Website to Check Validity of Xiaomi Powerbank 2C

I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this.

I have received two 20000mAh Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 2C units from an eBay seller, and while the one I have opened has the properties that suggests it's genuine (according to various websites), I have been unable to find a website that allows me to verify the 20-digit code found by scratching off the label on the box. All the links take me to a site ( which is designed for phones and lets you enter an IMEI or serial number. When I enter the 20-digit number, I get the message: "Your IMEI or S/N doesn't exist, please verify and enter again".

I have sent a message to the seller but, while waiting for a reply, I was wondering whether anyone here has had this issue or knows of such a site.



    see here to see which is real / fake site

    Correct site is which is redirected from


    Thanks for that link. I have tried the links listed there in 3 different browsers (Firefox, IE and Edge). They all block the site as having insecure content (Edge gives me the option to allow Flash and refresh, but that has no effect). So far I can't find a way to unblock the page, which comes up when I click on the English language link..

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      You can skip those blocks (at your own risk) on the page - there's a link to click that says "show more" or "additional info", and then there's an option to "let me go to the site anyway" or something to that effect.


        While I remember such an option in earlier browsers, the current version of Firefox (62.0) does not allow this (or if it does, it's pretty well hidden). Likewise for Edge and IE (although IE seems to have accessed the page, but there's nothing displayed).


      Mine keeps loading as blank but if I go to it redirects me to the correct one :)


    I found the chinese web page which is designed to verify the 20-digit security code:

    Unfortunately it contains a captcha consisting of chinese characters. Is there anyone here who can interpret these and enter the appropriate characters into the text box?

    If so, could you please enter the following 20-digit codes and see what the verification says?

    12275 82701 37839 81361
    29650 77699 88642 85652



      I have checked for your both codes are good and also first time checked.
      此防伪码第 1 次被查询

      Sadly mine is not so lucky, it has been checked four times. I have requested return.


        Thanks very much for that. It confirms what I thought. Sorry about yours. I emailed Xiaomi support about why they couldn't make it easier for non-Chinese speakers to do this and got the following reply:

        Thank you for contacting Mi Customer Support.
        I understand that you want the information regarding the authorization of Xiaomi Powerbank 20000mAh 2C.
        I would also like to inform you that If you have purchased the product from our official channel, we could guarantee it to be genuine.
        Please note that Xiaomi does not provide the International Warranty and does not cover warranty for the products purchased from any other vendor/website.
        Please write us back in case you need any further assistance, we will be happy to help you.
        Thank you for being a valued customer.

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