chicken bits? at least it's being used and not just chucked out.

        • @tdw:

          "Food waste is bad"


          "Using every last bit of the animal to make food is gross"

        • @Rubi: there are many cultures worldwide that eat every part of an animal. get over yourself.

  • definitely available in W.A. All three stores by me have 24 for $10.

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    The $10 deal last Sunday for 15 wicked wings was much better value. KFC nuggets are always kinda soggy (or at least, underfried).

  • Just had, not bad, wouldnt eat at full price haha

  • Works in WA for me

  • 24 nuggets for $10 at the same time as the $2 large chips! What a time to be alive.

  • For anyone having trouble finding it on the menu:

    Select a different store to your favourite store, then go back to your favourite store and it'll be the first item under Colonel's Table.

    I initially thought my local store wasn't offering it (didn't come up under Colonel's Table), so I changed stores but then double checked the old store and it popped up again.

    Combo it up with a large chips for $2 (directly under the 24 nuggets) :).

    Can confirm ACT region has deal on offer (well at least Gungahlin, Fyshwick, and Queanbeyan does… didnt check the others).

  • I eat these like popcorn