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[PC] Free The Witcher: Enhanced Edition & GWENT Card Keg When Subscribing to The GOG.com Newsletter @ GOG


It's on again - as per the title, subscribe to the newsletter and get the FREE items.

Thks to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/89239 for the instructions.

How to get offer:
Add GWENT Free(gog.com) to your GOG library (No need to download).
Link your GOG account with GWENT by Logging in your GOG account here(playgwent.com)
Subscribe here(gog.com) to claim The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and a GWENT Card Keg.
The game will be available in GOG Galaxy(gog.com) or under your account library(gog.com) in GOG.
Edit 0: Updated post with GWENT Download size [4.7 GB]. (Credit to: JonShannow)
Edit 1: Just need to add GWENT to GOG Library, no need to download (Credit to: Selenium)
Edit 2: Added clarified instructions on where to find the game after claiming it. (Credit to: Agret)

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  • Thanks kpyam2000, worked perfectly

  • I googled GWENT Card Keg, but I still don't understand..

    Something to do with card packs with Witcher? I'd ask to ELIA5, but they'd probably already know :O

    • From MS Store - "Card Kegs contain additional playing cards that bolster your entire card library. Opening one produces 5 cards – one guaranteed rare or above."
      That is some playing cards for the game - GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

  • went through all the steps to find out I already have it -_-

  • Went through the trouble and followed all the steps. Then realised I only realised I already have the game buried in all the other free games that I have not played yet. Hahaha !

    Your instructions work perfectly OP though !

    • I looked through my steam library first and it wasn't there. So automatically assumed I didn't have it. Forgot about DRM-less @ GOG ><

      • Lol, this is exactly why I am a big fan of steam versions for everything. So easy to use and all in one place. I just wish you could use store filters on your gane library 😁

  • Thanks OP!

  • your amazing, instructions worked perfectly thanks op!

  • I absolutely love the Witcher series (especially #3), but #1 has definitely not aged gracefully.

  • I get an "Unexpected error" when I try to add GWENT Free to my GOG library.