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NetGear Arlo Pro 2 VMS4230P $548.25, VMS4330P $738.6, VMS4530P $1,162 and Pro VMS4330 $662.15 VMS4530 $907 Delivered @ Wireless1


These are at great price and few users mentioned about these on previous post so have searched for best deals available and compared prices on these models. Hence making seperate post for NetGear Arlo Pro. Enjoy :)

Thanks to gadgetguy & Thorny for highlighting these nice finds.

Apply Code at checkout to get 15% discount.

Pro 2 :

Pro :

Also, Noticed that Pro & Pro 2 with 5 Camera is showing cheaper compare to 4 Camera Kit in their website. potential price error?

Pro 2 :

Pro :

Original 15% Off deal

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  • Cheap!

  • Cheapest I've seen for the pro2
    I have the 3 pack, it's great.. simple to setup. Can invite other users to monitor individual cameras

    • I also have the 3 pack.. kinda annoying though as i have it at the front door so i get heaps of alerts lol

      Edit: I wish you could setup zone exclusions WITHOUT the need of having it plugged in 24/7

  • Still bit pricey in terms of total package and they require the hub to be working, not sure how good the battery works out compares to the first generation but wired camera units still much realible than these little things.

  • Pro 2 : $1,162 Delivered NETGEAR VMS4530P Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Camera Security System with 5 HD Cameras(wireless1.com.au) Cheaper compare to 4 Camera VMS4430P(wireless1.com.au)

    This link is coming up as: $1,359.00 - no discount so probably was a price error.

    • Looks like a discounted price. I checked device deal website and they have got it for the same price but shows as discounted price.

    • Yes .. could be discounted price and even better with 15% off code

      5 Cam -> $1359 —> $1162 after applying 15% off code with shipping
      4 Cam -> $1369 —>$1,170.5 after applying 15% off code with shipping

  • Bought the 3 cam Arlo pro 2. Thanks!

  • Just grabbed a 5 camera system. Only needed 4, but I'll find a use for the last one.

    Now on backorder though.

    • I was very tempted on the 5 cam but settled with 3 cam for now.. Excellent price for the 5 cam.

    • Does anybody know how long will backorder takes and will it get cancelled ? I order 3 camera system from eBay 15% sales few days ago and will return it and get the 5 cameras if backorder wont cancel your order. Thanks

      • update: just placed an order on the 5 camera.

        Also, just noticed that the description is: "NETGEAR VMS4530P Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Camera Security System with 5 HD Cameras". It states Arlo Pro not Arlo Pro 2. However, it says "1 x Netgear Arlo Pro 2 VMS4430P Wire-Free HD Camera 4 Security System" in the detail. Hence, is this Arlo Pro or Pro 2?

        Amazon also has VMS4530P and people said its Arlo Pro not Pro 2.


  • Are there noticeable difference between. The Pro vs Pro 2. I’ve got the old Arlo smart system. Will the old base station accept the newer pro 2 cameras?

  • Time to update the old Arlo system I have here. Pro 2 with 3 cameras. Will have some left overs to make up the 5 total.

    Cheers BA

  • amazing price on the 5 cam deal! Even if it's a price error they have a good history on ozbargain and would probably honour it - they have in the past :)

  • Anybody tested Arlo Pro 2 compared to the Swann Wire-free cameras?
    I currently have the Swann Wire-free cameras, but the motion detection isn't very good.
    It picks up random stuff throughout the day and when someone walks past a camera, it doesn't pick them up straight away.
    One of the cameras only records someone walking past in the first half a second, yet every 15 minutes, its randomly recording…

    I wonder if the Arlo 2s are better?

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