Bridgestone buy 4 pay 3 deal on the horizon? - Unconfirmed for September.

This is a long shot, but I'm hoping someone here might have the scoop on whether or not there's a Bridgestone buy 4 pay 3 on the horizon? Specifically for the Potenza range.

It seems like it's always on when I don't need tyres, but AWOL when I do!

Edit: Called my local Bridgestone store and eeked out of them that September should be buy 4 pay 3 on the Potenza range. Will confirm over the weekend/Monday.


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    Looks like the last few on Potenza were;





    You would have to think one wouldn't be too far away.


      Yeah I did look at previous dates and couldn't really tell if it was seasonal or just arranged with a magic 8-ball? Maybe in odd years it's mid-late year and in even years it's early-mid year haha

      Fingers crossed you're right and it's soon.

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    call BRIDGESTONE SELECT stores - they tend to come to the party all year round for my business. I call around and get them competing against each other, same price per tyre as when they have the buy 3 get 4th free marketing bull5hit


    When i last bought tyres at a bridgestone select store the manager told me the 3 for 4 deal is basically a standing deal and they can always "work something out" for me.

    Call one up and try.


    Taking the advice of MoonlapseVertigo and Skramit, I called up my local store. $295 a tyre for 225/40/18 (wtf?) with no wiggle room.

    I then asked if there were any sales on the horizon and he didn't want to tell me outright, but basically said if I wait til Monday (September) then I would probably only have to pay for 3!

    So I guess September is buy 4 pay 3!


      Don't call the store. Go through Bridgestone website and seek quotes via email. I requested quotes from 4 different bridgestone stores to know the best price and how much some of them place a fat margin on. If you seek quotes through phone call, often i find the price won't be as sharp. For example same tyre and specs, I was quoted between $160 - $180+. Wheel alignment $69 onwards.


        HL2, email quote came back at $299 for 215/45/18! (factory size)


      What tyre are you looking to buy? I used to get S001 for that price in 18's.


    OP, i recently bought 4 tyres (Turanza Serenity Plus 215/55/R17) from Bridgestone with their promotion buy 3 and the 4th for $10. Each tyre is $160 and wheel alignment is $50. Total cost is $540. I thought its not too bad. Potenza is not very durable. Again depending on what car you drive.

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    Just got off the phone with a store, wouldn't confirm it but they said either $100 off potenza or 4 for 3 as of Saturday.

    I was priced 245/25/18/100V for $225ea


    Managed to pick up an alright deal on some R003's just yesterday arvo by calling kmart tyre and auto and price beating a promo that were having ( 235/40/R18's including fitment and wheel alignment for $744. Unfortunately that promo ended yesterday :(


    Firestone 4 for 3, Potenza/Dueler/Alenza $100 off

    Not what i was hoping for….


      Ahh poop. Back to the drawing board I guess. Hmm