expired $1.99 for HDMI Gold Plated Cable, also $19.95 for LCD/Plasma Wall Bracket rated up to 50" 60KG.


Three Awesome deals for you again today from eSOLD.

1: $1.99 for a HDMI Gold Plated 1.5 Metre HDMI (V1.3) Triple Shielded Cable, Buy from an Australian Company and get quick local delivery. $1.98 shipping on first unit and 99c for each extra cable. UPDATE: Only 300 of 1000 left!

2:Final Clearance on a Laser Portable Video Player with Brilliant Colour Screen and 4GB Ram at just $19.85, on last 30 units Left, Special for OZBargain subscribers only. You need to use the following special link to grab it at this price-> http://bit.ly/dXx6ec

3: $19.95 for Heavy Duty LCD/Plasma Wall Bracket rated up to 50" Screen and 60KG weight, also Tiltable. For a unit of this quality expect to pay upwards of $60 elsewhere

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    $20 for the TV bracket seems reasonable but what is the shipping on those.
    Shouldnt need to sign up just to see the postage costs?


    bought it.. don't know how good they will be, but my first time to buy HDMI cable


    Freight for the wall bracket to 2199?


    No paypal option that I can see…. despite their logo on site


      We had ANZ Merchant facilities added to our account recently and PayPal integration is currently being fixed, due to that. All trasactions are 100% secure and done direct through ANZ and we do not store or have access to any credit card details ever. eSOLD Australia Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian company


    Trying to buy 2 hdmi cables.

    Registered a new account 10 min back. I am still waiting for email confirmation to activate my account.


    Do you have slightly longer HDMI cable, say about 2m? Also what version are these cables? v1.3/v1.4. Can you provide more detail specs?


    Is the wall bracket worth the price + shipping?

    I know nothing at all on the prices for these, but this price seems pretty good against major retailers…

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      Not saying it is bad, however would you like to put your new plasma/lcd which cost $2000 plus on a $20 bracket on the wall?

      Again it may well be perfectly good and the same as other places, like Selby, but I would only personally buy something which I know has worked before for other people…

      You get what you pay for in most cases, again think about your tv


        This Bracket is Heavy Duty and because we import directly, we pass on the savings. We have sold over 1000 of these in the past few months without one complaint. Any problem and we will give you a full refund including delivery charges.


        Very true.

        However (and I may be wrong), I suspect its just like the whole digital cable scam…

        Retailers charge $$$$ for a cable that really should only cost $. And the supposable "High Quality" cable is exactly the same as the ones from OZBargain deals or EBay, just missing a fancy logo…


      We directly import them. and pass on the savings


    guys ur website does not use any SSL security certificate, so my credit card numbers will be sent in plain text, that plus the fact paypal is not connected…. means i wont be buying today.

    also would recomend ppl to think twice before entering their credit card details online in an unsecured manner like this.


    All the credit cards are processed directly into the ANZ Migs Gateway. We do not do it on our own site.


      what i meant was when i type my credit card number on ur site… its not safe till it gets to ur site, most probably clear/plain text. then i presume ur website/software enters it to the ANZ gateway and after that its safe.

      so why am i typing my credit card number on ur site… and no i tried just going without typing.


    It is 100% Secure as it is done on the ANZ Migs gateway.


    All trasactions are 100% secure and done direct through ANZ and we do not store or have access to any credit card details ever. You are transferred directly to ANZ Payment gateway to complete your transaction

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      Get SSL on your website… this is a bare minimum for any ecommerce shop and can be purchased for as little as $100 a year. Why wouldn't you add it?


        ANZ have checked out our site and we have designed it so that all payments go directly into the Migs Gateway. It has been done to their standards and they are 100% happy with it.. Otherwise we would not be allowed to process payments. Please check you facts first :)

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          clearly it's a concern for customers…..
          It's down to you whether you address it or not….
          Personally…. whilst I do need some hdmi cables, I do not have enough confidence in your site to make a purchase.

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          @andy19363 Exactly my point.

          @esold When I shop online with a new store I always look for three things.

          1 - contact information is easily available
          2 - ABN
          3 - SSL

          If any of those three things aren't available I move on. When customers are telling you "I would have bought it if you had xyz" why wouldn't you get it when it is so cheap and only a few clicks away from your web host?

      • -2 votes

        Funny, just checked WARCOM user history.. It seems like the negative posts are because he sells cables from his own website and can't compete. He has many listings on ozbargain. I invite you to do a search on him.. it seems he does this to all of his competitors to discredit them if he can. I think the moderators should check this guy out

        • +1 vote

          Agree. Its our users who can decide. Problem with reps commenting on other reps, is the perception that they are doing this to sink another business. So even if they may be correct, the perception generated weaken's any discussion.

          As mods we can have similar issue, eg if we see a comment that we think is against our guidelines, but it's in a post we have voted for, then how do people know if we are being impartial.

          Have emailed Warcom on this point.

          BTW Both of you, it's even more bad form for voting down others comments to which you are discussing.


          I'm not sure any of warcom's postings are negative, nor discrediting…. They seem more like sound advice to me that you would be wise to attend to.

          I am not a rep for anyone, simply a (potential) customer offering feedback…

          1. Your site claims to offer paypal…..you do not…. if your paypal integration is broken…. do not claim to offer it as a payment option until it is fixed….. people will be suspicious.

          2. Your site is not secure, and you are expecting people to enter credit card details on that site. Simply saying it is safe will not change that fact. You talk of ANZ being happy with it….. One might assume that ANZ are happy with it because they are not exposed to risk.
            You need to either secure your site or ensure that credit card details are not requested until the next 'stage' of the payment process via the (presumably) secure ANZ payment gateway.



          Warcom to their credit has now removed the negative votes on the comments

          Your comments were not at issue

          The point being is if we have two reps fighting each other no one can tell if the discussion is valid or competition.

          Go into a store and they tell you how bad the other store down the road is, do you think much of the store. Yep if it confirms what you know. If it doesn't it looks bad. Thats all



          two reps fighting each other

          Just observing that I didn't see any of warcom's comments as negative, (I can't say anything about negging each others comments, as it only shows who votes positive). Seemed more like advice to me. Ziad was the one who originally highlighted the security issue, Warcom offered a solution.

          if we have two reps fighting each other no one can tell if the discussion is valid or competition.

          Hence my posting….. I am not a rep for either store, so offered feedback as an 'impartial' consumer. There are issues with this particular store that need attention, (there may well be with Warcom's store also…..I have never used it so cannot comment). It's something that the community should be aware of.

          It's unfortunate, cos I do need at least 3 hdmi cables, but I'm going to pass on this one :)


    ANZ have checked our site and are 100% Happy with the security. But if you still wish to order and do not trust the site, then please feel free to email : sales@esold.com.au with your order and we will give you our bank account details so you can direct deposit. I hope that helps you :)

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      not really….. If I am not confident about your website, then I am not confident about your business

      Sorry :)

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