expired Melbourne Airport T123 Parking 3 Hours for $5 (Special Offer + Hack + Online Booking Required)


Thanks enzso for this post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/390272 i have now used this hack a few times!

I did another booking again just then and got a nice surprise! They are doing a special at the moment where one half hour parking at T123 is now $5 or you can add 2 coffees for $10 all up.

Not sure when this special offer is going to end but hope this helps someone! Ends 30 September 2018.

Also, thanks jiakz for pointing it out, it's 1 hour for $5 + 1 hour grace period before + 1 hour grace period after.

Update: Just found out more about this offer https://www.melbourneairport.com.au/Passengers/Parking/Speci...

"The Offers - 1 hour terminal parking for $5 (Parking Offer) and/or 1 hour terminal parking plus 2 Hudsons coffees for $10 (Coffee Offer). The Offers are valid for online bookings only made at www.melbourneairport.com.au/parking, cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable.

Bookings must be made before 11:59PM on 30 September 2018 for car park exits before 11:59PM on 30 September 2018 and are subject to the Melbourne Airport Parking Online Booking Terms and Conditions.

The Parking Offer includes 1 hour parking at the ‘At Terminal’ T123 car park. The Coffee Offer includes 1 hour parking at the ‘At Terminal’ T123 car park plus two standard coffees redeemable at any Hudsons Coffee outlets at Melbourne Airport (subject to Hudsons store trading hours) on the same day as the day of parking and upon presentation of a valid booking confirmation which includes the coffee voucher. The Coffee Offer can only be redeemed once.

Melbourne Airport reserves the right to withdraw The Offers from sale at any time without notice (subject to honouring any Offers already purchased prior to the date of withdrawal). The Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and are not valid for Melbourne Airport employees or valid ASIC cardholders."

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    Any other carparks that offer the 1hr grace period on either side?

    This would be great if all parking that allows online bookings had this loophole.

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    It should up to 1 hour for $5 prior to using the hack as that’s what I got charged recently.

    Item description: At Terminal T123 Special car park booking at Melbourne Airport
    Booking period: 01/09/18 at 14:30
    until 01/09/18 at 15:30
    Credit card: xxxx482
    Credit card processing fee: $0.00
    Gross total: $5.00
    Net cost: $4.55
    GST 10%: $0.45


    is there a hack for long term parking 3 days?

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      Yes book early.

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      1. Remove number plates just before you enter (or use someone else's)
      2. Park your vehicle.
      3. Tag behind someone super close.
      4. Drive through the boom gates
      5. Pull over and put your number plates back on (or swap back to your plates)

      Disclaimer: Step 4 may result in minor scratches to your vehicle

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    Thanks OP! Just booked!

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    Used it last Saturday! Good one!

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    I booked this 2 weeks ago, ended up being charged for 3 hours ($24) at exit. Send them a refund claim, still no response.


    They ask for a reg with the booking. Anything happen if you use a different car on the day?


      then it will charge in normal price


        Can only speak from experience but the last time I ended up using a different car, I had no problem getting in/out and did not get charged anything extra.

        My understanding is, as long as you have the same credit card with you, you shouldn’t have an issue. I’m guessing rego will only come into play when you don’t have the same credit card and they needed to verify you.

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    Thats not how th grace period works (its 2 hours grace technically). So basically if you have a booked for say 9am you can enter by 8am the grace period. If you have booked 1 he parking your 1 hr starts from 8am then and not 9am, you can pick the car by 9am now to be charged 1hr parking but it gives u grace time to pick it by 10am before charging another hour. Hope that makes sense

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      No, that's not how it works. It gives you 1 hour either side of your booking as the booking emails show, and it also says so in the terms and conditions.

      If you book 9-10AM, you can enter at 801AM and leave 1059AM, and it will still charge you the 1 hour you paid for.

      I usually drop off my gf at the airport and I book 30min (530-6AM)…We normally enter at 5AM and after dropping her off I leave at around 6:45AM without issues.

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    This worked a treat this morning when I surprised my Mum at the airport. Charged $5 exact. Thanks :)


    Just booked. Wish me luck. Thanks!!!!


    Hack's gone now?

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