Hyundai i30 2017-MY18, 30,000km- asking price -$18,990. Few of them around this price mark. How much to offer?

Hi guys, looking for a car for wife and want to know if someone has bought new model Hyundai i30 Active recently- new or used and how much have you paid? There are few around with dealers advertised for $18990 driveaway with 25-30,000km on them.

Also, same scenario for a Tuscon 2017 MY17 active x, around $25k drive away with 35-50k km on them. How much should one offer?

Thanks in advance.


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    I30 is what wife is considering more of.

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    How much is the cheapest one with that mileage?

    Right, just checked, $18,990 drive away is the cheapest.

    I'd say you'd have about $500 left on that. Can't afford to be the cheapest online and still have huge margins, doesn't work that way

    • Should i still offer less so as to have some room for negotiation?

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        Well I just suggested less, $500 less.

        What were you hoping for?

        • Sort of 17.5 to 18k.

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          Well he never implied in the original post if he wants to offer less or more. May be he knows the car salesmen are very honest people, one of the honest professions in Australia. He may want to offer $1,000 more for their service.. /s

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          I already got a reply 18hrs ago

          But thanks for such an awesome unneeded response.

        • @Spackbace: You are welcome Spackbace.

      • It’s $500 or 2.7%. Just pay it and drive away.

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      How does that help OP lol it's 4yrs older?!

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    Have you looked up red book for values of the cars? I usually do this to sort of try and get a ball park idea of what the car is roughly worth. Have a look around at what else is on the market and what is priced well. Also, might be worth considering private, as long as you get the car inspected by a reputable inspector, like RAA or similar.

    Sorry, can’t be of much help with specific price to suggest but that’s my thoughts. I hope you can find something you like :)

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      Redbook doesn't mean squat.

      The key is to check Carsales and check the cheapest, that's your baseline.

      There's so many dealers now who are just pumping cars through with a fixed-price sale, they don't give themselves the luxury of having huge gross.

      Buy cheap, sell cheap, move them through. That's the developing used car market

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        So more or less economies of scale? I guess sort of like Woollies and Coles in the supermarket business, just try and drive the little guys out and have the biggest turnover? Seems like everything is going that way.

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          Pretty much, just spinning them through to hopefully make money out of aftercare/finance/service

        • do they also try and off load their off brand trade-ins asap?

          when i was looking at 2012 Commodores the two best value ones I found were both Nissan dealers. one before had I sorted out my cash and was getting an idea of the market, and second one I bought. low kms, female country owner, great condition. they had traded in for an X-Trail.

          the comparable ones at the Holden dealers were 10%-20% more expensive.

    • In redbook it says 16400-18300 for i30 active.

  • I saw last one sold for $18250 private sale. But then it was only advertised price and not sold price.

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      Yep and stamp duty is $772.80, putting it in the same region as the dealers price ($19,022.80 drive away).

      And I'm guessing you didn't check the condition?

  • In driveaway price nowdays, do they come with one year registration paid by dealers or just 3 months?

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      No, whatever's remaining. Run the rego number through vicroads website to know what you're getting remaining.

      Driveaway means no more taxes/paperwork apart from what you do at the dealer.

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        I think most are unregistered may be as there is no Rego advertised.

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          Check the rego on the vicroads website. If it says expired, factor that into your negotiation

        • If it has 30,000km on it then it should be registered.

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      If it’s currently unregistered, bank on three months. When I bought a used car recently I made sure a full 12 month renewal was part of the price.

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    Something to note, all those cars at $18,990 drive away are from the same dealer. There's like 5 or 6 of them.

    Your negotiation power just went out the window tbh. 1 dealer, pricing their cars the cheapest in the market… They've got no need to take a lowball offer when every other dealer is more expensive.

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      No offense Spaceback.

      If you are talking about brand new may be the case.

      For second hand car, every car is unique, miliage, wear and tear, registration etc. So you cant really compare apple to apple for second hand car market?

      Therefore i assume 2nd hand car yard put cheapest in Sydney, cheapest in NSW on every car screen still not a problem as your wont find another car have 100% same condition.

      I am just sharing what I think, happy to know if there is regulation for marketing on used car

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        Yep but we're talking ex-rental, buy in bulk fleet cars. Not random trade-ins.

        They're bought for a price and sold as a numbers car.

        OP is looking at the cheapest ads in his state… the cheapest. And each ad mentions at least twice that they're marked down

        It's not like they're going to look at the $19,990 cars, or $20,490 cars, they're looking at the cheapest on the market. You think they can be the cheapest and have huge margin? Doesn't happen unless there's something wrong with the cars themselves.

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    Just offer what you are confortable.

    I would say 10% discount is achievable.

    Remember if the car sit in their yard one more day, they are taking lose, i.e., space, laboir to clean the car, insurance, registration cost( keep running short), cash flow.

    If you so geniune interest but not in love with it. Stay firm on your price then i think they will sell it.

    Going at the end of month or close to the shop closing time will be good too as they want to finish the deal.

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      10% on the internet's cheapest price isn't reasonable.

      Pure and simple, there's no hard n fast rule on margins but if the seller is advertising as the cheapest on the market, they don't have another $1900 margin.

      If they were more expensive then there'd be a greater margin, but fact is you're going there coz they're the cheapest.

      • May be 5 ~ 7%? I am saying OP can start at 10% then may do a hand shake in between.

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          Cheapest on the market and offering $1900 under will see them almost kicked out.

          Wouldn't surprise me if the dealer stuck to $18,990 fixed price.

          Because let's face it if you go to the competitor down the road, he's advertising at $19,490, so your negotiation job just got $500 harder.

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          Suggest check other state, some time you can buy interstate and get the car delivered.

          Brougt my car from Orange NSW and I drive up to Orange from Sydney to pick it up.

          All negotiation done via email.

          Car Advertised $32999 + stamp duty and it is cheap compare to other dealer and even private seller, finish deal for $30800.

          So for 2nd hand car everything possible, may be I am just the lucky one.

          I have done looking to buy for 3 months before I get my current car so it may take some time.

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          Carsales search:

          1 random 1 in QLD at $17,990, next cheapest are OPs cars at $18,990

          The problem with fixed price sales and pricing cars at the cheaper end, is buyers don't perceive value. Like you're saying, wait for a deal… Maybe these are awesome deals but because the dealer won't drop anything off them, the buyer doesn't feel like they got good value.

          Friends/family will ask "oh yeah how much did you get knocked off" when they didn't, but they bought the cheapest car out there.

          It's a double edged sword, and does make it very difficult to put value into the purchase if someone says "I bought a used car for the advertised price".

          I've seen people go "I need to think about it but I wouldn't pay what you're asking"… Later that day the car sells at asking price, and the previous guy goes "oh yeah I would've actually paid that it was a good price".

          Negotiation is so part of this business that 80% of people expect it, and don't know what to do when you dig your heels in and say it's fixed price. They seriously just get stopped in their tracks!

        • @Spackbace:

          All come to how good your negotiation skill are and how well you are prepare to lose out if you miss out.

          I agree that some people will just pay the asking price and some people just never get satisfy no matter how unrealistic their demand is.

        • Just curious with buying interstate, how is rego paid? Is it paid here in VIC or other state as well? How is it registered and all?

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          All come to how good your negotiation skill are

          With fixed price sales, nope. Dealer advertises a price, customer either pays that or leaves. If the dealer negotiates lower, it's by a small margin.

          Customer thinks they have good negotiation skills? Please, we do it every day lol

        • @BinnyC:

          You pay for government fees. It is rarely worth it unless you find something unique.

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    high KLM is 20000 PA so thats double in nearly a year at 35000KLM.
    Educational guess the cars are ________

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      Exactly thats what i think as well. It is a lot of driving in just over a year.

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      agreed, that's a ridiculous amount of ks on a 1 year old car

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    FYI the i30 Go was released for around 22k drive away brand new. Active vs Go isn't a massive drop in features.

    • Yeah but i might go one higher model up i.e active if its only a year old.

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        I drove a brand new Go for a couple of weeks while my car was getting repaired. It’s very good for a base model. I was very surprised…there isn’t much it’s missing.

        Personally I wouldn’t buy an ex-rental car. People flog them and I’d wanting to be getting a lot cheaper than 17.5k if I was going to take it.

        Go the brand new Go IMO.

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    Two fiddy

  • The mileages are too high. Buy it only if you can convince yourself they hadn't been thrashed about.

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    I bought a new one for $21,000 Active model. $19k for 30,000kms? dreaming. I'd offer 15k

    • And you would be walked out.

      These cars were bought by that dealer to sell to people who want a MY18 i30 but don't want to pay retail.

  • I purchased a 2015 paid $14,990 Had done about 50 thousand. It appears that was a good deal because it was one of the cheapest on the market at that stage for the kms done.

    That was from a dealership. I'd say you may be able to shave a thousand off, but that's about it.

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    Please ensure you check the its not an ex-fleet(Europcar/Budget Rental type) car (30k in a year or less-sounds like one) as they are handled by many many users who would rev the engine like anything and destroy it. Though you won't notice signs now but in a year or two engine will start to give problems. I have been through it, got the engine replaced after many many struggles. thought I would share
    My Price 16k driveaway or walk away

    • Thats a good point. Will ask for sure.

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        Look at the books. Sometimes you wont find that info in the books. Look for a sticker somewhere in the car like the door body panel, windscreen etc
        And honestly, if I was you, 30000km is a lot in a year or less, I wouldnt go for it for the car and price you are willing to pay. You will find a low km/ demo for a little extra that what this dealer is offering. I know you feel like rushing to get it but dont

        • Thanks for the advice. I may look in to some demos.

        • @BinnyC:

          Demo's start @ $21,390

          All comes down to your budget

        • Sorry, i missed this comment. Thanks

        • Lol at your username OhTeri BhenDi

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      There's 5-6 of them, all at the same dealer, all with similar mileage. Of course they're rentals lol

    • 5 year/130,000km warranty. The theta engine has been on sale for 14 years. Apart from those produced between 2011-14, the motor is bullet proof. Hence KIA has stuck with it for their best sellers.

    • I wouldn't worry about the powertrain too much, Hyundai have a 10yr powertrain warranty.

      Check for bent panels and suspension problems and you'll be fine.

    • +1.

      Also make sure theyve been serviced properly (at the right km) otherwise warranty may become invalid.

      Hertz especially have a tendency to not service until they are a few k km late…

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    If you are after a near new car, why not try find something on the private market? Or for $18,990, you may just need to top up a little bit to get a demo or brand new one.

  • If you want a more realistic new price than what's on the websites to compare to ask one of those places that do the bargaining for you to get a quote.

    This one does no obligation quotes. They list a saving of $7500 on an i30 but I'm guessing that's for one of the ~$45k RRP models, not the ~$25k RRP model.

    • Will gv it a try.

    • Use dealhunter42 instead. They got a discount of $8250, assuming white paint, $8785 if they ordered premium paint!

  • OP you can purchase a brand new Holden Astra R+, auto transmission (with the safety gear on) for $19,990 DA. Plus it's got a 5 year warranty like the Hyundai

    • Not sure about Holden as a brand nowadays. Its a good deal but should i go Holden route, hmm not so sure.

      • Not a Holden fanboy in any way\shape or form, but the Astra is leaps and bounds the best deal in the market at the moment. I think the Astra has the edge on the i30 in many respects like, Engine, transmission, wheelbase and fuel economy.

        The negatives on the Astra are that in-room cabin storage is superior in the i30 and the servicing is 12months Vs 9 months on the Astra.

        • Not likely.

          The astra is a rebadged Daewoo, which is the unloved bastard child of GM.

        • +3


          Astra hatch is European

        • i30 Infotainment destroys everyone at the moment..IMHO

        • Also Astra negatives - build quality. Having inspected a few of these, they look like they were put together in the dark by someone with a neurological disorder.

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          Not sure why you were downvoted

          Astra Hatch- Poland
          Astra Wagon- UK
          Astra* Sedan- South Korea

          • The sedan is actually a rebadged Daewoo Cruze, and it shows in the interior quality and fit and finish compared to the Polish and UK Astras
        • @rodripa:

          Someone went and used their daily quota of neg votes on my comments, that's all 😂 apparently they'd rather do that than say something to me 😉

        • @Spackbace:

          It does appear the astra hatch is an Opel.

          I don't have much experience with Opel, but the Opel Vectra were much better than the Daewoo made Astra at the time.

          The plastic top of the radiator had a habit of cracking, but that's pretty common across all manufacturers now.

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      Holden is dying slow death. Good luck to them if they can last another 5 years.

      • (X) Doubt

        GM just pumped a crapton of money in Australia. Yes their best days are probably over, but the brand is still strong.

        • @whooah1979: unless they start selling corvettes and camaros Holden are dead. I've only ever owned 6cyl holdens. LH, VH, VS, VE. Bought my LPG VE last year. It is great tech and paying 66c per litre it costs (profanity) all to run. My next car will likely be electric and I doubt it will be Holden.

        • @antikythera: seriously, how can they be dead? They still sell in the top 10.

          Using your logic, if Ford stopped selling the Ranger, would you then say that Ford is dead? If VW no longer had a Golf in their show rooms, would they be dead also? Both the two models I mentioned make up at least 50% of volume for the 2 aforementioned brands.

          What Holden lacks is a compelling SUV line up, the Equinox has been a disaster, the Trax is unremarkable and the upcoming Acadia will probably only provide limited volume of sales.

        • @rodripa:

          Holden sales have going down for a long time. The only thing that kept them from tanking sooner was fleet orders and government subsidies. They won’t be recovering from this.

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    Brand new i30 is advertised for $20990. You can probably get it for $20 000.

    Is it worth a 5% discount to get an ex-rental that's been abused? Not for me.

    • Its the Go model not active for $20990.

      • Ahh, didn't realise they'd changed the variants. A year or two ago "Active" was the name of the cheapest option.

      • And manual

  • +2

    Why not buy brand new one for ~$20k for your peace of mind?

    • Can you please provide a link for Active model for that price?

  • i30 shows new DA for 20990 (can negotiate) , or even consider the accent in 1.6L which handles fine ( similar to i30 size and weight) for 16990 DA (negotiate) .

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    Managed to get a new i30, Active, Auto, Silver with SmartSense for $24,600 last week. Latest PD2 spec and It took half a day to work that one out between 5 dealers.

    It was actually for my elderly neighbour so she has free Rego in NSW so add $380 or so to be comparable.

    I wouldn't have helped but found it insulting to her in that the first offer she was given was $28,000 for the exact same car and ironically the same dealer.

    • Well done. I hope she is appreciative or gives you something as thanks. Maybe $1000 worth of freddo frogs? ;)

    • I paid $26,000 a month or so ago in VIC for a 2018 i30, active, auto, grey, with smartsense. That included the floor mats and full tank of petrol, which most people would expect to be included anyway, and normal rego

      I’m rural with only two dealers within 100km so that price should be bettered, clearly as FreddoFrog42 managed.

      • -2

        $25-26k is a big difference from $19k tho, for the sake of a year

      • How much extra was smartsense?

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