This was posted 3 years 1 month 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Zoolz Cloud Storage - Lifetime of 1.5TB Instant Vault and 1.5TB of Cold Storage US $74.95 (AU ~ $101.09) via StackSocial


Store 1.5TB of Instant Vault data & 1.5TB of Cold Storage data for life, w/ no additional costs

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    Dead link and no prices. update?

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      welp apologies. that update was just as fast as my first comment. sorry about that.


    There is no data, only zoolz?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.


    The 1+1TB was a great deal at $45usd - unfortunately sold out.


      Not sure how paying anything for 2TB er "lifetime" is a great deal when you can get more for free.

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        How? Sounds like a great deal others would like to take advantage of…


    This is what I got when last time I posted even a better deal from the same guys

    Some people kept arguing that the business will not survive another month back then. I wonder how ignorant people can be sometimes.

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      Well that's my concern about this deal, not knowing anything about them or the previous deal. And it's still a risk. Any business that gives lifetime access to a service that has ongoing running costs is at increased risk of going out of business. That makes it harder to trust to look after my data. Who knows, maybe they have a healthy monthly subscriber base and this is just a spruik. Or maybe it's like a Ponzi scheme, where they require a continued stream of new lifetime subscribers to keep the doors open. They will run out, and subscribers will be abandonded.


      Too risky for me.

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        Well, It has been more than a year since I posted this deal. Looks like the company survived way more than a "month" which most people doubt would.

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          The problem is
          1) It is unsustainable, so you wonder how they cover costs? (My guess is to mine your data?)
          2) If they do fail, trying to move all your data is a big job.
          3) T&C's

          Fair Use Policy

          if BigMIND believes that you are using our service for business or commercial use, BigMIND will require you to switch to an appropriate BigMIND Product or Service. This may result in you having to pay BigMIND additional fees for use of the appropriate product or to terminate your purchased BigMIND

          BigMIND determines business use as excessive backup of media files e.g. photos or videos in excess of 500GB

          If BigMIND believes that you are breached our Fair Use Policy and the user has not switched to a Business Service, BigMIND will allow the user 14 days from date of first communication to retrieve their data before deletion of the users account and data.

          So it's 500Gb for media, and 1Tb for spreadsheet & word docs

          On this Reddit thread one user @jonboy345 claims

          The backup client is s… Uploaded roughly 20GB in 5 days on 1gig fiber.


      Another month isn't realistic considering most businesses will burn cash for a few years before giving up.

      I wouldn't expect them to be around in another few years, or at least they will eventually put lifetime users on yearly plans.


        It is good to share your opinion. That is what makes OZB better. But if you look at my previous post an year ago people negged purely based on their feelings without any valid reasons, news articles provided.

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      I've been using it for about four years now, I think. Still just fine.


    I have been using for a couple of years. No issues whatsoever. Never rely on cloud backup as only option, just asking for trouble.


    Re free 2 tb storage… sounds good Diji1, do you have a link. Thanks


    Wow, that is a cracking price!

    I paid (gasp!) four times as much for a 2TB ‘Lifetime’ pCloud plan which certainly isn’t as restrictive as the Zoolz plan. I can put pCloud on all my desktop and mobile devices and also host a web page on it and supply sharing links to a public folder.

    I also like the fact pCloud is a ‘big’ company, so hopefully won’t disappear anytime soon which seems to be a (perhaps?) unfounded concern with Zoolz.

    And… I’m not gonna hand in my OzB badge for paying so much for my choice! :-P

    But, damn, that’s a bloody good price!