How Much Have You Spent?

Hi all,

I see the deals posted almost every hour and yes, I am addicted to OzB but am guessing not the only one in this boat. One question that I have long pondered on is how much money people have spent being part of the OzB community which means, yes acted upon all the deals that have come up and pulled the trigger.


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    0 - $50
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    $51 - $100
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    $101- $500
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    $500 - $2000
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    $2001 - $5000
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  • $10k+

    Fridges, holidays, furniture, phones etc.

  • 5000+… but that's because almost everything I buy comes (in some round about sort of way) from Ozbargain… even fuel!

  • Probably a few thousand all up, but those are on necessary items I've managed to find for less on OzB. Now if the question were "how much have you wasted on things you don't need" that'd be a whole different story…

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    Portable HDDs
    Electric Toothbrushes
    Televisions + free Playstations.
    Toilet Paper.
    HJ where Phone is fine.
    Subway Eat Fresh Club offers.
    Crown $500 cards.
    Xiaomi Products.
    Mobile Phones (Samsung, XiaoMis, Huaweis, LGs).
    Torches (Sunwayman, NiteCore).
    Vacuum Cleaners
    Mobile Phone services.
    IKEA things.
    Bicycle parts.
    Power banks
    SD Cards.
    Dash Cams.
    Harmony Remotes.
    Eating out deals, Dimmi etc.

    Over 10 years $30,000 easily.

    • All that, or just one High Yield Investment?

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    between $0 and idk

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      same no idea but what i have saved is probably a lot especially with the grocery deals and free youtube premium accounts

  • Flights to Japan about 5 times and to Hawaii another time easily puts my total over $15k but I would have bought those tickets anyway so the real question is how much have I saved?

  • Airfares, a lot as there are 6 in our family.
    Also, phones and computers.

  • Why don't you standardise the question a bit more with … spent per year? Someone who joined/visited last year is unlikely to spend as much as you, for example.

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  • Easily into the tens of thousands, but the majority on things I would already be buying, just getting them cheaper or with cash-back.

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    In the last year…let me add it up. Oh dear. Way more than $5,000.

    All Woolworths spending has come via a recommendation on here to use Cashrewards to buy 5% discounted egift cards before shopping.

    All Coles spending has come via a recommendation on here to buy egift cards at a 5% discount plus a 1% credit card fee.

    All petrol spending has been via here with someone recommending buying locked in fuel at 7-11, Caltex Starcash, BP (Amex deals) or just by buying using WISH egift cards at Woolworths Caltex.

    I think nearly everything I spend has been run through here first. Broadband, all mobile deals, gas/electricity…. lots of things. Takeaways..meals out..Fetch TV boxes.

  • Not much. My income is quite low. I would say my mind was willing to work more but my body was weak, but I think my mind is weak as well.

  • Been coming here for years now and I think I've spent $150 total. OzBargain is mostly for people who already have plenty of money, but want savings when spending it. Which so far hasn't been me! Plus there isn't much I'm interested in, or need when it is posted.

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