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Eligible Customers Only - 3GB Data Unlimited Talk and Text $15/M for $25 Plan @ Optus


Checking my bill in their app and noticed this deal for new customers. The wife can use an extra 1GB up from her iiNet account.

Add a $25 12 mth SIM Only Plan to your eligible account and get $10 off monthly plan fees.
Min. cost: $180 (incl. Disc). Eligible new services only. Not available with other offers, unless specified. Ends 13/09/18

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  • does anyone know if theyll accept the ol' port out port back in?

    • Usually do. Others have even managed by switching to prepaid then back to plans.

      • looks like this deals only for adding additional services to an existing account unfortunately

      • I've tried this today.

        Getting a "This number is not eligible for this offer" message.

        Unsure whether I need to wait a bit longer before trying to port back in?

        • Finally got my port number order across the line.

          Just waiting on confirmation etc etc.

          So the old port out, port in works. you just need to wait a few days before porting back in.

  • Additional service for an existing customer qualifies. Just got offered on live chat. Got offered $15 a month for Samsung tablet and 3gb data on 2 year contract to own as well.

  • The second I got the notification for this from Ozbargain, I saw the offer on the app!
    10/10 timing

  • So new number added to an existing account? You can't buy just this deal.

  • Can you data share with another number using this deal?

      • Thanks, good to merge with the partners new $36 plan with 30gb data. $51 a month for 2 unlimited plans and 35gb data.


        • i have bundled pool ….got the double deal last time so was $50 for 60gb, and they did a deal where i got a 2nd sim from the then $30 plan unlimited voice and data for $17 …..so this is better as the 2nd sim is now $15.

          they like to load up accounts with these 12 mth sims as it makes it hard to unbundle and get as good a deal and also as prices drop they have you for 12 mths….6 mths and i could get better already, but only by $10pm.

          they used to have cheap data share which they don’t do anymore, so they need cheap,
          lana for 2nd sims ….telstra still does $5pm data share on some plans, optus don’t, this $15 sim deal would be their way to get 2nd sim in a data pool, and they bundle voice,

          check fine print though if you need international voice and sms ….some lower plans don’t always have those.

  • i think the title should be for "Existing Customers"

    • Chat told me to new numbers only

      • existing customer and new number are different.

        existing customer can bring in new number
        unless the condition is new customer?


        • just had chat, this deal is for existing and new customers but better for existing customers. if new customers, then you have to sign up to another plan and add $25 plan to get $10 discount on a second number.

          Yes, you will have to get 2 new number then so you can get this $15 SIM for the second number.

          $10 discount is only for the second service.

        • @yummycoot: they way they got me on last deal was i upgraded from $40 to $50 to get lots of data, then addded new low data sim to pool so it could share ….

          this is great for those that grabbed the 200gb phone deals they did in feb, now add extra sims for the spouse, kids, etc.

        • @yummycoot: If I understand correctly, you have to buy some other Optus service first, before you can buy this.

          Then by definition this deal is ONLY for EXISTING customers - as you must already be an Optus customer (even if just for a few minutes) before you can then order this deal.

          Its not possible to order this deal until you are an existing Optus customer..

        • @systmworks: yes, you have understood correctly.

        • @yummycoot: I'm on the chat right now and they have said it is only for new customers with a new number. I got them to allow me to do it anyway

        • @bigsarg7: that's great.

  • Does the $10 discount apply even after 12 months? Or will you start getting charged $25 after 12months?

  • so you get free EPL with that plan?

  • OMFG spewing i just signed up for this plan 2 days ago :(

  • $15 for 3GB/m, is it really that great?
    I negotiated $20 for 5GB/m with Optus Sports. This was at the end of last year. I also have the Fetch mini for free for a year.
    I reckon you can negotiate a good deal with online chat if you are patient and persistent.

    • I couldn’t even get them to add the 20% discount that appeared as a bonus just a few days after I signed a new contract. I know that there is no obligation but I would call it goodwill for an existing customer. There is not much negotiating when it comes to Optus. The end result is my other 2 services that aren’t contracted are now being moved elsewhere.

      I did ask to exercise my cooling of rights, but was told there was none on a SIM only plan. Does anyone know if this is true, as I’m starting to have my doubts. It seems the odd falsehood gets stated on chat.

  • You might be able to get student 10% discount for the sim only plan plus $10 discount for adding new service

  • I have 2 services. Can I add a new service then transfer one of the existing numbers to the new plan?

    • No. You cant transfer from one number to another.

    • I transferred my first number to the $45 w/20% discount and second number to prepaid on Saturday. Now complete, I attempted to purtchase the $15 3G SIM for the second number, and the system advised that my number is not eligble for this deal, offering me the $25 SIM.

      I might have to call Optus in the morning and try again.

      Other option is port out and back in I guess. I'm thinbking the deal might have expired by then however.

  • I just ported to Optus but the SIM isn't working.
    After 30mins on Live Chat I was assured that it would activate in 4 hours.
    But it is still a brick.

    • I have had ports take several days before.

      • Usually my ports work when they port over.
        This time, I ported into Optus but the SIM isn't working…

      • sometimes it works within minutes, sometimes over several days if things go wrong ……there is an SLA for number porting and if it takes when something has gone wrong on automates system or it’s outside of support ,

        check their hours that they port and have support staff……it’s not 24x7 7 days per week.

        took 3 days to get telstra sim to optus last time …..they had to re-raise the order as their ops staff said box hadn’t been ticked by sales and ops could action it until they did …..sales said order is fine on 3rd day ops guy explained to sales what was missing and sales did a new order 15 mins later was live.

  • Get an additional 20% off at Harvey Norman until 26th Aug. Makes it $12 per month!

  • Decent if you want easy access to Optus Sport or you're watching a lot of Netflix on your phone (for an extra $5/month), but that's about it.

  • I need a plan like this from Telstra reseller. Optus network is no good for me.

  • How long does it take to change the name an account is under for vodafone?

  • I misread this as '3g data unlimited' :( I guess they won't be doing any sort of unlimited data for a reasonable price anytime soon …
    Im on the old $2/day unlimited data/calls/text (restricted to 3g only, which is really fast for me) . They're just about to change me to $3/day for same thing, forced change, but fair enough considering inflation since I first signed up so many years ago.

    • +1 vote

      If anything mobile prices have gone considerably down,at least by 50%

      $60-$62/ month is bit too much imo for 3g
      Network.if I was you I would be seeing my data usage in mobile and then looking at what's available

      • I get the $30 sims at $10 , so only ever pay a third of normal pricing anyways . Thankyou for your suggestion, and it would work for some, but I need unlimited data for netflix, stan, amazon tv etc streaming (and ps4, 1 game is like 60gb) .
        If optus ever stop the unlimited plan, then I guess I will have to sign up to NBN or something, and would just go for a $10 months unlimited calls/text plan for mobile. Amaysim has this, 1gb data, which is enough as long as 1 doesn't stream video or music on the go.

        • amaysim/belong/OVO/Kogan/AldiMobile are options for cheapest plans.

          Is it still possible to get $2/day unlimited data/call on Optus?

        • @yummycoot:

          Is it still possible to get $2/day unlimited data/call on Optus?

          Unfortunately, NO. People are trying to sell their sims on this old plan for $2,000 or more. Be very wary of anyone selling you their old sim with this plan though.
          Unless you went to optus store and had it officially transfered into your name (with the old deal still being honoured) , the seller could just go to optus or even call on phone and say they lost their sim/phone, then you have a dead sim you were sold.

  • Change the title OP. It's not New Customers. You have to already be an Optus customer to get the deal. I signed up wanting to port from Telstra but just got a call saying I have to have an Optus service to get the discount.

  • Not possible for port-ins. Had quick chat and apparently the best option for new customers would be to port in and get the $25/month plan (10% student discount possible), then add another $25 plan and get the $10 discount, essentially giving you 2x $20/month plans.

    Anyway, does anyone know if optus generally has better coverage than kogan?

  • had an hour long chat with an agent, ordered finally.

    got two services but only one was discounted.

    the agent added 2GB extra on both plans though so its 5GB for both plans but one costs $25 p/m for 12 months and the other for $15 p/m. Total of $480 ($300 plus $180).

    My dad has an account and apparently we can all data share now lol