This was posted 3 years 1 month 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Optus Plans + $400 (Pixel 3, XL, Galaxy S9, S9+) or $200 EFTPOS Card @ Harvey Norman/Domayne/Joyce Mayne (New/Port)


Update 12/12:

$400 EFTPOS card for s9, s9+, Pixel, Pixel XL
$200 EFTPOS Card for anything else

Must be a new number to Optus or a Prepaid customer switching
Virgin/All MVNO included this time
Current Sim-only (postpaid) or upgrading customers excluded
Can be used with the current "10% off the Rateplan" port in offer
Pixel also includes the Bonus Google Hub
(10% off on ports only)
(EFTPOS cards are on new customers and/or ports)

Offer is also available at Joyce Mayne & Domayne.

Mod Note: The OP of this post is directly employed by Harvey Norman and is penalised for sockpuppeting, however the deal will remain published as it has a large number of votes and discussion.

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    10% off Optus plan + $400/$200 Eftpos Card Harvey Norman/Domayne/Joyce Mayne (New/Port)

    12/12 - 24/12

    $400 EFTPOS card for s9, s9+, Pixel, Pixel XL + GOOGLE HUB BONUS
    $200 EFTPOS Card for anything else

    • Must be a new number to Optus or a Prepaid customer switching
    • Virgin/All MVNO included this time
    • Current Sim-only (postpaid) or upgrading customers excluded
    • Prepaid to plan included
    • Can be used with the current "10% off the Rateplan" port in offer

    (10% off on ports only)
    (EFTPOS cards are on news and/or ports)

    • Wow they're throwing in an extra Google Home Hub for the Pixels? Damn… what about those who signed up over the past week

      Lol oh well… first mover = first loser here

    • Have the same question. Got a Pixel 3 yesterday, now feel like a fool.

    • Hi thanks for the update. Can I get a further 10% off on top with a student discount?

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    port out to voda sim & you can get the deal

    • Prepaid to postpaid is easier and usually works too.

  • Thanks OP, do you know if this include the Pixel 3 XL or just the Pixel 3

    • +1

      Yeah both sorry, will adjust.

      • Op, does it include Huawei mate 20 pro?

  • Do you know what are the cheapest plan they offer?

      • +1

        Thanks but your link is for SIM only plan.
        I think the OP is mainly applicable for $105/m plan for 24 months (200GB data allowance).
        Please correct me if I am wrong

    • +11

      Depends i guess. 69 plan for a pixel 3 64gb has $15 handset. So the math goes. 69*0.9= 62.1+15 handset. = 77.1 a month. Which is $1850 over 24 months. Less the gift card value is 1450. Less the phone value of 1199 is 251. 251/24 = $10.45 a month for 100gb of data.good deal. Do the same math with all the plans and phones to make up your mind.

      • +2

        $69 is a lease though.

        • +1

          They included the $15 extra to own the handset in their calculations.

          • +1

            @dazweeja: The phone may not be worth the $360 at the end of the 24 months too. Depending on wear and tear. ($15 x 24 months)

  • No iPhone?

    • Starts 12/12/2018

      • iPhone XS?

        • All phone start tomorrow with $200, check last comment on thread

  • $1188 gs9b 64gb - Bonus $200 EFTPOS Card

    Does that include the already bonus 200 eftpos card?

  • I assume that’s not on top of the $200 eftpos card they currently offering on s9?

    • +2

      Will ask for you

  • -1

    what about sim only plan

  • +1

    is it possible to port out Optus today then port back tomorrow or Sunday? termination costs is about 600 but worth it with 400 gift card and 10%

    • +1

      would like to know it tooo . I am on sim only plan. Cancellation would cost me 150$ but good deal with 400 gift card + 10% plan. I m looking at Pixel 3 85$ plan

      • It worked for me a few months ago. I port out to Telstra and then back to Optus after 2 days.

    • +1

      I couldn't do it, looked into that option. He said Optus have now cracked down on it and look to see how recently you haven't been with Optus. They want you to have been with someone else for at least 6 months.

      • darn :(

      • I read the same thing 2 months ago. But did it anyway on the iPhone deal at HN and was successful (port Optus>Vodafone>Optus). Could be pot luck…

      • They don't monitor it as far as I'm aware. And I did this a few months back and it worked. But the whole thing took longer than two days because Telstra were slow. In theory it should work in 2 days most of the time though

  • +3

    Thanks OP…do you know if this promo also includes iPhone XS/XR plans?

  • +4

    Any iPad Pro Plans?

    • HN doesn’t do iPad plans

      • Thought they did?

      • HN does all Optus plans including Ipads and fixed line/NBN, but this offer isnt included.

  • that's for 24 months phone plans only? no BYO? :(

  • That will probably include 12 months of free Netflix too.

  • +3

    OP straight to the penalty box lol. HN employee?

    • Employees make good commissions on those Optus plans… so he thought it was worth a try?

      • +3

        Don't try and fool us, if it's a good deal why not just declare yourself ( the OP)?

        • +3

          I believe it is for the below reason:

          This store is currently BANNED from store representative posts.
          Reason: Sockpuppeting (Rep only) Expiry: permanent

          • @Pielo: Yep - sucks. They did this to themselves though lol

    • +6

      Have a mate who works at HN


      • I know, I read that. But I can't see any other reason why the OP would have been sent to the penalty box other than opening a ghost account or sockpuppetting.

        • It's not like he mentioned specifically which store either to try boost his own commish too?

      • Yep, a workmate.

    • Didn’t they try the same trick for last year's December deal with the Optus/$200 eftpos card deal at HN ?

      The OP for that deal gave us a nice fairytale too

  • $60/month (equivalent) for the S9+ with 20gb is a decent sounding deal.

  • $400 harvey normal gift card??? Real world value is probably $300 due to inflated HN prices.

    • +3

      Not HN gift card, can be used as eftpos card.

  • +1

    Are the plans offered at HN exactly what appears on the optus web page? Wanting to know the cheapest plan that includes a GS9+ to own.

  • Where is the promotion page that mention about it?

    • +2

      In store, I checked and it is until the 24th

  • +5

    Hi guys,

    Doing this atm… But a few updates.

    $400 gift cards is correct and is Visa gift card for clarification, and is active and ready to use immediately.

    Also the 10% off is only port ins, not new number. The port has to have been active for 30 days prior so no tricks. 10% is only off the plan price not the handset repayment.

    Plans are same plans on Optus website.

    It's advertised in store and can be done now, I am ;)

    • So the gift card isn't limited to Harvey Norman only, and can be used anywhere that accepts Visa?

      • +1

        Yes that's rite, it's a multi use Visa card loaded with $400

        • Its definatley a EFTPOS card with pin to use anywhere - 24 hours to load

    • +6

      All this detailed info from yet another brand new member and first comment in this post. Strange.

      • Longtime reader first time contributer, not sure what your implying but I saw the post went to store to get the deal and notice a few missing details.

        • How dare you

      • Does it matter as long as deal is legit?..not sure what the fuss is all about

    • Did you ask about the $200 GC for Samsung phone offer? Would be madness if it stacked but worth a try!

      • Nah sorry mate I didn't

    • Is note 9 excluded from the deal?

    • How do they know the port has been active for 30days prior? My wifes sim only is under a seperate billing account but same name and cant data share so considering porting out for 2 weeka then taking up this offer but without 10% and netflix it kind of kills the deal.

  • +2

    Pixel 3 on a $85 plan + $3 for the handset comes to $79.50 per month. $400 gift card/24 months is roughly $16.5 per month.

    Effectively $63 per month with Pixel 3, with 50gb of data and unlimited international calls! Not bad.

    • Reading another reply here, the $69+$15 phone will cost $77.10, that's 100GB.

      The $79.50 plan you're referring to says 50gb with 25gb+25gb bonus data, so that's another 100gb deal?

      • +1

        You're right. There is a $84 plan with 100gb with no international calls.

        The one I am referring to is the $88 plan

        • +1

          Good detail, I missed that. Unlimited international text and talk is really good, especially if you know someone from one of those countries included.

      • -2

        100GB plan doesn't exist.

        • Feel free to check the optus website before you comment.

          $69 plan + $15 plan includes 100 gb of data.

    • I'm reading some bad reviews about pixel 3?

      • I just upgraded to a Pixel 3 XL from a Pixel 2 XL and am loving it. Great screen. no issues whatsoever.

  • Optus really seems to be offering competitive deals on Samsung lately. I wonder if Samsung’s trying to ramp sales up? Or if there’s another reason.

  • +1

    damn.. wished the iphones were included..

    • @crossconnect

      Apparently new model iPhones aren’t selling as well as planned. Especially XR so they’ll probably cut a deal with Telcos fairly soon to shift supply.

      • +1

        nice. thought this was the case. let the waiting game begin!

        • I doubt it will be as good, due to the difference in margins.

          • @BewareOfThe Dog: Apple's golden goose can be squeezed a bit hopefully before shareholders panic that it's dying of old age.

  • +1

    Does the Netflix deal still apply?

    • +1

      I would like to find it out too.

  • +1

    Just called HN ask about stacking $400 on $200 gift card for s9

    Was told no, the $400 is if you sign up for an optus s9 plan whilst the $200 is outright purchase of s9 phone.

    So wont stack.

  • would this stack with the amex HN credit ($50 off $350), which i missed:)? e.g. pay the full contract amount up front with amex cards. cheers.

    • What is the benefits of paying up front?

      • +1

        Price protection on credit card if you have it, or TRS

    • +2

      You can't pay Harvey Norman for a mobile plan, you pay Optus.

  • Will it be easy to sell the Google Pixel 3 XL 64 or 128 gb for $1000-1200? Don't really need the phone but can do with the plan

    • +2

      This is the minimum you should be able to sale for:

      • cool! thanks for that link!

      • Got the plan with the Google Pixel 3 XL 64gb Black phone.

        Now to sell that phone, I’ll probably sell it to mobile monsters as I’m pretty happy with their offer

        • hweita's link in for the 128gb which is like $200 more from MM

  • Where did you guys find $200 bonus for S9?
    On official Samsung web it only shows

    Bonus 512GB memory card valued at $349*

    Purchase a Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S9 | S9+ by the 24th Dec 2018 to receive a bonus 512GB microSD*

  • Does this stack with 15% off $125 plan?

    • +1


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