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[Steam] Insurgency - FREE (Normally US $9.95)


Permanent copy - Add to your Steam library and keep forever.

Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Very Positive reviews on Steam

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  • This is actually a fun game to play with a group of friends. There are a bunch of game modes to play. Sucks that I already own it but oh well.

    • Multiplayer only?

      • +5

        No, you can play Singleplayer: vs bots, Co-op: players vs bots or Multiplayer: Players vs Players

  • +2

    Would definitely recommend this game. Excellent fun, sort of half-way between Call of Duty and ARMA, even better with friends.

    • Friendly fire can also make for a hilarious game when with friends.

  • Thanks

  • +7

    So Insurgency Sandstorm has a 20% off deal if you own the first insurgency. Hopefully this counts!

  • Interesting the keep forever part. Steam isn't gog

  • +1

    One of my all time favourite FPS games, I would highly recommend checking out the steam workshop to replace some of the default gunsights.

  • +2

    We usually get the regulars with around 2000-3000 in game on most days. 32000+ right now

    • +4

      More game devs should do this before a new version is coming out, would really get the hype going for the second game if people like it.

      • There are quite a few dead multiplayer only games that companies are still charging money for, like Blood & Gold. They should be made available for free.

  • +2

    Looks like a nice game. +1 for Linux support

  • I LOVE this game, it's incredibly smooth and fun, and sandstorm is coming soon too which looks even better, even at $10 its a steal!

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