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Mini Classic Arcade Game Double Joystick with Built-in 183 Games US $19.99 (~AU $29.99) (Was US $29.99) Delivered @ Funyroot


video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2S_cgPu05c

NOTE: Four Types Randomly Delivered
108 built-in nostalgic games bring back the fun of an arcade in this handheld gaming cabinet.
Joystick and button controls for realistic arcade machine play, plus full color hires, 2.5in LCD screen makes all of the games come alive
Portable, play in your hands for convenience or on a table/desk for gaming stability.
Authentic game sounds to enhance play, plus a volume control to make mom happy!
Runs on 3 AA standard alkaline batteries for hours of – running, shooting, driving high speed, sports, and education games.

Name: Game Cabinet Machine
Recommended Age: up of 3 ages
Item size: 14.8 * 9 * 8.5cm
Item weight: 180g

Package List:
1 * Game Cabinet Machine
1 * English Instructions

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    Funny root?

  • I started getting spam from funnyroot recently.
    That's not funny at all. :(

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    Sorry, that page doesn’t exist.

    • Hello , which page ?

      • Click on the link for this deal. The page doesn't exist.

  • +13

    What is this? A game for ants?

    • haha. best comment ever!

    • The game has to be at least… Three times bigger than this!

  • +1

    "108 inbuilt games"… what's the bet its something like "Bricks 1, Bricz 1, Bricks One, Asteroid 1, Azteroid 1"

  • +1

    Page doesn't exist

    • try again please

  • 183 games or 108 games?
    Or 180 grams?

    • This product has 3 differents SKU
      Here 183 games

  • how do you even fit 2 people playing it at once? my hand alone is about 8cm across

    • It’s like Netflix and Chill, the end goal is a “funy root”.

  • Link doesn't work

  • Ah cmon, seriously?

    Quick buck unlicensed games with a wierdly translated name.

    “Yeah… nah”

  • +1

    Do planes fly out of the screen? If not, then I don’t wanna know about it

    • either it's a very large screen or a very small plane.

  • 108 built-in nostalgic games bring back the fun of an arcade in this handheld gaming cabinet.

    No. A licensed product like a Classic Mini NES or a RetroPie running Mame as a couple of examples will do that job. Not steaming piles of shit like this.

  • Page is showing $29.99US, not $19.99.

    • Tex, use coupon code : T1467

    • Wow, those guys made me want to smash my computer screen.
      Also not want to buy one of these mini arcade machines

      • Those idiots in the video absolutely retard

  • Link does not work.

    When you post something to entice us to potentially purchase - ensure you got your basic bases covered - such as the link to your product.

    • I'm so sorry , maybe you open it by phone , there are some cookies before , now is working , thanks!