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Buy a 'The Big', 'The Bigger' or 'The Biggest' Latex Pillow & Get a FREE 2pk of Pillow Protectors ($30 Value) @TLC Latex Pillows


Buy any pillow from our BIG range & receive a FREE 2 pack of cotton percale pillow protectors - selling for $30.00 on our site.
The Big - $85: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/big-medium-profile-talala...
The Bigger - $90: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/bigger-high-profile-large...
The Biggest- $95: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/the-biggest-high-tall-lar...
Pillow protectors - $30 - FREE: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/top-quality-cotton-percal...

These are genuine 100% all natural Talalay latex pillows. Pillow protectors will prolong the life of your pillow, and this FREEBIE equates to a 30% discount.

Simply put your pillow/s and your protectors in your cart & enter the code FREEBIE for your free pillow protectors.
Offer valid for 7 days only - to 24 August. Not applicable for discounted 2 packs or any other pillow type. FREE shipping Australia wide

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  • Good timing I was about to buy a latex pillow today.

    Who do you ship through? Do you need signature? Just wondering if I need to send this to a parcel locker?

    • +2 votes

      Hi SirFlibbled - we ship through Australia Post & despatch same day as ordered, or the next day if the order comes through late in the day. No signature is required. I hope this helps.

  • Can you remove this condition? Not applicable for discounted 2 packs or any other pillow type.
    I was going to buy 2 pack until I read that…


      Hello Gandalf the Thrify - i am afraid we cannot. We can't offer the reduced price 2 pack of 'The Big' pillows as well as the 2 free pillow protectors as well as free shipping or it will actually cost us money on the sale.


  • Thanks! What's the difference between the sizes? As far as I can see they are taller?

    • +1 vote

      The Big pillow is medium height & density, just longer than our The Classic Talalay latex pillow. The Bigger is slight taller, but the same medium density. The Biggest is taller and firm - a 'high & mighty' pillow. I hope this helps.

  • Awesome pillows- I got my two during the last sale and we love them!

  • Comparison with dunlopillo?


      Hi fredblogs - our pillows can be directly compared to the old Dunlopillo pillows. The factory that we manufacture our pillows in is the original Dunlopillo factory. Many people consider the original Dunlopillos to be superior to the current one and are delighted when they find our product. They are beautiful Talalay latex pillows.

      • Thanks for your reply. I have a classic Dunlopillo but I fold it over to get more height (side sleeper).
        Do you think high profile pillow would be right for me?

        Which high profile pillows are there on your site? I could only find 1.

        • +1 vote

          Our 'The Biggest' is our only true high profile pillow at 16cms tall. The Dunlopillo comes in various heights and densities - with their Classic being the same as our Classic. So with that in mind both our 'The Bigger' & 'The Biggest' are taller pillows, with 'The Biggest' being significantly taller & also firmer.

          You may like to give our 'The Biggest' a try - it is an incredible pillow. And if it is not right then you can always return it & exchange for 'The Bigger' or a refund.

          I hope this helps.

    • +2 votes

      I’ve had a Dunlopillow all of my life and was waiting for a deal to update. I saw these, read some reviews and thought I’d give them a go as I longed for a Dunlopillow like I’d had when I was a kid. Apparently these are made out of the old Dunlopillow factory, which I thought was in Australia but the label says “made in China” - like everything else in my house! I bought the longer one which still fits in a normal pillowcase - the Big. Both my hubby and I love them and given the choice, we’d buy these over the Dunlopillow even if they were the same price. We love the bigger size too - they are super comfy look better on our king bed.

  • Damn, was hopeful the classic was overdue a deal :-)

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for your message theyallexist - we have done a deal on 'The Classic' 3 times this year so thought we would try something new. Another Classic deal is sure to come around before Christmas.

  • Hi just received my big pillow and covers, very nice. Great quality and feels comfortable but the big is too soft for my liking. In hindsight probably shouldve got the bigger.