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Netac 32GB MicroSDHC $8.95 Delivered, 1m MFi Lightning USB Cable $3.95 Delivered @ Shopping Square


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  • Link to the MFi cable?

  • Still charges for shipping after the Paypay page.

  • I noticed Shipping is free only when pay using "VISA or MasterCard via CommWeb"

    • Yeah I had to look up what CommWeb was; its a payment gateway service from CommBank. During my purchase I found that the payment details are processed on CommBank servers.

  • you can buy the 64gb pro version from tomtop for 12.99 us - can't post the link because this site won't let me, and bans me from posting cheaper deals free shipping.

    Not affiliated and not referring either…

    • can't post the link because this site won't let me

      No reason why it wouldn't, unless the url has affiliate/referral info at the end of it

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      Tomtop are pretty iffy aren't they? They've sold fakes for > 10 years through ebay. And their return policy is very dodgy. I have had several bad experiences with them, always lose.

      • I've had worse than that with shopping square…

      • I will not deal with Tomtop again.

        Very dodgy.

        Use a multitude of other "sellers".

        • sorry to hear that -shopping square sent me a different item to what I purchased, and were completely unbothered.

          What can you say about a business that argues about sending a different item, cept its garbage.

  • Weird, they send an invoice including my eBay ID?!

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    I bought a Netac SSD and it is very bad quality.
    Windows goes extremely slow, then normal. Faulty sectors, then none, then one.
    Quality may be it-shay.


    Netec 32GB MicroSDHC Card

    Why didn't I get charged GST, as it's from HK?