What Are The Best Headphones You Own?

I'll start, AKG 712 Pros.

Also, no earspeakers (aka electrostatics)! Thanks.


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    Bose QC35 II

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      Thanks, ended up getting some for $380 delivered!

      • No worries. Hope you enjoy. I picked up mine in December last year and have been loving them since!

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    Bose QC35 version 1

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    Sony 1000XM2. Absolutely fantastic and better than Bose for me.

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      For anyone as clueless as me about headphones: The Sony 1000XM2 are wireless noise cancelling headphones that go for $290 - $355 as deals on this site: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/sony-wh-1000xm2

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        They're on par with the Bose QC35 with some people preferring one and others the other. Reviews are very much tied with general consensus being Bose are slightly more comfortable and Sony slightly better noise cancellation. Audio quality is pretty much similar and beyond that, there's not much in them. Sony's headphone app is pretty good to manage presets.

        The different really is minuscule, if any. I personally prefer Sony as a brand too.

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          Both are awesome. While I have the QC35 v1, if I was choosing between the two now, I would just go with whichever was on sale at the time. You won't be disappointed with either.

        • +1 spent a long time on the fence between the two after a bunch of testing in store I found the Bose was more comfortable but the Sony had a nicer sound and a couple nice features (eg hand to ear to listen to someone) so I agree either will do if on sale but if you can try in store for comfort.

      • cheapest its been is $269.40 from JB Hifi which was an incredible bargain (excluding your gift cards whatnot) :)

    • Its crazy to me that i bought these and they were the most uncomfortable headphone I had ever used and had to return them. But I think its cause I have a massive head…

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        It's not just you, a lot of people have complained about that, especially those with larger heads.

        The Mark 3 are meant to be more comfortable, but still might not be good for larger heads.

        • Look into AKGs or Beyers if you don’t need ANC

    • Great points for battery life and noise cancellation. Sound quality is on par with Bose.

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    Xiaomi Piston Youth.

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    I love my Audearas - if you have any kind of hearing loss or weakness, they're the bomb.

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      Yep these are outstanding if you have tinnitus in one or both ears. From years of clubbing and going to gigs & concerts one of my ears has a constant ringing. They truly DO make a difference to the music.

      They are linked to an app that performs a professional level of hearing test for each ear. The results are saved to the app under your individual profile and used to adjust the sound levels for each ear.

      One more good thing they are Australian owned and developed (by medical professionals and engineers).

      I can't speak higher of them. If you enjoy your music you will love the sound from these.

      • Will check them out, worth the $500?

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          For me yes. However I have not bought any other high end headphones (and guess don't need to now). Check out the reviews of these to help you decide.

          edit: found a review for you with a comparison to someone who has used QC15s.

        • Added them to my cart a week or so ago, and was about to pull the plug but ended up emptying my cart and bailing at the last moment.

          A few days later, an email arrived with a targeted $100 discount.

          Just FYI, in case you were thinking about it.

      • Just a bit more on the hearing test, I compared my audeara app readings to my latest audiology report, and (shock horror) they're pretty much identical. I have tinnitus (bad), and high frequency loss in both ears, but normal low frequency ability - so simple amplification doesn't do it for me. The more i use these the more I love them. As one of the other guys said, I can now pick out notes in basslines - amazing.

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      Plus one for these. I don't have any dramatic hearing issues, but I was shocked at how much more clarity these gave me when listening to music. Turns out I had grown used to bass being a muddy indistinct sound. Turns out bass guitars play distinct clear notes. Who knew.

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    Sennheiser 6XXHD and the Denon D5000.

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    Shure SE215 and Bose QC35 II

    • High 5! These are my two current sets at the moment. I prefer the SE215 for the sound but it can get painfully uncomfortable when using for an extended period, hence the QC35 ii.

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    Aerial7 Tank Storm - comfortable, 57mm drivers, spacious sound, about $22 during Dick Smith's final year.

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    AKG 712 Pros.

    Same here.

    I'd like to get some high end wireless phones though for gaming or get some "end game" headphones like Audeze or Sennheiser 800 at some point.

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      or get some "end game" headphones like Audeze or Sennheiser 800 at some point.

      There is no "end game" when it comes to audio equipment, only rabbit holes and bottomless pits, or so I've been told.

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        Hah, well my end game ends at about $1500 (which I would hesitate to spend but theoretically I wouldn't buy another pair of phones).

        I'm not a believer in DAC's doing anything special, a $2 one does what a 2 grand one does, and I'd probably stick to a premium PC sound card as far as an amp although amp does colour the sound if I can put it that way.

        In theory. :D

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          Surely if you're spending $1500 on headphones you should be using an external amp?

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          Im sure if you can afford a $1500 headphone, you should be able to afford a decent external amp?

    • My goodness they are some expensive ear speakers!!!

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        Those aren’t ear speakers. Check out the Orpheus

        • $55K!!!!!! :-O

        • @orbitalpaul: it’s not the price. It’s how they create sound

        • @JuliusSeizure: I wanna plus you for quotinf this, but bot as much as I want to throw the person you are quoting off a cliff

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        That is inflated RRP, they can be had closer to $1k AUD. Bargain!

    • AKG K712. Two pair. Comfortable,natural sounding headphones.

      One pair connected to the bedroom projector. The second often used with Xduoo X3 FLAC players,etc around the home.

    • Why do you want wireless for gaming out of curiousity? Surely it's less convenient to have to recharge them even though you're not moving anywhere?

      • Maybe the latency gives them something to blame if they lose?

      • Personally I like to get up and walk to the kitchen and have a drink without interrupting the conversation I'm having on discord. Not really a significant issue for me but then again I have separate headphones for gaming and music/general watching.

        I have a pair of logitech g933s and a pair of Senheisser momentums; both have pros and cons.

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    I use Sennheiser HD598 on my PC, have Sony MDR1000X for travel/office.

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    QC35 II

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      username doesn't check out XD

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    I use the earpods that come with the phone.

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    Sony Wh1000XM2

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    Just treated myself to 6xx

  • Skullcandy Aviator

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    Koss KSC-75

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      Best value for money!!

    • Has anyone had Koss products repaired? Curious about your experiences.

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        I sent back my Koss Tnt 88's about 3 times and until they didnt really fix the blown driver. although claimed it was fixed. I gave up, so much for lifetime warranty

        I used to really like their porta pro's (similar driver as ksc-75) they do sound good bang for buck

        used to have hd-590's

        now basically use qc35 and Sony wi1000x

        If I had to do it now - Sony 1000xm3

        • I know someone who bought ESPs in the US. They’re pretty flimsy so he had to get them repaired. The guy ended up paying 100 dollars to ship it to Koss in the states

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    JH Audio Astell & Kern Rosie IEM. Only save them for use when travelling long distances or really want to relax at home. Definitely the best pair of headphones I own thus far!

  • open-back 6xx & xiaomi ANC 3.5mm

    • How's the NC on the Xiaomi's ?

  • Bose QC35 II - but because they're the only expensive ones i've owned

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    Sony 1000XM2. Amazing sounds,quality and features but a little heavy
    Beats Powerbeat 2 - awdful, my sennheiser $30 headphones are better than this crap.

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    ATH-AD700. And best buds probably BeatsX, the sound has grown on me over time and it's not fatiguing to listen to for hours on end.

  • Best over ear…Sony MDR-V6. And for best ear buds… Tinaudio T2

  • If you don't want to spend a fortune - I recently bought a pair of QCY QY19 in-ear bluetooth headphones. Set me back $30 but they are great (just compromise on bass slightly) - had them for 6 months and honestly very happy.

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    TDK $5 from DSE Clearance.

    I have better headphones, but they are the best (value)

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      Well done.

  • -2

    Merc A200 AMG headphones

    • Are those a high yield investment?

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      I doubt they exist, but I still want them.

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        They are only AMG styled. The sound performance is standard A200 :p

        • Oh dear I'll pass then.

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    The old model Bluetooth headphones from ALDI were amazing for $40. I compared to some $300 headphones at JB and couldn't tell the difference

    • +3

      +1 a REAL Ozbargain!

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    Sol Republic Tracks HD v10

  • AKG 712 open back for playing my guitars when I don't want to annoy the neighbours, and also with my computer when I'm remastering DVDs and CDs.

    Sennheiser HD598SE open back for normal usage with my computer.

    Both have completely different sounds - both are great.

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    Philips Fidelio X1.

  • Sennheiser HD598 on my PC. Sadly I haven't used them much over the past year but that might change with the new gaming monitor I purchased recently from the ebay Computer Alliance sale.

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    Never liked AKG, got no soul (which is kinda the point, but not what I want). I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD598's for about half a decade now and love them. When paired with a tube amp they sing! Literally had a tear brought to my eye while listening to my favourite EITS tracks in FLAC. I use my stereo floorstanding speakers most of the time though, don't like the feel of having headphones on too much. Plus the power supply in my headphone tube amp blew this year :'(

  • Bose A20. Can’t live without it.

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    Philips Fidelio X2. Probably not the best for gaming, but sound pretty good.

    • I love these. I'm predicting they still work well after some of the other brands have failed.

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    Hifiman HE400i

  • -3

    Why no electrostatic ones? OP is racist

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    Shure Se846 and Fostex TH600

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    Sennheiser HD800. I usually use 598s or AT700s for music and gaming

    • sorry, but what do you use your HD800 for then? ;)

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    Did someone say skull candy? Honestly no one has mentioned beats yet? Man ozbargain is so uncool!

    Jokes aside I've got DT880's and AKGQ701's. Use the 880's most of the time and sometimes 701's for that huge sound stage. Been thinking of dropping 500 dollars on that new kickstarter Zeos has been raving about but sounds too good to be true

  • Still running QC 25. They are playing up a bit though

    • Head into Bose. The QC25 has had QA issues. Cite the ACCC and how you should be protected by legislation.

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    Sennheiser HD598 and Bose QC25

    Solid sound, reliable, can hear things you can’t normally hear in good music recordings

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    Beyerdynamics DT250
    Sony WH1000XM2
    Audio-Technica ATH-AD700

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    ATH-M50x - over ear and not fatiguing to listen to for hours on end.
    At office - Sennheiser HD-429 - over ear and not fatiguing to listen to for hours on end but the M50x are much better sounding.

  • Sennheiser 6xx got them for 150 aud :)
    looking at some audio technica ATH-AD700X
    need to find a good DAC though to power the 6xx doesnt sound the same without it :/

    • How did you get the 6xx for so cheap? I wanted to love the 6xx but the akgs are supremely comfortable.

      • +1

        private forum :) meed to find a amp to power em. wanna try some akg though might get a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X for 179.99 from addicted to audio

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