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Linksys SE4008 8 Port Gigabit Switch $29 ($14 Postage or Free Pick up in Store) Was $99 @ Scorptec Computers


Title says it all. I bought 1, seems like a good deal. It looks like an older unit but should do the job.
Catch has the same product for $119
A couple of Ebay stores have it for around $50

Product description:
Linksys SE4008 8 Port Gigabit Switch, 8x Gigabit Ethernet Ports, Stackable with the WRT1900AC, Power Saving Mode, QoS Traffic Management

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    $14 for postage !!


      Yeah.. I bought a couple of things from them which stacked shipping. You can pick up from store for free though.


    QoS Traffic Management

    How can a dumb switch do QoS traffic management? It does not make sense.

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      A "dumb" switch just means no management interface. It could still respect 802.1p tags if the hosts tag the frames. Might even happen if you have a dedicated VOIP device. That said, this is mostly marketing fluff - anyone who really cares would spend more on a managed switch.

      Quite often, these switches use the same switch chips as (cheaper) managed switches; they just don't have any way to program the chips for, e.g., VLAN support. You can even mod some of them.


        But how do you tell it what QoS rules to use if it doesn't have a management interface?

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          Layer-2 QoS doesn't work like that. There's no traffic inspection, there's no knowledge of the traffic destination or type. Heck, there's no IP packets!

          The ethernet frames can contain a tag indicating a numerical priority level (802.1p). Say your VOIP phone tags all frames leaving its NIC at priority 5 - those frames will take precedence over default priority 1 frames. Anything not explicitly tagged (either by the host or an upstream managed switch) will simply default to priority 1.

          A management interface would let you tag every frame on one port, for example. But that's not required - as long as something upstream adds the tag, this switch can process the tag.



          There's no traffic inspection
          this switch can process the tag

          Precisely. This switch will obey the tags, but it cannot manage the system (such as classification, queueing, and scheduling). The marketing material is a lie.


    Its now $39?

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    Got one thanks OP. I was using my router as a switch with openwrt. I had my eye on this switch but it was $50 on eBay. Now I can use the switch with my AP. BTW they updated the price to $39 now.


      Why would your router need replacing?


        Likely it only had 4 ports.

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        I'm using a Sophos firewall and a Xirrus AP. I was using the router but because I've got the AP and firewall, I no longer needed it as a router. So I just loaded openwrt and turned it into a switch with both dhcp and the wifi disabled.

        Now I just want to get rid of my router and replace it with an unmanaged switch. Router had 5 ports (wan + 4 ethernet) and this has 8 ports. Overkill for home!


          I have one of those 16 port unmanaged HP gigabit switches just for my room. If yours is overkill for home I don’t know what mine is


    stupid scorptec - back to the list of waste of time shops - good job!

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    Just a reminder this is Belkin, not mini-Cisco. May as well pay $25 for d-link or TP-link.


    Wow this device looks like one from 15 years ago.
    Looks like they are clearing stock from the back of the pallet.


    Anyone else get a call saying that their pickup was cancelled?

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