expired [Pre-Order] Kogan 32" Ultra HD 4K VA Monitor (3840x2160) $429 Delivered @ Kogan


Was in the market for a monitor and found this - deal is starting on the 22nd. I couldn't be bothered to wait but this definitely is the cheapest 4k VA monitor I could find. That said, I'm not sure what quality Kogan monitors are, but this may be worth it if you are looking for a 4k monitor.

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    Price in title plz


    price would help…


    What deal?


    Keep in mind 12ms response time so I would not buy it if you're a gamer.


      Yup, one of the reasons I decided to not buy this - I wanted an IPS / VA with at least 75Hz refresh rate but this one is the stock standard 60Hz. Other than that the specs look impressive for the price

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        What res are you looking for? I have been looking at monitors a (profanity) recently and could make some suggestions.

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          Thanks mate - after many hours of looking over a week, I settled on the HP z27n G2. Waiting for it to be delivered.

          I had a set of requirements that never seemed to come together without an exorbitant price. I wanted a QHD 27" IPS or VA with at least 75Hz with USB C connection and with either FreeSYNC or GSync. I read 4k on 27" was too dense a PPI and one that some computers struggled to scale accurately. Colour accuracy was important but I also wanted one with a refresh rate that could at least get to 75Hz for the occasional times I do game. And hopefully USB C so I wouldn't have to worry about plugging in multiple cables and adapters on my laptop.

          At the end I had to forgo FreeSync or GSync but I think I can live with it. What baffles me is the amount of BS you have to wade thorough to get to the right specs and of course most retailers don't have a standard way of disclosing all the important information.


          Need a cheap IPS panel to replace a 24 inch TN 1080p 60Hz panel I got for under $70 delivered.

          I can fit up to 29/30 inches maybe.. more if i move my lamp off my desk and put different lighting on the wall.

          Basically looking for anything with better brightness and viewing angles and possibly more refresh rate but not too much dunno honestly

          1080p is fine but if the jump in price from 1080p to 1440p or 2160p is not much I may consider that for 4k youtube/netflix and some low settings gaming (1050ti) dont need max everything just the resolution by itself is nice but yeah am wondering maybe if an IPS panel would suit me better as I do view it from a bit of a downward angle but head on.

          I have a special use case scenario in that I use it for almost anything you can think besides video and photo editing atm and colour accuracy honestly is not that important to me tbh as long as my games look good and work well smoothly I am fine.

          Don't need speakers but do not mind having another alternate source.. like switching between sound sources sometimes go figure.

          but yeah running an AOC 2450 right now got it second hand from gum tree very cheap so am happy with my purchase.. single monitor setup right now not sure if I will expand to a dual setup or triple down the line for racing but it is an option/idea.

          Assume that I may be upgrading to an 8700K 1080ti or very near equivalent in future especially with new cards from nvidia coming out

          Always happy to hear others recommendations and compare to my own and other recommendations especially with TV's and monitors as it sometimes hard to keep track of all or both (speakers, other pc hardware imho is much much easier)


    I imagine it's a TV panel they've repackaged.

    But I'll be interested to hear what they're like once they start shipping them.

    This does appear to be the normal price though.


      Spent quite some time trying to find a one with decent spec - this is definitely cheaper than most for the specs. That said, its Kogan and I'm not sure if that factors in to the equation when it comes to quality / reliability. We do have a Kogan TV in the house and its pretty decent and is great looking to boot


        There are 31.5 inch 4k VA panels used by Phillips, AOC, and Viewsonic among others. I would imagine that this would be the same panel, but possibly with lower standard or quality assurance.


          Yeah… Only have experience with Kogan TV in the past. Was really bad. The VA panel had really bad colour shift. To be fair, I can see colour shift from old Samsung MVA panels too, but the Kogan TV I had was far worse.

          Other concerns are (1) adaptive sync - is that AMD FreeSync? If yes, FreeSync on which port? One of the HDMI ports? (2) Obviously no HDR, but at this price, you probably cannot expect HDR support. Not going to purchase any Kogan branded devices due to bad experience in the past.



          Guessing here: FreeSync is usually handled over DisplayPort. FreeSync over HDMI is possible, but not that common.

          And yeah you're not going to get HDR at this price point, let alone good HDR.


    I want to hook this up to my consoles like Xbox 360, Wii U and PS4. Will this be good enough to play games?


    4k 32” under $450 ….not sure what va looks like compared to other ips technologies but for a non gaming monitor it looks good, my viewsonic was $330 and that was only 32” 2k and doesn’t have tile or height adjust.

    any body see better deal than this for same specs ?

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    Honestly I have been having some issues with Kogan and their monitor. Purchased their 24" 144Hz gaming monitor which was advertised support AMD FreeSync. Purchased a second hand graphics card only to face a fuzzy snowy-like static screen (like those you see when tuning your tv) and gave me the scares that there is an issue with the graphics card. The graphics card still had warranty so got it replaced by the manufacturer - only to realise that the replacement also had the same effect!

    Purchased a new FreeSync monitor from AOC which runs perfectly fine using the same ports - thus leading me to realise it was the cheap Kogan monitor all along! After 1 month of dealing with their slow and unresponsive customer service - I finally was able to get them to send me a return request to their depot - and now 2 weeks later still haven't heard back.

    Anyways, I will always try to stay away from Kogan products now and will try to get my money back for the hassle they put me through :(

    FYI - the monitor was only purchased in March.


      Which freesync monitor did you get from AOC? I'm also looking at that brand


        Got this one mate: https://eu.aoc.com/en/gaming/products/g2460vq6

        Been great so far so would recommend it. Was thinking of buying it before the kogan one but the advertised '144 hz' hooked me in (can't really see much difference between the two tbh - 75 hz has worked just fine).

        Only issue with this monitor is that it doesn't have a DVI-D input for some reason like the kogan one did - only a Display Port, HDMI and VGA. At the moment I am using the display port to enjoy the freesync technology :)

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          I see. I'm looking at this one :
          It's a new monitor so I can't really find any info on it which scares me but YOLO


          @Lolno234: That actually looks really sleek! Only thing that would hold me back is the lack of VESA mounting like the other model does (I have a gas mount for a dual-monitor setup). Also the 5ms refresh time - but difference would be minimal even on games between that and 1 ms (its just a tad bit more responsive). Also it doesn't have speakers like the other model does.

          But yeah nice find man, pretty cheap too especially considering its 3 year warranty! :)

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          @knight321: It seems perfect for me since I haven't got a monitor arm nor the money for one, never have used monitor speakers (or any speakers for that matter, I don't remember the last time I used speakers at all in anything) in my life and 5ms is just fine for me as I'm not really that keen on gaming thanks to my absolutely horrendous Perth internet. That 4ms difference is really not my biggest problem when I have 500 ping most of the time :D. My biggest requirements were a good looking panel and 75hz, both of which are included in this and I get the bonus of freesync which I can utilise with my rx480.
          Also found this voucher code that brought the price down by $10 getting me that for $170. I think it's a pretty good deal but like I said I'm so (profanity) scared about not only the quality of the brand but the product itself since I wasn't joking when I said it was new and couldn't find info on it. Hopefully my experience is as good as yours.
          Also PLE suck ass but sadly they're still better than the joke they call MSY and other than them two there's really nowhere in Perth to buy PC components IMO. I'm concerned about how they handle warranties since half of my orders have gotten cancelled as they never even had the item in stock. If this was something else I would buy online but the delivery costs for monitors in Perth are just laughable.
          I'm glad PLE offers such a long warranty span but at the same time it seems something that's too good to be true and scares me.


          @Lolno234: The good thing is that although you purchased from PLE - you would contact AOC directly instead of PLE for issues. AOC is pretty reputable from what I know so should not be a problem. FYI the warranty is actually offered by AOC not PLE - hence the extended period. But yeah very nice find, hopefully it works well for you! :)


          @Lolno234: Scratch that, their website says "3 Year PLE Standard Return to Base" whilst the place I purchased mine from: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/24-AOC-G2460VQ6-LED-FreeSync-Gam... states:

          Three-Year Warranty
          AOC stands behind the quality of each and every monitor with a generous three-year warranty starting from the original date of purchase. Within the warranty period, any AOC displays with manufacturing defects or faulty components will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge. Read the complete AOC warranty statement for more information.

          That doesn't say anywhere that I need to contact the seller first…Well I hope not :D I would therefore stay away from PLE as they could be worse than Kogan XD

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    The only thing worse than a Kogan TV, a Kogan monitor. Honestly, buyer beware, they will only give you store credit if you are unhappy with the purchase. I bought a Kogan TV recently and it's quality was abysmal, and it also had defects in the panel which prompted a return. Best case scenario you get store credit, worst case scenario they try to send you a replacement lemon.


      I'm not sure it's their choice under consumer Law if the product isn't fit for purpose?


        I'm not sure to be honest. I've read the ACCC laws on it and they say if its a major fault you are entitled to a refund. In this case yeah the panel had what I can only describe as ink blotches on it. So I in this case I'd say thats a major fault but they might argue its a minor fault. Im still waiting to hear back about my refund claim, but I've requested store credit at the very least and I'm hoping they dont fight me over it.

        I just found this information in the ACCC brochure:
        A consumer is generally entitled to receive any refund in the form of their original payment. For example, if they paid for an item with a credit card, it is reasonable for the seller to give the consumer a credit card refund.It is misleading for a seller to insist that a refund be issued as store credit.

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