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Glencairn Whisky Glass 2 for $15 (RRP $10.99 Each) @ Dan Murphy's (Member Offer)


Raymond Davidson of Glencairn Crystal took it upon himself to design a glass specifically for the whisky drinker. He invented a unique inward-curved shape glass, allowing the focus of the whisky aromas, encouraging a user to appreciate the 'nose' of the whisky as well as the palate. Today, whilst there are a number of different styles of such glasses available, Glencairn is the first style to be endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association and it is used by every Whisky company in Scotland and Ireland. A simple innovation that is now the preferred tasting glass for connoisseurs the world over.

Brand Name: Glencairn
Capacity: 190ml

Same deal as 4 months ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/375673

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    I have one of these and really appreciate its tapered design. Not only does it focus the aromas nicely, but by curving inwards it stops the whisky from splashing out as much when I'm driving.

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      So true. Also much less risk of chipping one of my two remaining teeth when compared to simply swigging from the bottle….

    • Curvature in the lip also makes it easier to smash and use as a weapon for weekly carjackings

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      Mate, splashing whiskey about while driving is downright dangerous.

      I always use a straw for safety.

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    Got a few of these from the last special, lovely glasses for other spirits such as gin too!

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    Why we need 2

    • +29

      One for each hand

    • +16

      Some people like to drink contemporaneously with and in physical proximity to another person. Called "friendship" or something, I believe.

      • +4

        Please don't use big words such as "Friendship"
        I failed to understand what you meant

      • +1

        No touching.

        • More touching

      • What a peculiar custom

      • Is there a course in how to engage other human being

  • available in-store?

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/Luigi-Bormioli-Vinoteque-4-Ounce-S...

    I prefer these tulip shaped glasses over the glencairn glasses. I got two on sale from David Jones a few months ago. 16 bucks from memory.

  • Don't forget Cashrewards

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  • good for henny?

    • Only for XO

  • Cheers 🥂

  • Can finally appreciate my Jack Daniels properly.

  • I enjoyed the explanation of the whiskey glass.

  • not big enough to fit the coke

    • Another advantage in this "nosing" glass - for appreciation of a good drop 🍷

    • 190m, so big enough for a full measure, 4:1 mix and a small block of ice.

  • Fyi for ppl I bought some a few weeks back and they're rather small. I like em still but it ruined my large spherical icecube approach to whisky drinking! (They don't fit in the glass)

  • Doesn't seem big enough once I put the Coke or ginger beer in?

    • +2

      Ummm… don't think this deal is for you… 😉
      "the preferred tasting glass for connoisseurs the world over" (used in competitions) - deal description.

  • They are the best for Whiskey. But this deal has been on for awhile.Stack with the 10% off on ebay if you could fill your cart to $50 to qualify, then pick up in store.
    Or wish gift card and cashreward

  • Good glass for all sipping spirits.

    I've started using this for my tequila or rum nightcaps also.

  • I always wanted to buy these and drink whisky like a sir

  • my nose to big for this lol, or maybe that's the point?, does help with that burn though

    • +3

      You'll find it's easier to drink - and tastes better too - if you consume it via your mouth.

      • +1

        ahh so don't snort the drink, gotchya.

    • It accentuates the aroma

  • Is there a code? I am a member but it still comes up as $10.99 each

    • Likewise. How do we get it to $15 for the 2? Even if I login and add 2 to the cart it's showing $21.98

    • Looks like
      It expired

  • Would definitely recommend, I have and use one of these and have to say that I definitely noticed a difference when compared to a standard tumbler, especially the ability to nose through the 'layers'- but I'm by far, not a connoisseur; just someone who enjoys an occasional dram :)

    The crystal also sounds great when you give it a flick haha

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    Have to share this..
    How to drink Whiskey like a Sir.

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    not sure why this deal isnt listed as expired yet, its the 1st meaning the september specials are in.