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70% off Replica Designer Lighting @ Sokol Furniture


Came across this when looking for a new light. Might be useful for anyone else looking for lighting.

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Sokol Designer Furniture
Sokol Designer Furniture

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    Shipping is exhorbitant

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    Bad reviews

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    They had this sale in April and I ordered a light from them that was later advised to be out of stock (even though it was showing as available on the website and confirmed as such over the phone shortly thereafter) - that light FYI is still on their website and showing as being in stock despite them not having it - just a warning not to get your heart set on anything as it might not actually be available. I placed another order just recently, for a different light, despite my better judgement (70% off is awfully tempting) and again I was notified the next business day that it's out of stock as well. (Because they are clearing out their stock and then no longer selling lights they won't get any more items in that have sold out.) They give you a refund but it takes 5-7 business days and the whole process (time invested in choosing and then not being able to get it despite it showing as being in stock) is very frustrating, and their website stock advice is clearly unreliable - they obviously can't be arsed updating items (although what they get out of a lot of orders they can't fill and have to refund is beyond me). It's probably easier to call them and ask first if you really want a particular item.

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      Brand new account created less than two hours ago with one comment only and suspiciously it is positivefeedback for this shop. Posted right after an extensive negative comment from someone else lmao.

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    I hope someone buys this

    • the replica Horse Lamp will certainly be a talking point in your home and OzBargain😱
      At that price, lucky it's 70% off!

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    This item is not an original and is not associated in any way with the original designer.

    So, what you are saying is that this site sells counterfeit goods? Are any of these designs licences or are they just blatant ripoff copies?

    Site also contains fake/shill reviews. “Kaz & Steve” wrote a word for word review identical to “Kathy”

    Negging due to fake reviews and dubious license on genuine products. Seems to be a major issue with this retailer. Fake reviews and fake counterfeit items. And if you can offer 70% off, they are a rip off in the first place…

  • In all honesty there are dozens of B&M shops around Melbourne that sell this sort of stock.

  • hmmm… I can't seem to find where to put in the code… OR has the discount already been applied?

    • at checkout, above where you put in post code for freight.

  • $999 for a replica light?

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