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Get up to $35 OFF Scoot Fares with Promo Code (Eg Flights from MEL, OOL, SYD), Dates Aug-Nov, Feb-Mar '19


Travel Period: 13 Aug – 15 Nov 2018; 10 Feb – 30 Mar 2019
Blackout periods may apply over school holidays and event period

Sales Period:
Perth: (GMT+8) 0000hr 13 Aug 2018 (Mon) – 2359hr 19 Aug 2018 (Sun)

Gold Coast / Sydney / Melbourne: (GMT+10) 0200hr 13 Aug 2018 (Mon) – 0159hr 20 Aug 2018 (Mon)

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Scoot Airlines

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    Anyone used Scoot? Going to try them tomorrow for Singapore, do they have weird bag limits?

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      Yes CBR>SIN

      Bag limits are smallish - but you don't need much in the way of clothing for a trip to the tropics.

      They charge for pretty much anything they can (just in case you were thinking of sitting with your travel companion(s) - they'll charge for that too).

      Bigger issue is that they dropped their own aircraft/crew and substituted a leased Singapore Airlines plane/crew instead - all the extras ordered (meals, seating etc.) paid in cash equivalent, but 'refunded' as a limited voucher despite their call centre promising to send out a 'form' so that it could be repaid properly. Pretty sure that contravenes local consumer law.

      Caveat emptor.


        Makes sense, it was insanely cheap.

        I reckon these airlines deliberately split people up on flights nowadays, so you 'have' to pay to sit together.


          They usually wouldn't break up a family or travelling group on purpose. They didn't in my case and I never paid for seat selection on 4 separate flight legs.

          In Singapore they actually told me what seats were available on the aircraft and let me choose. They were quite helpful and friendly.


      I just flew them business class to Perth. They don't allow you to have headphones on in taxi, take off or landing 😢


    Used many times from OOL.
    they allow 10kg carry on . Rather than 7kg .
    Also using new 787 dreamliners …


    Update, used Scoot, super super cheap flight to Singapore with accomodation, just way cheap.

    No food on the flight (duh) however they didn't even weigh our 2 carry on bags (avoided using the check in to save $) - no water, NO WATER on the flight even, only for $4

    Many of the smart asian people were just going through customs with empty water bottles filling them up at the water station (genius) - worked in Melbourne, doesn't work in Singapore because so many people did it, the line was 25 minutes for water (no, seriously)

    ALso yeah didn't like being bugged to remove headphones during take off - but honestly, very very cheap. Seat not comfortable, but we must've saved $150 to $200…… for that, worth it. (unlike Jetstar, save $40 and get treated like dirt, weigh your bag to the closest 100 grams)