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Australian Strawberries 250g $1.29 @ ALDI


Australian Strawberries 250g $1.29 @ ALDI - On sale 22nd–28th August

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  • Got some really nice ones for $1.50 at Woolies today…

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      Cool story

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        I haven't told you yet the bit about the witch and the magic mushrooms.

        • Cool story

  • $0.69 at samcoco in brisbane from wed to sun http://samcocotrading.com.au/fruit-vegetables.aspx

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    $1 in wow.

  • coles selling Strawberries for 80c…

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    They were 99c at ALDI today…
    So a price rise is a bargain?

  • may we neg this deal now?

  • They've been $1 at Coles recently in Sydney.

  • Australian strawberries have far too much white on them. As a consequence I get my fresh Fragaria flown in from the Côtes-d'Armor Brittany France via Air Francais.

    • how much did that cost you?

      • about tree fiddy

  • I found the strawberries in Coles which are 3 for 5 are almost unripe and white inside. But the pack that’s for $3 was red inside, was sweet, and also had the beautiful strawberry smell. The brand was I think taste the difference. Both varieties were Australian strawberries

  • It's only 99c at Belmont Forum

  • This was 0.99c three days ago. I bought five with a jar of cream to make a wonderful Strawberry and fresh cream…

  • Woolworths have good strawberries, I think they are called pinata.

    Coles and Aldi actually stock the same brand, donnybrook and they are tasteless.

    Berry is a good brand of strawberry full of flavor, i think its part of Driscoll.

    A little off topic. Chicken in Woolworths is tasteless like cardboard, coles Lilydale chicken is good. The mince at Woolworths is low quality vs Coles.

    Coles croissants are taster then the Woolworths croissants maybe because they have a bit more sugar.

    Coles cashews & almonds tastier then Woolworth's nuts. Aldi nuts were the worst, just threw the packet away.

    In fact, I got moldy cheese from ALDI a couple of times and never trusted the QC for food in ALDI.

    I could go on… just my opinion.

    *edit spelling…

    • This should be on A Current Affair.
      No seriously you could give Tracy Grimshaw a run for her money lol

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      Nice heads up PK

      Agree about Aldi vs woolies brand peanuts but have always found aldi almonds & cashews fresh and excellent value normally. Aldi raw cashews when in stock are extra fat, tasty and much better value than anyones. Perhaps you got a punctured bag. I did once and the almonds had gotten stale so I always give the bag a squeeze to make sure it's still airtight.

      Never come across moldy cheese from any retailer, ever so for you to get it twice is a rare talent. We are not talking Brie, Gorgonzola or Blue vein here are we?

      • It was a packet with 3 pieces of cheese and 3 biscuits.

        As for the nuts it was a big value pack 750gr or 1 kgm

  • my local Coles selling 250g punnets for $1

  • Best deal I got was $1 for 1.5KG (17c/250g) @ Fresco big gun supermarket in SOuth Brisbane for anyone interested.

  • I usually buy all my fruit at aldi coz it’s really fresh. But the strawberries I saw there today looked old. Should of got them at woolies