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But if you call the ambo's three words is easier. Also business can add their '3 words' to their website (seems to be big in the UK) and...
06/06/2022 - 16:23
Thanks, you learn something new everyday!
06/06/2022 - 15:21
The app is integrated to waze/maps etc... so with the '3words' you can handover to your favourite nav app. Lol, I'm not easily impressed...
06/06/2022 - 15:20
Hi All, Just wanted to share this with everyone as it just seems like a brilliant idea. My friend is a paramedic in the UK, she got me to...
06/06/2022 - 14:12
Thanks OP. My son has this in his PS5 and its outstanding. I've just got another to add to the desktop, great find !
06/06/2022 - 11:39
No text yet, keen to see if its worth it when I do!
03/06/2022 - 15:09
Personally I disagree. I'm still stuck on oneplus, I love the slider on the side, I love to massively fast charging speed (wireless and...
03/06/2022 - 12:19
"Works for his shareholders" - That is literally what a CEO of a listed company is obliged to do.
28/05/2022 - 10:36
For me its simple, but in a good way. It does what I need it to do, the app is easy and if you need more 'points' adding its very easy to...
24/05/2022 - 08:04
Think you would prefer the TP-Link. Googles pro is it's simple & interfaces with the rest of the Google ecosystem. You can do most of what...
23/05/2022 - 22:32
They are, but you can edit what you need. Anything specific you want? I've installed a dozen of these for various people.
23/05/2022 - 21:56
tp-link are the new netgear. Good brand. I use the google nest three pack. Super simple to setup & fixed all the blackspots....
23/05/2022 - 21:52
This is true. I had a mate who worked on the docks unloading new cars. They had to be fast, they got driven off quickly. Accidents happen.
23/05/2022 - 14:09
I don't get, outside of bonus points, why I would do this above tap & go?
13/05/2022 - 15:52
I have to admit I have a problem buying wireless earbuds... I own too many on this list. The best one however is missing IMO, the best I've...
11/05/2022 - 12:50
100%. Telstra network, their support is equally as bad but luckily I never need them so all is good!
09/05/2022 - 17:15
Clive is the definition of the 1%, using his wealth to gain power to influence govt policy. Promise whatever he wants to get votes, with...
08/05/2022 - 08:14
Thanks OP. How do I buy at that price? Comes up for $129 for me & offers me $22 off with that code. I'm I missing something. Thank you.
01/05/2022 - 10:24
Anyone seen any deals on the S8 Ultra Tablets. On 'sale' at Harvey Norman, but I just can't bring myself to shop there
23/04/2022 - 09:03
Yeah, sizing is shocking. I'm a medium to large generally, depending on the cut, but with this brand I'm an XXL.
20/04/2022 - 21:58
My home has doubled in 8 years. I wish it hadn't, I wish all property had stayed the same so the kids of the day could buy a house. I don't...
14/04/2022 - 07:38
I can't recommend this, mine was unimpressive. I bought the GTR 2e from the recent deal, far better (screen, battery, chip etc etc). For...
14/04/2022 - 07:32
Generally it's a mistake people only make once...
05/04/2022 - 21:52
I will give you mine. Craig is my local MP and we are so ashamed as locals. Most people I know are going independent this time...
05/04/2022 - 14:29
Each to their own. We have a front loader & a double door fridge, both Samsung and both good products. The fridge is nearly 10 years old,...
05/04/2022 - 13:14
Are all these on their app or only on these printed sheets?
04/04/2022 - 22:15
We have the 77" G1 which I paid more than this for, its a stunning TV.
31/03/2022 - 15:00