Renting Infinity War Digitally in 4k in Australia (and More Broadly, Any Movie)

I heard Infinity War was released digitally. I have a 4K TV and chromecast ultra. As far as I'm concerned, I'm ready to go.

I want to get access to the movie legally, and I do not necessarily want to own it. I'd be happy to watch it again, then let it drift off into the ether.

However, I'm having a particularly hard time finding it for rent. In fact, even if I want to buy it digitally, the best I could find was $25 for a HD copy through Google Play. Which surprised me, since I would of thought I could get a physical copy for around that much. I should note, I'm not unfamiliar with digital content not being any cheaper than physical, as I buy a lot of video games.

I seemed to find a bunch of options for Americans to buy 4K movies digitally, but the service seem absent to me in Australia?

I don't want to discuss the NBN, I don't want to discuss getting a VPN to take advantage of overseas deals and I don't want to start sharing Thanos Did Nothing Wrong Memes (though let's face it, he didn't). I'm quite simply wondering what options there are in Australia to rent (or if necessary, buy) movies digitally, 4K being ideal. Right now, I'm interested in Infinity War. However, this is certainly not the first time I've tried to find a 4K movie legally and failed. Any recommendations?


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    The BEST way to find where to watch something locally is It lets you filter and sort by what you have access too aswell so you can exclude services you don't use or pay for. If you're prepared to pay it's $19.99 when I looked on Google play and iTunes but that's about it.

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    Americans have access to 4K digital movies becuase in a lot of states they have access to super fast internet….

    We don’t have the capacity in Australia because our leaders don’t believe people use the internet and “need the speed”

    Maybe wait till JB has a deal on DVDs and buy then.

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    I have a 4K TV and chromecast ultra. As far as I'm concerned, I'm ready to go.

    You might have to wait for it to come out on Blu-ray to watch it 4K at home, and then you'll need a BR player.

    I know you said you didn't want to discuss NBN, but the fact is Australia's internet infrastructure isn't at a level where digital online delivery of 4K content is a viable business model, which is why it doesn't really exist here yet.

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      We don't have as many options as the US but I don't think it's to do with our internet.
      We can use Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes (via Apple TV), Google Play Movies, plus others I'm sure, all to watch 4K movies digitally.


      I don’t think that reason cuts it really. Especially now that we have over 7 million premises ready to connect to NBN and Netflix recommends 25mbps for 4K streaming. A significant percentage of us have the ability to get internet that can stream 4K Netflix. There’s some content on Netflix. I think a lot of people don’t have 4K TVs. And Foxtel sets the bar very low with quality and value for money, which people here accept for some reason. We get ripped off with exclusive deals to content for Foxtel where other countries are for some reason more happy to have the same content across different providers. Netflix is slowly helping to change this for us though luckily


    Infinity War isn't out in 4K yet. Digital or physical.
    It is only out digitally in Full HD.

    Google Play Movies should have it in 4K when it releases here.

    Everyone answering saying we can't get 4K movies because of our internet aren't answering the question, or just using it as an excuse to rant about the NBN.

    When Infinity War is out in 4K, we will be able to stream it in 4K, be it via iTunes or Google Play Movies.


    Digital release is generally available earlier than the physical release which is set for 14/08.

    You are right, you can't rent it now digitally only purchase for $25. Same price on itunes at the moment.

    Unfortunately there aren't any options other than to wait until the 14/08 and they will have the rental options available.


    I'm google/android centric but I suspect that iTunes via Apple TV has more 4K titles for rent. Can anyone confirm?


    You will have to wait until the 15th to rent it.