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LG C9 65” Display Model?

Hi all. Just curious how much would you all be willing to buy a LG C9 65” tv for? It’s a display model. Have been offered from JB for $2700. Is this a good price? Update: bought the tv. …


expired LG 75UN8100PTB 75" UHD 4K TV $1850, 65" 65NANO86TNA $1790 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Original Coupon Deal Don't have a chance to check out the latest LG TV range in store and not sure how is it compare with the old model line. LG 65" LG Nano 8 Series 4K TV

LG C9 65” Edge Blackening

Hello, I recently bought an LG C9 65” and within a few days had noticed the bottom left edge was bleeding black on grey scenes. It is not noticeable on other brighter scenes. My question is: is …

Sony KD65A8G 65" OLED TV $3995.00 @ The Good Guys

expired Sony KD65A8G 65" OLED TV $3995.00 @ The Good Guys

Small special on this TV for 1 week. I believe the panel in this TV is similar to the 2019 LG C9.


expired LG OLED65CXPTA 65" 4K Smart TV $3798 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


This replaces the popular LG C9 OLED TV. Newly released and retails at $4495 at most retailers. This is priced at $3825 with the coupon code. Price is now $3798. Original Coupon Deal

Opinion for 65inch / 75inch Smart TV

Hi Guys, thinking about getting a Smart TV. Hoping to take your opinion please. I've attached image for Sony 65inch and Samsung 65inch from Costco but thought: Take opinion which Smart TV for …

TCL 65" P8S Android QUHD LED TV $817 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)

out of stock TCL 65" P8S Android QUHD LED TV $817 @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)

Was hunting around the Interwebs for a TV and came across this. Pretty good deal for a well spec'd 65" Android TV. Currently listed for $995 on their regular site. Technical …

Samsung Q95T 65' TV for $3k or The LG C9 65' around Similar Price?

Planning to buy a TV to replace my 6 year old $800 TV, so you can see I don't know much about TVs. A few things I plan to do: -Console gaming with my PS4 and PS5 when that's out. -Movie …

LG 65" C9 OLED TV $2900 @ The Good Guys (in Store)

expired LG 65" C9 OLED TV $2900 @ The Good Guys (in Store)

Spotted at The Good Guys Nunawading. Not sure if across all stores as it's still $3995 on the website.

[Refurb] Soniq U65" Ultra HD LCD LED Web 3D TV $619 (Was $1109) w/ Free Metro Delivery @ SONIQ

out of stock [Refurb] Soniq U65" Ultra HD LCD LED Web 3D TV $619 (Was $1109) w/ Free Metro Delivery @ SONIQ

Model: T2U65TX14A Purchase with Confidence We test and certify all SONIQ refurbished products and back it with our SONIQ Confidence 18 month warranty. Before we put a SONIQ Certified Refurbished …

(Samsung 2009 55 Series 6 Led), or Hisense 2019 65 R8 QLED, or LG C9

My viewing distance is 2 metres, and while I love my old Samsung 55 inch led,(even after 10 years)you could be convinced it's oled at times but it's not. My opinion on the current …


expired Panasonic TH-65GZ1000U $2695.50 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Original Coupon Deal Only 8 left but considered that close enough to sufficient quantity considering it's a discontinued unit that lots of people may still want. My (limited) research says this …

Sony X8000G 65inch or Sony X8500G 55inch?

I am looking for a good 65 inch or 55 inch TV within my budget of 1300. Have narrowed it to better quality x8500g or bigger size x8000g. But can’t decide between the two. Typical usage is watching …


out of stock Samsung RU8000 65" TV UA65RU8000WXXY $1185.75 + Delivery @ Appliance Central eBay


Original Coupon Deal UA65RU8000WXXY Samsung 8 65' 4K UHD TV last deal was $1248 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/UA65RU8000WXXY

Recommend me a TV (65" <$3k)

I'm looking for a new TV to help pass this lockdown period but there are way too many options. It's a fairly dark room and I'd mostly be using it for 1080p streaming, as well as 4K …

Bauhn 65" 4K Ultra HD TV $529 @ ALDI

expired Bauhn 65" 4K Ultra HD TV $529 @ ALDI

Just saw this deal in the Aldi brochure. Very good price for a 65" TV and, of course, Aldi's generous returns policy if you don't like it.

Budget Friendly 65 Inch Smart TV

What’s the best deal going on a decent 65 inch smart TV. Don’t watch a lot of tv so doesn’t have to be high end but I’m guessing it will need to have a decent picture not to look like crap …


expired LG OLED 65" C9 - $2995 Delivered (+ Bonus $200 Betta Gift Card via Redemption) @ Betta Electrical

Looks like the standard price for this unit is $2,995 but Betta are throwing in some redemption cards bringing the unit down to $2,795. Terms and Conditions for redemption

LG C9 65" OLED TV $2995 @ JB Hi-Fi

expired LG C9 65" OLED TV $2995 @ JB Hi-Fi

Back in stock at the standard special price! Perfect for quarantine movie and tv viewing. Breathtaking detail, amazing clarity and exquisite contrast offered by the LG OLED C9 TV must be seen to be …

Help Me Decide 65" TV - Hisense or Sony

Hi guys, I'm looking to get a 65" TV at the moment mainly to watch netflix and sometimes to play PS4 I've narrowed down my option to SONY KD65X8500G 65" X85G – manufactured …