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Schick Free Razors @ NAB Melb (Docklands)


Schick razor giveaway van is at NAB Docklands (Melbourne)

Giving away 3 & 5 bladed razors!

Come grab them!

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  • i picked up a few at Southern Cross last week… Do i need some more ???

  • Apparently also at Australia square 30 minutes ago doing the same thing (source: email from a friend who was there)

    • Where's that ?

    • Sydney CBD

      • That's a long walk from Docklands…

        • feel free to put it in a new offer…

  • Yep as above, they are currently handing out Hydro 3 and Hydro 5's at Australia Square (Pitt St side)

  • WTF with twice in VIC just in a week?
    What about SA? Don't be racist with us Schick and others states! :/

    • +2

      lol is SA a whole new race? i only thought Tasmanians were.

      • I though Tasmanians were a different species not a different race. :S
        You have confused me diamondtouch1.

    • +2

      Most South Australians don't shave…

      • +2

        is that mean VIC & NSW are the 2 hairy states in the nation?

        • +1

          yes, that's why we need lots of free razors…

          in fact, Joooolia should introduce another levy to subsidies replacement blades for Victorians and New South Welshmen (and women…)

        • feeling good with a sense of humour coz we're not gorrilas :)

  • Yeah, nothing in QLD (BNE)

    //Sarcasm// We Queenslanders' don't need these fancy razors, we have "Croc Dundee Knives"

  • Please grad one and post to me…