Samsung Galaxy S7 Latest Upgrade from Optus Has Bricked My Phone (1 Month out of 24 Month Contracted Plan)

Running latest 8.0 Android and there was a 400mb update come through it now is on endless reboot cycle. Have tried recovery mode and clearing cache. Have tried booting into safe mode no luck,and have formatted fresh and still won't boot.

Are Optus to blame or should I contact Samsung ? Not happy as it still worked fine and don't feel like dropping $500-600 on a new S7 or 8.

Any help appreciated.

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    What do you mean by 1 month out of warranty? As in it has 12 months warranty or? From my understanding while a company may give you a specific warranty you can soemtimes be protected under consumer guarantee that the device lasts a certain amount of time, I would guess for an s7 edge that might be about 24 months? Which means depending on how long its been you can probably still claim a repair or refund or exchange? I'm no lawyer or anything but I'm guessing if you bought it from Optus you should be able to bring it back to them, just make sure to read up on the consumer guarantee as I think they can technically tell you to pay (even though you don't actually have to) as I think its up to the consumer to state they want it under the guarantee (based on a recent court case with LG).

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    I'd contact Samsung and ask them for help on flashing a new stock firmware.


      Im on Optus live chat now will contact them after thanks Scrim !

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      I haven't much experience with s7 , but plenty of experience with fixing software issues on s5 and earlier.
      There should be an option to choose for "emergency recovery" in what was "Samsung Kies", but now I think "samsung smart switch" is the program used for newer phones.
      If it asks for a "key" to be inputed for access to emergency recovery, then Samsung should be able to give you the code etc to install firmware.
      Then you should be prompted with set of instructions for recovery/reinstall of software . It will probably tell you to put phone into 'download mode' which is probably hold volume DOWN, power, Home ..
      If it was a second hand phone that I bought and was software repairing, I would probably use a program called 'ODIN' and download specific software for phone online (SAM MOBILE website used to be great and FREE, but they seem to charge now) .
      If you use ODIN, then you need to make sure 1. Download correct for specific/exact model.
      2. Make sure you download specific for your network (eg. Optus or telstra or none etc)
      3. Probably have to download same or newer software . Though Im not sure if it is a necessity. Maybe it is OK to download older firmware, but usually things don't like to downgrade in updates.
      Note: When I mention "software" I actually meant 'firmware' .
      For a novice, or if unsure, certainly stick to the 'Samsung Smart Switch' official program, and contact Samsung for instructions and advice. ODIN program is kind of only for tech workers ie. Its much more compicated and easier to stuff things up.
      Samsung 'smart switch' is much more user friendly and shouldn't be able to make it any worse usinh Smart Switch. You just will probably need a code from Samsung to make the firmware emergency recovery work. Have your box handy, they will probably want the serial number etc of phone, before giving you support and the key code etc.


      I had a similar thing. They did it in the samsung kiosk. Very quick no dramas


    If its booting, then you just need to do a reflash of the latest optus firmware. Many guides around on the net


    Maybe your phone does not have sufficient memory to download the 400mb file - gets so far, runs out of memory so it starts the download again?


    I took my S5 to Chadstone Samsung kiosk when that happened and they replaced OS and luckily all the data was still there. Took ten minutes. I would start there.


      Im pretty sure they lied to you at that store, since "data was all still there" , then they didn't replace OS . Maybe they just plugged into computer, ran samsung 'Smart Switch' free program on laptop, and clicked 'update'.
      A full OS install would wipe data off (except for whatever is on external storage micro sd card) .
      I hope they didnt charge you much for what you could have done yourself at home in 10 minutes or less. It literally a couple of clicks after choosing "update" and thats it.
      Sounds like OP' phone is stuck in boot loop, ie, wont boot, and likely wont be recognized when plugged into laptop with Smart Switch free program running .
      Should try smart switch first though


        Hi, mine got bricked when updating. I'm not exactly sure what they did, but they didn't charge as it was under warranty and didn't take long, and all the data was there. He should try Samsung first. Hopefully they won't charge.

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