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LG G3:55” $1999, 65” $2499, 77” $3999, 83” $4999, C3:65” $2399, 77” $3299, 83” $3699 Delivered @ LG (Partner VIPs)


Long time lurker, first time poster. Found this amazing deal for LG OLED. G3 is prices are absolutely a steal. I bought C3 77 for $3499 a week back. Looks like VIP membership has different prices.

Looks like only with LG Partner staff deal.


This deal is open for VIP accounts for CBA, Westpac, Newscorp (and possibly other partners) employees.

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    Must be a different VIP

    The one that’s on my account is showing $3779.11 for the 55” G3

    • 55 g3 comes up for me at $4199

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    not showing up for me. even the VIP prices are way higher.

  • +8

    VVVVIP only

  • If this real, come back to me asap!

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      I can see these prices on my account

      • is your VIP account through CBA ?

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    Not for me unfortunately. How does one get VIP?

  • I am VIP and .edu member and the 77 inch G3 is $6425 for me

    • My local TGG quoted me $4575 but I still think it’s expensive.

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    Damn so annoying they pumped up the edu prices last night

  • non VIP price is like $8000 for the G3 :|

  • Does G3 come with tv stand?

    • +1

      I bought a 65” G3 earlier this year and it came with a stand

  • My Sony bravia literally went kapoot a day ago and good timing to get a new tv. if any one is prepare to share their ability to buy, please reach out to me.

  • Seems like an unobtainable deal…

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  • How does one get a VIP code?

  • Hey OP can you buy the whole squad and let’s do meetup and bring our 77’s 🤣🤣

    • +5

      Tonight on 9 News, a man was found beaten to death outside the back of his van in the parking lot of a woolies, in his hand was a stack of printed receipt for several 77" LG televisions. On each receipt appears to be handwritten usernames of OzBargain users.

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        Like, OLED blacks level dark

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    OP do us a solid and share the CBA VIP code…

    • Sorry there is no code. It is only the login.

      • +1

        But there’s an option to upgrade membership presumably you would have had one otherwise how do you activate a VIP account? Is it tied to CBA email domain or something?

          • @ParanoidAndroid: Thanks, so just to clarify 100%, you received no generic code to upgrade to VIP? You just registered with your CBA email and then there was an option to upgrade with no code?

  • +30

    Employee benefits should be excluded from deals. Or else you would see 50% Samsung phones discount posted by Telstra employees monthly. This is unobtainable for the general public.

    • -6

      So you are telling students benefit should also be excluded? Westpac customer and the gov’t ones?

      • +3

        I dont believe company employee discounts belong here because they would (or should) be getting promoted in their own internal communications platforms. These deals arent available to the general public.

        If a deal is available to new customers of a business, then it seems reasonable to promote it.

        Student benefits arent available to everybody but is a very decently sized part of the population are students. A lot of these deals are missed because theres no clear single communication where these deals would be communicated, and its hard to establish one because theres no clear owner.

        • +2

          Your second point, i.e. deals being missed is why I personally prefer these targetted deals being posted here.

          There are no "internal communications" for affiliated deals. It's similar to how one day JB sells Iphone 15s for one price, then selling them the next day for another. Our hard working community are the ones who check those site regularly and post it here.

          • +2

            @sh4hp: If there arent internal comms for such things, then I would suggest starting them internally, at the intended audience.

            Right now, the majority of OzB is stuff thats open to the general public. I would generally like to keep it that way.

            I dont want to encourage these posts because it will mean that Ill have to mentally filter each one to figure out if the deal is even applicable to me. Yes, there are some existing cases where this already exists (e.g. edu), but I dont want more.

            My point is simple. Use the appropriate tool for the job. If OzB really wants to go in this direction where its encouraging private deals, then empower us to filter them out, at the front page.

  • So… basically this is a deal for CBA employees?

    • Sorry Mate . I don't know. When posted I was hoping majority can obtain it.
      There was another person said he can see the same price. Not sure whether his is part of CBA.

      • +1

        No worries, I would have jumped for sure.

        Lol, the 83 shows as $11k for me!

  • Thanks OP, my partner works for CBA so I was able to get the VIP pricing.

    Can't decide between the 83 C3 or G3. I've heard the G3 doesn't have MLA…..

    • If 77 go with G3. 83 yes it not MLA.

      When I bought G3 was around 5.2K. I am using C3 and it is bright enough.

    • 77" 100%, the main reason you'd go with G series over C is the MLA.

      If you're after 83", might as well go with C3.

      • Thanks, we'll be sitting approximately 4metres away so 77 will be too small, hell even 83 is probably too small at that length but i dont have the money for anything bigger.

  • +2

    So has anyone other than the op been able to take advantage of this deal?

    • -3

      Did you read before posting this? Lol.

      Look up ahaha

    • Yes - I had family who work at CBA do it for me. Got the "83 C3 OLED at $3699

  • Looks like it's targeted for CBA employees only with no link to upgrade path to VIP (unlike last month's HSBC deal)

  • Good deal. Just bought the C4 65” for $1,899 but it’s not widely attainable.

    • CBA?

    • Same, we must both be members of the "not widely attainable" club 😉

      • Haha yea maybe. I didn’t want to break any rules by saying its name

        • I didn't think there was rules I just don't want it flooded so it impossible to get anything 😂

    • That is an insane price, through vip LG as I’m seeing $3605

      • It's not VIP. G4 65 Was $750 more ($2650) but didn't see the value in it vs the C4 although also good price.

        • what type of account/access do you have? is it LG employee discount?

        • Though LG? Those prices seem very low for the new range

    • this is what I would like but I do not know any cba people : (

    • I would love to know how you managed to get $1,899 for the C4 65"!

  • +1

    65” g3 for 2499. I’d be an idiot not to buy this.

    Thanks OP.

    • My local TGG had it on clearance for $2531 so it’s not that hard to get similar price if you ask around (provided they still have stock).

  • I guess these prices maybe coming to major retailer soon.

  • Damn! Wish everyone could get it, I reckon I could convince the girl we need to upgrade our old 65" Sony Z9D for an 83" C3.

  • -2

    My Mrs works for CBA. How does she get access to this deal?

  • +1

    For CBA staff, access through staff deal app or portal.

    • Just signed up. Don’t forget to log in and log out to see the prices. You’ll see the VIP symbol top right

    • How do you do this? I am staff going through the StaffDeals portal but can't seem to find a way to link into LG. Search for LG or LG Australia doesn't return any results.

      • Go to “tech”
        It shows as LG Electronics Australia
        This is on the “staff deals” app at least.

        • Thank you!

  • Not just CBA, i work for a subsidiary of newscorp and i can see the same VIP price as the OP. Also pretty sure westpac employees have access to LG VIP too.

    • +1

      worked for westpac got 77 G3 for 4k

  • I’ve been waiting for Samsung 85” qn85 or qn90.

    Would the c3 be much better?
    Honestly never looked as they’re so much more expensive

  • Hi guys, I am CBA staff but not sure how to get access to this deal. Do I just sign up to LG membership with a CBA e-mail address?

    • Check mystaffdeals?

      Maybe grab a JB Hi-Fi business account while you're there too.

  • somethings up with the vip pricing today for non CBA staff

    the 77" c3 and g3 are more expensive than the c4 versions?

    the one i had in my cart for ~$3800 is now few K more

  • -6

    CBA employees make so much money anyway. Why do they need the cheapest deal ever on G3's?

    • -2

      everything works that way :(
      celebrities getting free meals at restaurants
      retirees getting cheap houses
      wealthy people in general statistically having less expenses

    • not their regular employees eg loan processing officers or credit officers or cashiers etc

  • How does a CBA employee get the is vip discount? Through an internal web portal?

  • Anyone know when this deal will end? My wife returns from LSL at CBA on 6th May

  • LG G3 is a smartphone in my memory somehow.

  • Looks like heaps managed to get the deal.

    How about the two crying above that this deal is not for “general public”

  • +1

    Doesn’t seem to be stock for any of the 65 inch unfortunately, would have snapped up the g3 for that price

  • Looks like the C3 83 is out of stock. Funnily enough my local good guys is clearing out all their c3 stock, the 77 c3 was 3400, 83 c3 was sold out


    • Still on my side?
      Using a Brisbane postcode it says stock available

    • hey mate.. what good guys branch is this? thanks

      • +1

        Good Guys Taylors Lakes. Not sure which model you're after but C3 83" was completely sold out when I visited yesterday and C3 77" had very low stock and is most likely also sold out

  • Oh wells. Still got the the 65 c1 but feels like i paid arm and leg

  • OP how do you know these prices. What membership do you have?

  • ok my mate in bankwest had access so got the 77" C3 as the 83" had run out :( but you can add Bankwest to the list of organisations that have access

  • Hi OP, could you please share how did you get C3 77 for $3499 a week back?

    • I got the 77 C3 a few weeks back for about $3404 using this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/838472 combined with 8% cashreward

      • The problem is prices are double that now on the LG VIP website if you signed up using an edu account that is

  • Just purchase a C3 83” in Brisbane.
    Still stock

    • whoa.. what branch? tia

      • is it online or in store?

      • Sorry still with the LG VIP.
        Other comments saying it’s out of stock but I made the purchase

    • For $3699? or cheaper?

    • Price?

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