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Lenovo ThinkPad E485 (AMD Ryzen 5 2500U/ 16GB Ram/ 256GB NVMe) $999 @ Lenovo


free ram upgrade. So upgrade from 8gb to 16gb saving $125. but you have to change it yourself through customizing tab. 125gb storage more than the previous deal
cashback 10% from shopback so total will be appx. $900 Only 4%

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  • No deal here really…

  • So you save $125 with the RAM upgrade, but it's $200 more?

    • no. its pretty much just the same as the previous deal, adding 16gbram and 256gb storage configuration. 809 is 8gb ram and 128gb storage, extra $200 for extra 128gb storage and 8gb ram.

      • Which is necessary because?
        I'd rather save the $200 and upgrade when I actually need it. Even then it most likely won't cost me $200 to upgrade.

        • some people needed it. this is what oabargains all about. also it was a great deal because there was 10% cashback from shopback yeaterday.

        • @fattehhbunnehh: a real Ozbargainer would've got this + a 240/256GB SSD (~$50) - not sure about ram prices.
          I agree $899 is a good deal, but $999 isn't.

        • @pennypincher98: ram prices are 130 +- ye tru since the prices of ssds are dropping. i was thinking about that too. but there is a slight chance of your warranty being voided if u disassemble your laptop. so in the end the extra bucks are paying for the convenience too

        • @fattehhbunnehh: yeah that's true, ram prices are through the roof atm. If someone is needing 16GB ram then I'm assuming they knew a bit about computers. Not too hard to disassemble but yeah I agree it's paying for convenience.