Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+

Looking to upgrade my faithful Galaxy s5 to an S9 or s9+

So many options it's overwhelming :(

Currently on Vodafone sim only $25 plan. Still have a few months left on contract but I really need to update asap.

Wondering if to buy outright, or a 24 or 36 month plan?

Don't ever use more than 10gb data…usually have wifi.

Do need unlimited calls and txt.

Prefer Australian phone version with Australian warranty etc , not korean or whatever version.

Any advice appreciated :)




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    Buying outright is cheaper.


    Yer buy outright (on sale/discount) and find plan/network that has data you want. Most plans are unlimited calls & texts these days.

    S9 vs S9+ is more about the size you like to hold/view and maybe battery life.


    outright and sim saves you more in the long run. the market is pretty competitive these days so plans are getting nice and cheap


    Buy outright. You can get the S9+ grey import for around $800 after cashrewards/shopback etc if you time it with an eBay sitewide sale.


    ok thanks. So it looks like an outright purchase.

    Does anyone have a good deal on (non-import) ? I got one of those once and it was crap, half the software was in Korean or something, and the phone itself felt like rubbish compared to my wifes genuine locally purchased one.



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