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1/2 Price all Olay Skin Care @ Coles


Olay is half price at Coles in this week's catalogue.

With the weather warming up, it's a good time to get the the Complete Defence Daily UV Lotion Sensitive Sp30+ 75ml ($7.50) or the Regenerist Micro Sculpting UV Moisturiser SPF 30+ ($24.50). Both products were rated well in a Choice trial and comparison of several face sunscreen products

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  • Do you use a moisturiser, Moocher?

    • Yup I do

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      What do you use Scab?

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        Ozito angle grinder.

        Would totally love a full makeover from Moocher and get her beauty tips.

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          Come to my place and bring some popcorn. I'll get you all layered up with some Ole Henriksen and we'll do some bathroom face mask selfies for the Instagram?

        • @Clear:

          Sorry but no, after a bad experience I promised myself that I would never do facials again.

        • @Scab: Not even if he buys you a drink first?

  • Thanks Moocher, been waiting to stock up on the Olay Total effects.


    Hey Moocher, why do you recommend the Complete Defence Daily UV Lotion Sensitive Sp30+ 75ml and Regenerist Micro Sculpting UV Moisturiser SPF 30+ instead of the Olay Total effects SP15?

    • Oh I like the Total Effects too, I use the sensitive one in winter. There's nothing wrong with it. It's just that if I had to choose only 1 product, the Total Effects moisturisers have a lower SPF and I feel more protected with SPF 30 and above in the warmer months when I'm outdoors a bit more.

      • Oh ok, the Regenerist Micro Sculpting seems like a more premium product so I might give that a try. I'm just more concerned about the higher spf means that it might be a bit heavier and block the pores which will cause my skin to breakout?

        Also, is the Regenerist Micro Sculpting recommended for females? Can males use it too?

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          Can males use it too?

          No, they'll slowly transition.

        • I haven't tried the Regenerist micro sculpting product above because I use other serums that already contain active ingredients. But I do use the cheap Complete Defence Sensitive Moisturiser Lotion SPF 30+ - it is very light and easily absorbed. I've recommended it to another friend who has oily skin and she loves it.

          Skin care products should work the same on men as on women. There are some men in beauty forums that use heaps more skin care products and know a lot about them than I do! It's just that some products are packaged as 'for men' for marketing purposes so that men don't feel uncomfortable buying it. Personally I think it's good that men take care of their skin - why not?

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          @moocher: What other serum do you use?

          I was taught by my mummy to look after my skin at a young age, so I've been washing my face and moisturizing it every day and night as part of my routine, I don't skip it, just like brushing my teeth.

          My goal is to look like 30 when I'm 40 and 35 when I'm 50. I'm currently 30 and people say I look like 24-25

        • @Homr: Good on you for listening to your mum!

          What other serum do you use?

          I've been trying quite a few of The Ordinary serums. Really good stuff and you can customise to your needs. If you're interested, check our their regimen guide. But not everyone has the patience to layer different products.

          BTW, from skimming reviews of the Olay Regenerist SPF 30+, people with drier skin liked it and people with oiler skin said it was a bit heavy. So depending on your skin type it may or may not suit. See beautyheaven reviews

        • @Homr: wow great! Keen to know what products do you use for washing and moisturizing? I have dry skin. I thought it is best to not to put too much 'chemical' on our face.

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          @Smaland: My current regime is quite new, I've only been using it for 9 months or so.

          1. Neutrogena Oil Free Daily Scrub
          2. PIXI Glow Tonic
          3. Olay Total effects which will now become the Regenerist Micro Sculpting as discussed above.

          For the last 10 years I was using

          1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
          2. 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide from here https://store.acne.org/treatment/16-oz-treatment-2-5-benzoyl...
          3. Kyoku For Men Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 which is not available anymore.

          Why the change? Benzoyl Peroxide was my main counter-acne product, it's actually quite harsh to the skin so I had to choose a "gentle" cleanser to balance it up. My face was acne free for most of the time when following this regime. I've read that BP could cause irreversible damage to the skin long term so I decided to stop using it and that is why I'm not using my current regime.

          Salicylic Acid is much less harsh than BP, hence why I need a stronger cleanser now which is why I use the scrub.

          If you have dry skin then you definitely need to apply some moisturizer. Dry Skin is one of the reason that leads to wrinkles and skin aging.

          People with oily skin tends to age slower because they have a "built in" moisturizer but they are more prone to pimples and black heads. (like me)

        • @Homr: Hmm, I'm a bit concerned that you're overexoliating with both the scrub (a physical exfoliant) and the pixi glow tonic (a chemical exfoliant) daily. You don't want to compromise your skin barrier. Here's a good article about exfoliants and how often to use etc.

          Edit: Not sure if you saw my comment above - if your skin is on the oiler side, you may find the Micro Sculpting Olay product too thick and heavy.

        • @moocher: What happens if I compromise my skin barrier?

          I just had a quick skim over your article, my skin doesn't get red or show any signs of over-exfoliating

        • @Homr: You don't want to go there. Your skin will be sensitive, red, stinging etc…and it takes a while to recover :/

        • @Homr:

          I just had a quick skim over your article, my skin doesn't get red or show any signs of over-exfoliating

          Yeah but once it's happened, it's too late.

        • @moocher: The scrub I use is "daily scrub" though

        • @Homr: Yeah but they are probably not expecting you to use another chemical exfoliant on top of it. I'm sure both products are fine by themselves used daily, I'm just not sure about using two of them daily.

          If you're still comfortable with using both after reading the article, then go for it. Everyone's skin is different anyway. I personally only use a maximum of one exfoliant per day but your skin may be tougher.

        • @moocher: Ok that article got me worried, I should change my cleanser then. Do you have any recommendations?

          Perhaps I should only use the scrub once a week. At the moment now I use it twice a day, day and night. Is that too much?

        • @Homr: I really like Dermasukin's Gentle Skin Cleanser. It foams up more than the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and does leave your face clean. They also make an oily skin version but it's very difficult to find. But having tried both versions, they are very similar, and the gentle one still cleans much better than cetaphil. There's also good reviews for Sukin's Oil Balancing Plus Charcoal Purifying Gel Cleanser 125ml though I haven't tried it. All Dermasukin and Sukin cleansers are pH-balanced (which mimics skin own healthy pH range and will help penetration of following products).

          Yeah scrubbing twice a day is a bit risky. There is a school of thought that says that physical exfoliants cause micro tears on the surface of the skin. I personally use a chemical exfoliant once per day on most days, and then facial scrub twice a week.

        • @moocher: Thanks, going to pick up the Sukin one tonight from chemist warehouse and start using it tonight.

        • @Homr: Cool, let us know how you go.

        • @moocher: Thanks will do.

          I didn't know a face wash/cleanser could be such a big impact since they are only on your skin for 1-2mins before washing it off. Unlike Toners and Moisturizers which stay on your skin all day long.

        • @Homr: Yeah true, they only stay on your skin for a few minutes, but you want them to do their job (cleaning) and not strip your skin in any way. I've never paid more than $10 for a face cleanser :P

          It just happened that your cleanser was also a scrub which got me concerned. If you want to use a salicylic acid product daily to replace what's lost from not using your scrub daily, you could consider The Ordinary's salicylic acid. You can buy it at Myer for $9.30. Using it in serum form means it stays on your skin longer than the scrub. You could use it after toning and before moisturising.

        • +1

          @moocher: Products with salicylic acid are seriously the best. I cheaped out with some L'Oreal scrub and my breakout was gone within a week. I try to use it once a week now after exfoliation. Unfortunately Joybuy have run out of their $5 tubes so my supply is getting short.

        • @Clear: Yup. With the serum form, I also use it to spot treat. It really helps with blemishes and blocked pores.

        • +1

          @moocher: I might actually try the serum and see how it compares.

        • @moocher: just bought 2 bottles of the Sukin Oil Balancing Plus Charcoal Purifying Gel Cleanser from chemist warehouse. There's heaps of various types of Sukin cleanser, like this one here


          Do you know what the difference is? Is the Charcoal one better?

          Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

        • +1


          Charcoal is aimed at oily skin types. I have dry skin so haven't tried it myself.

        • @sTon3r: ahh ok thanks

      • Moocher, do you think the Complete Defence Daily UV is ok to use at night? Ordinarily I would not use sunscreen in my night time routine, however I am in the process of getting a male friend set up with some products and feel that having separate day/night moisturisers might be overwhelming in addition to all the other things I'll be recommending.

        • True, males are not as flexible as females when it comes to skin-care routine. We usually just want to have a 1 size fits all instead of the seperate day moisturizers and night moisturizers as our female counterparts.

          I haven't read much about the benefits of having a separate day and night cream, what are your thoughts on it???

          What other recommendations did you recommend to your friend?

        • Hmm. Do you mean you want to limit it to one moisturiser? How old is your male friend and what is his skin type?

          For basic moisturisers (without much active ingredients), you can use the same for AM and PM however as it is really important to use sunscreen in the day, if I was forced to choose only one moisturiser, I'd pick one a day moisturiser with sunscreen over a night moisturiser.

          However for moisturisers with actives, certain actives are more effective/protective for daytime and some are more effective overnight or should be used only at night as they increase sensitivity to the sun.

        • @Homr:
          Not a benefit as such, but if sunscreen is not required since it's night, then it's one less ingredient going on your face.

          I am recommending he continue to use his existing Nivea cleanser until that's finished, plus a BHA leave-on exfoliant, serum (both from Paula's Choice) followed by the olay Complete Defence moisturiser.

          If he can get used to that and is willing, then I will suggest other products to add into the routine. I think 4 products is already a big ask for someone that currently only uses cleanser and nothing else.

          Btw, salicylic acid is one type of BHA (beta hydroxy acid). Great for clearing and keeping away pimples and general skin renewal. I avoid physical exfoliants/scrubs like the plague.

        • @moocher:

          Do you mean you want to limit it to one moisturiser? How old is your male friend and what is his skin type?

          Yes one moisturiser to begin with.
          He is in his early 30s and I think oily/normal.

          I'd pick one a day moisturiser with sunscreen over a night moisturiser.

          This was my thinking as well.

        • @sTon3r: I wonder if one of the Total Effects Day Cream with SPF 15 products would be a better compromise for day and night as it is a bit more multi-purpose than the Complete Defence SPF 30. For someone in their 30's I would start thinking about anti-aging as well.

        • @moocher:

          Possibly but I'm trying to be conscious of price as well, otherwise I think I'd be pushing it. Need to prove the concept before asking to commit more time and money into it lol.

        • @sTon3r: Fair enough. If the budget is a concern, maybe swap the Paula's choice BHA product with The Ordinary's Salicylic Acid for $9.30?

        • @sTon3r: Should tell him that price shouldn't be factor as long as its reasonable. You can't put a price on youthful skin :)

          I would replace the Complete Defence Daily UV with something that has anti-aging. Why have a serum on top of the Leave on BHA? What are the benefits on that????

          4 products is too much IMO, should aim to be 3

          1. Wash
          2. Treatment
          3. Moisturize

          Tell him to use face wash while in the shower so that's 1 less step to worry about and more time efficient.

        • @moocher:
          Managed to score the PC version cheaply just recently ($4.25 for 30ml). Otherwise yes I would recommend The Ordinary.

        • @sTon3r: Ooh nice!

        • @Homr: You and I know that but for someone just starting out on proper skincare (and a male too) it's already daunting enough. There's no need to rush and go all in on the best products from the get-go.

          Why have a serum on top of the Leave on BHA?

          The BHA is an exfoliant, serums have another properties. It's just the order you would layer them if you were going to use both.

        • @sTon3r: At half price, the Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Sp15 is not much more than Complete Defence Daily UV. I think you are selling your friend short for recommending him the latter instead of the former.

        • @Homr: Total Effects is 3 times the price of Complete Defence. I take your point on board.

        • @sTon3r: At half price.

          Complete Defence Sensitive Moisturiser Lotion SPF 30+ $7.50
          Total Effects 7 In One Moisturising Day Cream Normal SPF 15 $16.75

          How is that 3 times more? It's 2.23 times to be exact and $9.25

          If budget is really that tight, you can advise him to drink 1 less pint of beer on Friday night at the pub

        • +1

          @Homr: You didn't take the volume of each product into account. Total Effects 50g vs Complete Defence 75ml.

        • @sTon3r: oh….

  • Oil of Olay, is a great daily moisturiser that is also ideal for men. Not greasy.

  • +1

    Just in time to replace my regenerist serum: https://www.olay.com.au/en-au/skin-care-products/regenerist-...

    That and sunscreen (Mecca Cosmetica 30spf almost finished, will then start LRP 50spf now the sun is back out) is all I use at the moment. I used to use Wrinkle Revolution Complex.

    • What's the difference between the one you mentioned and the Regenerist Micro Sculpting?

      Every time I think I got a certain product nailed down, someone mentions another product which seems better and it gets me thinking and all confused LOL

      • The product that em is referring to is a serum. You'd still need use a moisturiser on top of the the serum.

        • What's the difference between Serum and Toner?

        • @Homr: There are many types of toners and serums, but generally toners are 'watery', and used after cleansing, usually to prepare skin for the next steps. Your pixi glow tonic also acts as an exfoliant due to its glycolic acid content.

          Serums are generally more concentrated formulas with specific purposes/targets. They don't need to contain emollients or sunscreen so they can pack more of the effective ingredients in. They can be water-based or anhydrous, and consistency is usually thinner then a gel.

          The sequence in the skin care routine is usually

          Cleanser -> toner -> serums -> moisturiser/oils

        • @moocher: Interesting, should I add a serum product to pair up with my Pixi Glow Tonic?


        • @Homr: The salicylic acid that I mentioned is a serum. Since you were already wanting to incorporate a Salicylic Acid product, I'd start with that.

  • +1

    I used to use the Micro sculpting cream from Olay but contrary to what Moocher found, it is not moisture enough for my skin and very heavy if you wear it in Summer. I now turn to Japanese products and stock up whenever I or friends go to Japan, the Japanese sunscreen are simply amazing, high SPF protection and really light on your face which is great for our hot summer weather.

    • Yeah Japanese sunscreens are great in terms of texture. Which ones do you use?

      What I said about the micro sculpting product was entirely based on other people's reviews - people with drier skin seemed to like it whereas people with oiler skin said it was heavy. And since Homr mentioned he had oiler skin I wasn't sure it would suit him.

      • +1

        I used Sofina before and it was rather expensive but very light and good, then I tried the cheaper brands where you can find in any chemists in Japan, Rohto Hada Labo is really good follow by Biore. They are much more cheaper than Sofina but still very good to use.

        • Thanks, I've read a lot of good reviews for the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen and hope to try it sometime.

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