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[Windows 10] $0 PDF Converter Kit (Was $11.95) @ Microsoft


3.8 star rating. However I tried using it and it turns out pretty good.

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, Rich Text Format to PDF
    doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf to pdf
  • PDF to Word, Text, Rich Text Format
    pdf to docx, txt, rtf, xml
  • PDF to Images
    pdf to png, jpg, jpeg

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  • +4 votes

    Can't you just print to PDF?

    That's all I do. Or does this do more that my simple little brain can't comprehend?

    • PDF to Word

    • +4 votes

      You don't even need to use the print driver. Just 'save as' and select PDF.

      • I actually need a good suggestion for this for work. This method was what I had always done forever but recently at work this conversion can screw up some of our reports in terms of charts that can have really precise detail, afterwards the graphical fidelity jumps off a cliff. We found that "Print as PDF" was almost always superior to save as PDF in all cases but I have no idea why.

        • 'Save as' Pdf keeps all the links and reference data inside of the document as well, it is more better for documents with less pictures and more reference data like page of contents, hyperlink, list of table, text, font, etc. It allows you to 'highlight' text and other features and easier to edit later on.

          'Print as pdf' flattens the document then saving as pdf (equivalent to printing and then scanning it) so all reference data is gone. this option is best to give to the 'clients' as any 'hidden' data is gone and is usually a smaller file and faster to load up.

        • @PieKnight:

          Cheers, our reports are don't have any reference data and are mostly charts with a bit of text. Wondering if you have any recommendation on the highest possible conversion? File size/loading need not matter. Last time I looked into it Microsoft's Print as PDF was the best but it still doesn't convert things as much as I'd like.

    • Now with word etc you don’t event have to print, you can shoes to save as PDF directly without any add ons

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    Word, Excel, PowerPoint to PDF

    You can already save any document to PDF in these applications…

    • thats true. but can u do it the other way round?

    • Yes, this is the best way to export a Word document to PDF. It includes the hyperlinks for the TOC and references in PDF. External applications can't do that.

  • This app does it the other way round. PDF to Word etc. Thanks OP, got it!

  • I tried to find this company's website and couldn't. They - "SoftPard Tech" - only appear to have a Google Plus page. Doesn't look too trustworthy.

  • this appears to be their web page


  • IHMO, a far superior PDF Printer is BullZip - gives you all the export options you might need, exports better quality PDFs and the Community Edition is free for both personal use and commercial use up to 10 users: http://www.bullzip.com/products/pdf/info.php. I've used it for many years and it's never let me down. Yes, it only goes one way.

  • Any good options for PDF editors? Hate to have to pay so much 💰 to adobe.